I've said for a while that I'd make a post with some outfit rundowns, so here are some of the most recent ones I've been sporting. My fashion is currently circling back to things I used to be into a lot before, and I've been getting so much new inspiration lately. Especially from Japanese street fashion, where my entire interest in fashion was born. As I've had a bit of a break from that entire subculture, I feel glad to be back and allowing myself to be as passionate and inspired as I used to be again.
(Disclaimer: In this post I will mention the site Sheinside, nowadays known as "Shein". I used to get a lot of things from them, but I do not recommend them and would not want anyone to support them, as they steal art and have very poor customer service, among other things.) That being said...

Please enjoy ♡

SHOES - TAOBAO (Dr Martens Aggy Straps)




Juni ♡ faeteeth

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A little while ago I got the opportunity to try out a couple of lenses from Lensvillage! They've just launched their new and improved site, and I'm thrilled to be showing you these. Lenses arrived securely in a small parcel, with two sturdy lens cases. No problems there. ♡

ICK Petal Green
The first pair I got, pictured above. I was hesitant to getting these lenses at first, because I usually don't like when a large portion of my own eye is visible, and I also haven't been wearing green lenses for probably four years now since I haven't thought they suited me. But I had nothing to worry about, these lenses are beautiful and blend wonderfully with my own green/brownish eyes. They can get a bit dry, but then again, that's to be expected of circle lenses. These are definitely one of my new favourite pairs of lenses. All the info as well as the link to buy these can be found here.


Kimchi Kumo Grey
I have to say I was certain I would love these lenses the most out of the two, but I truly like these equally as much as the green ones. These have a quite unusual pattern that kind of reminds me of a leopard's fur, but it still doesn't look weird or too plastic. I like them especially because they're different from other lenses I own, but also because they change a little depending on the lighting. In bright light they look like in the picture, pretty bright and visibly grey with my own eye a little visible through the key hole, while in darker lighting they look almost completely black with flecks of grey peeking through. Besides, the enlarging effect is really effective. All the info and where to buy right here.

I've always had very pleasant experiences with Lensvillage, and I haven't heard of any problems with them from my part, which is really great. I've bought lenses from many sites through the years, and Lensvillage is on shared first place with Loveshoppingholics. Let me know if you'd like me to review them as well sometime!

For now, take care. ♡

Juni ♡ faeteeth



"At first I want you so // Then girl, you gotta' go // And I don't even know why I'm like that"

A while back I starred in a music video for a song written and performed by my good friend, Freddy Hale, and above you can see the result. ♡ Pretty sweet if I may say so myself!

Some of you have probably already seen and listened to it, which I'm really happy about, but I felt like sharing it on here as well. Recording this video was a lot of fun, despite the fact that I came home with what felt like a billion mosquito bites... In one of my scenes you can actually see a mosquito landing on my head (Did I get an itchy bite there, you may wonder? YES. Yes, I did. I noticed in the comments of the video that some people have already noticed it, but they just thought it was a regular fly, but I sure to know the god damn truth)!

When the instrumental for this song was made, I didn't yet live in Stockholm, so my friends took turns letting me stay at their place during the times I were there. I stayed at Freddy's sometime last year, and he asked me to lay some humming/harmonies on the song (which you can hear, if you listen to the intro and beginning of the verses). I didn't hear the instrumental being used for anything in a long time, so finally hearing it in a finished song now makes me feel kind of nostalgic, haha.

I'm glad this is what came of it though. It's a very good song and it gets stuck in my head faaar too easily.
The video is very interesting as well. I didn't quite catch exactly what my "role" was when we recorded it, but looking at it now it's really obvious to me. I'm love. Which gives new perspective to the ending of the video, doesn't it? I'll leave you to see for yourself, if you haven't yet.

Either way, it may sound incredibly biased, but I really love this song, and I'm so proud of my friend for getting this far in his music making, and for following his dreams. Supporting that in some way means a lot to me.
I truly wish you enjoy the video as much as I do, and as I did being in it! I'd be thrilled to know what you think about it.

Until next time,

Juni ♡ faeteeth



Hi, my name's Juni. If you found this blog, you may be following me elsewhere under the same name as here, and if that's the case; welcome to my new blog! ♡

I used to have a blog on blogger (which is powered by Google), and I had that one for several years without really using it much, unless I was writing something too long to fit on my tumblr or instagram. I already removed that blog, which might be a bit sad for some of you who used to come back to read it, since I did have a couple of helpful posts on there about fashion and hair dye/hair care. However, I felt like I needed a new start, and to do that I needed to remove it and start over completely. At least that's how I felt.
Truthfully, I didn't feel like that blog did a very good job on reflecting who I am as a person, it was pretty bland and boring and the photos weren't as good as I would've hoped them to be. Personally, I'm very much into photography and photo editing, and I want to deliver fun and nice quality photos, and I strive to get better and even more creative within that area. So hopefully, this blog can be a new start of me sharing that with you. ♡
Another thing I didn't quite like about blogger was the overall blog design and templates. I prefer something simplistic and clean design wise, something which is easier to change up and that looks good with little effort. I've found that this blog platform does a better job with that, which is why I'm changing platform all together. I found this platform thanks to the beautiful @thebentofox whom I've been following online for a while now, which is why my blog may look slightly similar to hers.... I promise it isn't intentional ; _ ;

Lastly, I felt like my blogspot/blogger blog wasn't personal. I didn't use it to write a lot of things, which is why I started the blog to begin with. I wanted it to be an outlet for all the things I often keep off social media, things that are too long to write in an instagram caption, or too picture heavy for tumblr. In the end, however many times I tried deleting posts, updating the blog design or rebooting the blog, it just wasn't what I wanted it to be. It didn't look good, it didn't feel good, and I easily forgot about it.

With this blog, I'm hoping to get a new start all together. New posts, new pictures, and hopefully something I can continue working on. I will try not to limit myself in how much I post or how much I write, and I will try to have as much fun in the process as I possibly can. I wish those of you who still read blogs will support me and drop by sometimes, that'd be highly appreciated. ♡

Lots of love,

Juni ♡ faeteeth