It's a lovely place. The people there, shows a lot of compassion.
I never met before people so kindly just like in there.
The public transportation has an easy way to use it, coz they only have 3 subway lines and a lot of train services, that the most of the time are punctual. Like an example, If you're arriving from the Airport, and do you want to go to downtown, you just pay 3.25 Canadian dollars for the whole trip, just taking the line 192 that will be leaving you at Kipling station, and then, the green line will be carrying you to Spadina station.
TIP: at NYE, the public transportation is free since 7 pm.

You should go to live the experience to see the Maple Leafs League on a hockey game at the BMO field.
There, you can feel the Canadian emotion over your skin, and be part of it.
At winter, it's a cheap experience, you don't pay more than 32 Canadian dollars, if you're not a really fan of hockey.

If you lover of the highest buildings, you should go to the CN Tower, and if you're an intrepid person, you can climb at more than 72 feets.

If you're a food lover, you should ask for the best hot chocolate than ever taste and a putine (the typical food there, includes fries).

At the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), you can discover the whole history of Canada and many other cultures, make a new friends, be a kiss by a fish and be down of a maple three.

If you're a shopping lover, or the rock is your world... You should go to the Young Dundas Square... There you can find the Hard Rock Cafe and a mall with the whole clothes stores that you can imagine.

You should walk to the historic places, like Harborfort, York Ford, City Hall, and all the places at downtown; to find the best landscapes ever.

The best streets to enjoy in a bar, you can find them in Augusta St (going from College) and Church Ave.

If you want a suggestion to rest, I'll be enchanted to tell you that Kensington College Backpackers is your place. There are so charming, helpfully, and like a good hostel, you'll be having the chance to meet people from around the world. It's really cheapest, and it's really close to downtown. Although, they never been leaving you outside at night, coz they bring you a key to come back at every time that you want.