I just heard of this today and I've decided to do it. I feel really bad be user I still cnnot use this properly is it just me or is everyone having this kind of problem .iFell as though you viewers should know this . I actually am a 265 year old ancient egitt gepsie that works for the Blue house in south Korea and is part of the junior alpha team captain too

Sorry my imagination gets ahead of me I'm actually 265 years old though I have been reborn. Anyway these are my favourite jobs that I want to do when I'm older

Anyway I have school and I pretty much am convinced that they are trying to kill us I mean how can the principal except thirteen year olds to not talk in class I'm pretty sure when you become an adult a part of you brain shuts off so all you know is silence, horrid fashion sense and the breath of a smoker

Of couse no all adults are like that though there are some like Wily wonka and batman that are extremely sensible and I hope that people will be able to look up to them I shall bid you adou

P.s I can only update on Saturdays and Sunday's because I parents are also victim to the removal of the sensible part of their brains and confiscate my technology on school days I swear that they have trust issues with me

Anyway I shall end my very first blog with a picture of my favourite kpop group BTS jks you can wait till next time I'll give you time to imagine them they are beautiful human beings