One of the most difficult decisions is to switch majors once you're a junior or senior in college. If you're still a freshman or sophomore, you still have some time to make up your mind on what is it you want to study. I made the decision as a Junior, and while it did not affect my graduation time, it was still a difficult thing to do. My previous major was Health Services Administration (HSA), and before that, nursing. With that major, since healthcare personnel will always be needed everywhere in the world, I had a "sure job" and a good yearly income assured.

However, I realized that it wasn't something I wanted to do. I wanted to be a doctor, then a nurse, and when I realized that those two options weren't really for me, although I really liked them, I decided to go for something within the same area so I enrolled in the HSA program. After a semester of seeing HSA classes, I started having doubts about my major and I started to ask myself if it was really something I wanted to pursue. I would usually brush off the thoughts of switching, thinking that it would upset my dad, and that it would make me seem unstable, but then I began to think about what the future would hold for me if I graduated and specialized in something that does not make me happy. Think about it..

This is a career in which you'll be probably spending a lot money, in which you have to dedicate countless hours of study and research, then once you graduate you have to try to find a job in something you're not even passionate about. Then when you do get that job, it'll be something you HAVE to do everyday, for several years until you can retire (if).. Do you want to spend all those years of hard work regretting the decision you didn't make when you had the chance? 

My current major is now journalism. Something I've always had in the back of my mind and wanted to do, something I enjoy and want to learn as much as I can about. I was afraid of not earning enough money or not being successful enough so I tried to take the "safe" career path. But the truth is, you probably won't be successful doing something you hate either. So in my opinion, if you still can, don't hesitate to switch to a major that you WILL enjoy and something that you will put your heart and soul into, no matter how much your parents/family/whomever doesn't approve. At the end of the day this is something that YOU will have to deal with and not them. It is your choice to do something that matters to you.



Social Issues

This morning I opened my eyes and found myself peacefully rising from my bed. A bit of morning sickness is kind of the daily struggle, but other than that, there was nothing inside me that made me sad, anxious, or worried. Nothing that was happening in my life, in the grand scheme of things, that had a negative effect on me.

Until I opened twitter and went on to search the trending topics, as I usually do in the mornings... Normandy... Another terrorist attack in France.

Reading this made me sad and I started to wonder, how does that affect me?

I wonder how many of us wake up each morning in our warm beds, with a loved one by our side, or maybe alone, maybe with a pet... Being able to wash and groom yourself to get ready for your day, picking an outfit from the dresser, making breakfast; or skipping breakfast, then going about our day to work, to school, to do whatever. We do these things each and every morning; us that have the privilege and blessing of being alive and being a functional member of society. Living in peace, compared with many parts of the world.


We all have worries, inconveniences, hassles, troubles. However, we tend to forget the little BIG things that make up our day. Our ability to eat, to sleep, to breathe, to enjoy, to serve, to exist. Yet we let ourselves get wrapped up in the negative without taking a moment to acknowledge that it was a bad moment, a bad situation, and more often than not, it isn't a bad life.

Let's take a moment to be grateful for the BIG things we don't seem to notice anymore, and a moment to reflect on ourselves. Counting our blessings. A moment to reflect on the current situation happening in our world... A moment of silence for those who have suffered and are going through a difficult time. A moment to think.

I woke up happy this morning... And I wish we could all say the same thing.



That's a good question. My main inspiration for creating an informational blog was because I coulnd't find one that had quality, relevant content that wasn't aimed at people above 40 years old. In a growing technological culture, news websites (except for buzzfeed) use such complexity when delivering their message, that I would usually find myself dozing off because I couldn't understand what they were trying to say. This blog is for those young (and not so young) people who want substantial, straight to the point knowledge of different topics, in a friendly way. Not only that, but this is a place where I can grow and learn by delivering content to my readers. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to leave some feedback! 🗯❗️