Now when we have decided where to go I thought that it would be good to review the vacation and the country. Lisa doesn't care about this kind of stuff but I think it's really important to look things up so that you dont support a country that has the wrong values.

There is many aspects to take into account when traveling, both for the enviroment and for the society. There are x important aspects lets start with the first one.


We take the car to the airport. The car emits 23 kilograms carbondioxide on 16 swedish miles. A better option for the emviroment would be public transportation like by bus or train, because it would emit less carbondioxide per person but my wife wasn't happy with that idea. We decided to by plane to Cape Verde because it's the most comfortable and fastest transport. The airplane to Cape Verde emit 5,2 ton carbandoxide back and forth. Maybe it would be better to go with train or even car but that would take to mush time. From the airport to the hotel we take a bus. The bus emits 18 kilograms of carbondioxide. Puplic transportation is good becouse it emits less carbondioxide per people compared too normal/private transportation. I think that we were very ecofriendly exept for when we drove our Volvo to landvetter. If we would drive our car to söndröm all the way down to kap verde would we emit about 1200 kilograms of carbondioxide which is really bad compared to the carbondioxide that the plane emits becaouse you sharer your

Tui's plane have special winglets which is special fuel saving wing tips. Whit this wing tips tui's plane will reduce their fuel consumption whit 5%. So a flight from gothenburg to Cape Verde can save almost a ton fuel compering to a regular plane without winglets.

Social sustainbility

I don't know about the working conditions for the airport staff, but I guess they are pretty good since they are employed by a big company. The overall salary in Cape Verde is very low compared to Sweden. The island depends on the tourism because they dont have so many natural resourses. So by going to Cape Verde we help the country. The tourist industry creates a lot of job oppertunitives which can help the island out of poverty.

One reason why we chose to go to Cap Verde was because it is a good ethicaldestination. The country is trying hard to be equal between women and men. 9 of 17 ministers in the government are women.

The country is a democracy, a republic, and that is important for us since we don't want to support a dictatorship.

We know that Cape Verde is a developing country, but they depend on tourism so by going there we help them. I know that all-inclusive is not the best way to support a developing country, byt my wife insisted. For the locals it would be better to eat in small restaurants outside of the hotel.

Cape Verde have alot of endangered animals. So now when Cape Verde is a popular turism destination andalot of new hotels is beingbuildsome species risk to be extingtand that can destroy biodiversity and the whole ecosystem


As I said we are going to an all-inclusive hotel. Those kind of hotels purchases a lot of food so that their guests can take as much as they want. This leads to a huge amount of food goes to waste which means that all the energy and slaughter of animals was all for nothing. What me and my family can think about when eating from the hotel buffet is to take food that doesn't have a great impact on the environment like extinct fish from around the island and one thing that Ithink is really important, to eat up all the food on our plates. My kids always complain about this. They don't know how lucky and spoiled they are. I usually tell them about the children in Africa and how they barely got any food on their plates for dinner. After that they eat that last piece of broccoli.

Cap Verde imports 80% of their food from especially Portugal and USA. A lot of that food goes to the hotels. Sincewe live at the hotels, we contribute to the carbon dioxide emissions from transport. As am sure you know, carbon dioxide makes the greenhouse effect stronger which in turn causes the climate to get warmer and the oceans will suffer from acidification. Nothing but horrible consequences will come out from that. Another negative thing about only eating is that the locals doesn't makeanything on it which is why some people live in poverty on the island. The hotels doesn't buy any locally produced because it more expensive which i think is a shamebecause it would be so much better for the environment, the locals and the food would probably taste better. To compensate a little i thought that we one night could go out to a local restaurant so that we also get a taste form the culture. That is if my wife agrees of course, she really likes the comfort of all inclusive unless we find a five stars restaurant that will say.

Airline and hotel

I have carefully chosen an airline that Ithink meets all social and environmental requirements. The airline is called Thomsons Airways. They follow somevery strictsustainability certifications that the traveling industry with support from EU have come up with. The system demands that the hotels follow a few criteria for environmental and social sustainability. These criteria contains among other things prohibition of child labor. This is so important for a county's development because if children are forced to work, and often in bad conditions, they cant get a proper education. Education is the key to development. Lack of educated people is a big reason why some countries suffers from poverty. Another criterion is reducethe use of energy, water and waste. This is especially good for Cap Verde that doesn't have so much freshwater. Another rule is protection of labor and human rights. This is just some of the criteria that are on the list. All together the basically sum up everything that is important for social sustainable development.

The airline is also very aware of animal rights. Tui follows the global guidelines for animal protection. If one of their collaborators that has excursions withanimals involved doesn't follow these demands Tui end their cooperation. For example have they taken away all theirexcursions with elephant riding.

Goodbye //Sven Broddesson

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Hi my name is Sven and i'm Lisas wife. Yesterday we decided to go on a family vacation. I finally found a hotel that lived up to Lisas expections, it's called "sol dunas resort" and it's locaded in Cape Verde. It's an all inclusive hotel and got a lot of aktivitives for the kids. Lisa found a spa near the hotel so now she pleased too. The trip costs 29472:- but luckely i get 25% of beacuse I'm a flightleader. So at the end it will only cost 22104:-. The plane will take of from Gothenburg 12th of December. We will drive the car up from Söndrum and then we park on my free parkinglot which i got through my job. The transfer from the airport on Cap Verde to the hotel is by bus which is included in the price. During the week we plan on going to a fleemarket. We're going home the 19th of december so we are home before christmas! 

This is our budget for the week. And if I know my wife right her luggage will weight over 23kg so I counted in the extra cost in the budget.  



Hello sweet readers!

As you probably can see we got a pretty steady economy even though my husband only got a salory of 40698 swedish crowns. 

Bye for now XOXO




My name is Lisa Eriksson Broddessson. I’m 28 years old but you may think that I’m 20. I love having a lunch with my girlfriends or relax at the spa. I’ve got the best job in the world, I’m a housewife. Those who claim that being a housewife isn’t a real job has not tried it. Luckely for me I’ve got the two sweetest boys, Theo and Elis. Theo is 4 years old and plays football. i’m so proud of him because he is the best in his team. Elis is 3 years old. He has not discovered his passion in life yet but I’m sure he will accomplish something great. But of course I can’t take care of them by myself so we have a nanny that helps us. she maybe little expensive but it’s totally whorth it.

Oh, I almost forgot my husband Sven. We been happily married for 3 years and he is the man of my dreams. He works as a flightleader and he is making big bucks. He is 43 years old and I love when he comes back from work and brings me gifts. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he keeps nagging about my kreditcard loans, it’s only 40k?

We live together in a house in Söndrum, but my dream is to buy a big house near the ocean and have a boat. My man has a big Volvo V70 and I have a little and cute car.

In ten years I imagine me and my family in a big, fancy house nearby the sea. I hope my husband has realised that having a job that pays alot is more important than actually liking it. My kids are in high school in this time and they are probaly the smartest in their classes.

Sorry, got a nail appointment so I got to go. Bye!