Hello, and Welcome! To my blog, about my life! (And Elmer's) You're probably wondering who we (I) am. So let's get to it!

I'm Faith. 24 yrs old as of yesterday. (Happy birthday, I know. Thanks) I have a wonderful boyfriend named Elmer. He pisses me off to no end but he's my best friend. Together we live our lives with 3 pets. A Chihuahua named Luke. He thinks he's the shit. And our two cats; Lil Buddy and Ginger. Lil Buddy cries all night for his bitches while walking back and forth threw the house, and Ginger well he is a little badass. (Buddy is the black cat, Ginger is the blonde one)

Elmer and I have been threw some shit, (like some major shit) But we got this bitch! We both have jobs, and dumb ass bills. Not a lot of money or materialistic things. (We have dreams and goals tho!) Just your average middle class American. He drinks, I like cannabis. We both support the 2nd Amendment. He likes motorcycles and anything that can go fast. (I tell him all the time its dangerous!) He also enjoys gaming. I enjoy smoking, playing GTA once in a while, being outdoors, a lot of other things. Just enjoying life the most, One fucked up day at a time. Lol. (Not everyday is fucked up)

This blog is for us, (mostly me) to write about our lives. We both plan on traveling and exploring all sorts of things, kind of like a Bucket List (ohh Ill have to make one and blog it) and keeping track of it that way we can look back and see all the crazy shit we have done together. For the most part it will just be me writing, but you will hear about Elmer on the regular.

So for now, Sit back, grab a cold one, smoke, or whatever and enjoy this bumpy, fucked up, swirly ride we like to call life with us. Cause it's going to be one hell of a ride! 'Merica Mother Fucker!

Ps: This is going to be all real shit all the time. IDGAF!

Ppss: I also swear a lot, like a fuck ton. :) Enjoy!