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Hej everyhopa!

Jag hoppas att det är bra med er?
Är du en person som gillar bra deodorant och parfym men har inte tillräckligt råd till det? då är den här parfym haul till dig. Dessa parfymer är prisvärdiga och dofta gott. Man behöver inte ha mycket på sig för att det ska dofta gott.

klick gärna länken nedanför för att gå vidare till sidan där ni kan beställa om ni vill köpa.

Ha en bra dag

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Judging people before we get to know them or believing what people say about a certain person has cost some of us a lot because we believe what we hear and not what we observe.

I'm a type that believes that a man should be "masculine, strong(strength wise), have a strong personality and his presence should be commanding" but I guess it's not always that way. So I went to a party where I met this cross-dresser, at first I thought he was trans or gay and all that so it was kind of weird for me being around him. Talk about being uncomfortable in a party because of the way I feel about a person that chose to be different from the norm.

So things were going as they should, then this guy(the cross-dresser) walked up to me and told me how beautiful I was and all that and we got talking. Surprisingly I felt very comfortable around him, all those thoughts I had about "what a man" should be like suddenly disappeared, in fact, this guy had my back throughout in the party, he made sure I wasn't bored and all that. This guy was nice to a fault, he was so sweet.

The picture is from Google

I was just a stranger and he treated me like we've known each other for a very long time. He wanted knowing more about me and all that but I was kinda scared of telling him how I felt about the lgbt community. but do you guys know what? my thought about him didn't matter at all, I'm sure he hears a lot of mean words or stares from people every day. One thing I learnt from that night is to be confident no matter what others think of you, his confidence is out of this world and that has brought him lots of attention and I'm sure business opportunities. This guy has a good heart and he's always willing to step-up when ended. I had a great night at the party and his crazy but unique ways of doing things made it a rememberable day for me.

I question I've been asking myself is what if I wasn't nice to this guy when we first met? what if I gave him the cold shoulder? (maybe he wouldn't have bothered but I would've lost such a great person.

I'm really happy with the way things went and one thing I learnt is that everyone is different and it's always good to be different.



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happy birthday to me yeahhhh.

my birthday was on 12th of August and it was a blast. it was on a Saturday and perfect day for nightclub.

my friends and i went to a club called "Oskar" it was really fun there. i'm not a good dancer but i still managed to shake my body😂🙈. we drank, danced like there was no tomorrow

My friends are the best, they made that day is special day for me. I really felt loved and of course special 😍😍

I really want to use this opportunity to thank God almighty for my good health and adding another year to my life, I want to thank my family for the love they've been showing me, my friends for making it a special day and my well wishers for all the messages I'm really grateful and happy ♥️♥️♥️



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Hon har tagit studenten X3

va fan va hon är bra

yeeeeaaaahhhh Jag är fett glad för att min kompis som tog studenten i år woooaaaaaaahhhhh

Det var inte en lätt resa men tack Gud att hon lyckades till slut efter tre år. Kampen om att få bra betyg, inlämningar, tester, nationella och att vakna tidigt för att hinna med bussen eller lektioner är äntligen över, det måste känna skönt tycker jag.

Jag är säker på att du är väldigt glad att jobba, slappna av och ta livet precise som det kommer. Att tjäna egen pengar, resa och njuta av livet måste vara skönt för dig, gumman.

Baby girl Jag är verkligen glad för dig och alla framsteg du har gjort hittills, må Gud fortsätta att välsigna och upplyfta dig i allt du gör. Jag vet att du är en super star so keep shining dear.

Kom alltid ihåg att jag älskar dig

puss och kram



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Hej beautiful peeps!

it's being a while since I updated my blog not because I don't have things to write about but because I've been busy with work work work in #rihanna's voice hahaha hahaha.

I've really missed you guys, words can't even describe how much I missed you guys. I'm back to blogging tho, not a 100% for now but I will try my best to ensure I update my blog at least twice a week.

Please feel free to let me know what you guys have been up to in the comment section

hugs and kisses.



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Bildresultat för breast cancerShe was the first person that welcomed my family and I when we newly came to Sweden. She was humble, playful, but serious, determined and can easily convince someone.

She felt the pains of other people and tried to make everyone feel very comfortable in their own skin. She hates wasting and reacts when she sees people wasting most especially food. She had a very great relationship with people mostly immigrants, most of them trusted her with their problems and she gave them that listening ears that nobody has ever given them. In her world "Wrong is wrong and right is right".

She was the person that insisted that my sister and I should join the young leaders' group because there was more advantage than disadvantage and we reluctantly agreed. She was right, Yes Carina was right and I'm happy we joined the group.

After coming back from Poland, I was happy and wanted to call Carina to tell her about the trip and how everything went, In my happy feelings of dialling her number I received an SMS that Carina is no longer in this world, I was in shock and didn't want to believe it.

It felt like a prank, but who pranks people like this? I had to ask other people they said: "she's really gone and never to be seen again". How did this happen? so many unanswered questions going through my head, I'm still lost of words.

What I finally realised was that "Life is too short to have problems with people, reconcile with the people you've had problems with whether they are at fault or not. It might sound difficult but that's the best thing to do, nobody knows tomorrow".

The person you see today might be gone tomorrow and everything becomes history and then you begin to wish you did the right thing. I wished I called Carina while I was still in Poland, I wish I didn't wait this long to call her, I can only wish I acted fast "I wish" *sad*




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My last night in Krakow, Poland *sad*. Just when I started adapting to the environment I realised that my time is almost over in Poland.

After spending a week in Krakow, Poland I guess it's time to go back home *sobbing* I don't want to go back home, I really want to stay back and enjoy Poland a little bit more.

Packing my bags because it's time to say good bye bye to Krakow after a week of meeting new people, making new friends, trying new things, being independent, visiting orphans in need of love and parents, visiting young single mothers, visiting a wonderful woman that helps those in need by providing some medical facilities for them, visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau, and walking around Krakow it's finally time to say goodbye.

Like I said in my previous blogs, Krakow has really been eye opening, it has taught me a lot of things about myself and given me too many evidence as to why I must appreciate everything I have no matter how little I think my stuff are. It's even taught me to appreciate and love my mum even more than ever.

I am really grateful to my church for giving us this opportunity, everything I learnt while in Krakow will live with me forever by God's grace. Amen

I'm really going to miss everything about Krakow and I'm forever grateful for this rare opportunity.

The last food i ate in Krakow *crying*

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I never knew the secrets of underground until I visited a salt mine in Krakow. OMG, it's very beautiful and bigger than it looks, the underground can be used as a place of safety in case the need arise because it will contain a lot of people that's how big it is and it can't be destroyed easily as it's made up of salt. It has about 389 steps before you can get to the main underground, another way of losing 10 pounds hehehehehehehe. the salt mine is very beautiful and the good it about the salt is that it's edible. 97% of the underground is made up of salt while the remaining 3% is just soil.

Edible salt

the salt mine has a lot of interesting stories, I can't even start telling you all of it. 99% of the images, chandelier, church, chambers and stairs are made of salt. I even saw the carved image of Pope John Paul ll, when he was a bishop. Carved images of some miners, the last supper, people that fought for the independence of Poland, the image of Hungary Princess and even some miners that died in the underground due to fire accident or other forms of accident.

We were allowed to lick the walls because we were assured that the walls were free from bacteria according to the tour guild salt kills bacteria faster, so licking the wall wasn't harmful to our health tho she warned us not to lick more than 5kg of salt. Who can lick up to 5 kg of salt? hahahahaahha

I did lick the wall and tasted the water, it was obviously salty as hell hahaha ha ha. we were shown how the miners used to transport salt back in the day, my dears looking at the process the salts were transported before horses were used was hmmmmm, the job was a difficult one and for the fit only.

Horses were later used to transport salt when the salt became too heavy for the miners to carry on their backs.

I liked the fresh air at the underground, the temperature wasn't too cold or hot it was normal. The temperature is so good that most of the woods that were used to protect the underground turned to salt. It's also believed that you live five hours longer if you breathe in the salt underground.

You all know we learn every day of our lives, guess what I learnt at the salt mine? I learnt that woods that are painted with white colour tends to burn less compared to those painted with other colours. I was shocked because I never knew that colour can even have both positive and negative effects on things like underground. so now you know white wood prevents fire outbreak.

The salt water and around it is natural edible salt. I tasted the water it was salty as hell.

The image of Hungary princess, every sculpture is made from salt.

These miners discovered that another way of producing salt is by boiling salty water and that was how they produced tonnes of salt underground.

Man made salt lake.

Close view of the church's temple as usual made of salt.

This chapel or church is made of, people do rent it to celebrate their birthdays, anniversary and wedding.



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Have you ever been so emotionally drained and stressed at the same time that you forget about yourself??

Yes I've been emotionally down since this week. Visiting Auschwitz, Birkenau, orphanage home for both toddlers and older children was really too much for me, seeing the struggling and the pains of the people wasn't the best feeling in the world but it was really very educative and eye opening.

What better way to take a break from all these emotions than rafting?? Yes the whole group went for rafting today, it was one of the coolest thing you've done throughout this trip. At first we thought we were drowning but no it was just balance issue, we cracked lots of jokes on the raft and laughed like never before. We saw the boundary between Poland and Slovakia. We saw beautiful mountains in Poland.

When we finished rafting we went to eat and the food was very cheap, then we bought stuffs from the locals and finally made our way back home.

It was really a fun and relaxing day, nothing to stress about.

the breath taking mountains

with my sister




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Loneliness, inquisitive, fatherless, motherless, no biological family members, these are a few problems a lot of kids go through in the world. No one to call daddy or mummy, no one to praise or comfort them when they're down. Their emotions are like a roller coaster, sometimes they're are really happy and other times very sad that they just want to be left alone to cry and think about their lonely lives.

We visited an orphanage home today. The children were very nice and welcoming, we felt like home except the language barrier hehehehe. We wished we understood Polish so we could communicate very well, at some point the language barrier didn't even matter, all that mattered was the love, the smiles on these kids faces can lighten up your day.

After playing with these cutie pie : ) going back home wasn't the easiest decision, the kids wanted coming with us, the connection was so much that I wished I could adopt one of them.

My heart wept for a child that's six years old and nobody wants to adopt him and he can't be adopted again because he's over fives years. Looking at his eyes one could tell he wants someone he could call mum or dad, he wanted a home and a new family but unfortunately he will continue leaving there until he's old enough to move out and live an independent life.

Going to the orphanage home thought me a lot and I felt very lucky that I've always had my family on my side. I've to appreciate life and everything that comes it. l feel bless and lucky.☺