My favorite cozy jacket for a cool night!

Jacket: Head

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While winter is approaching, and although there many things to enjoy about this time of year, the colder weather is definitely not one of those things. This is the time where the temperature starts to drop and lower humidity levels the dry air can suck the moisture out of your skin. It will causes itchy, redness, flaky, uncomfortable skin. if you want healthy, glowing, and rejuvenated skin. Here are some tips below to get you through the winter season.

Shorter showers. As enjoyable and relaxing a long hot shower after being out on a cold day. The hot water tends to break down the lipid barriers and craves moisture. The best way is to shower/bathe in a lukewarm temperature and shorten your time. I promise, your skin will thank you in the end.

Exfoliate.Sometimes, we forget to exfoliate the dead cells. Those dead cells are the reasons that your skin looks bad and flaky. It is a best natural steps for healthy skin during the cold season. Your face, hands, & lips will thank you for keeping it nourish and refreshed.

Always apply lip balm. Lips are just as important. Nobody wants dry, cracky lips. Lip balm will always keep your lips smooth and less chapped! ( In my opinion, Burt's Bees is my favorite! )

Always moisturize. Winter is such a dry season. Your face is the part where it is most exposed to the cold which can lose moisture. By moisturizing it will help protect your skin from being dry and flaky.

Stay warm. Dressing warm during winter is truly important. If you tend to be outdoors often then find your warmest outdoor clothes. By dressing warm and appropriately it will prevent you from getting wind burns and exposure to the cold air.

Healthy Diet. Having a very healthy diet is important. A balance diet will help your skin by getting the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs.

Water is your best friend. Even though, we go right to the hot drinks like hot chocolate or coffee instead of water. This can be one of the reasons for dry skin. Staying hydrated can boost your health so drink lots of water!

Happy holidays!



After a long day, a mini spa day was much needed!

If there is one thing I always have laying around & obsessed with is scrubs, face mask, peels, and everything that keeps my skin healthy and fresh!

I got this face/body scrub as a gift. At first, I wasn't sure how I was going to like it because I have oily skin & break out easily. So, I decided to test it out and see how I would like it. Putting this scrub on my face was a little messy but smells so delightful from the real coco. After I left it on for a little and washed my face, I absolutely love it for 2 reasons. The first reason is, it cleared up some of my breaks out and the second reason is I had very fresh, soothing, glowing skin!

Face/Body Scrub: Chocolate Truffle; Handmade Mojo Spa Cosmetics



Being in Real Estate has taught me so much about the business. I remember when parents had "take your kids to work day" and my mom showed me around what she did for a living. At the time, I never really understood what everything meant because I was young. From being around it most of my life I started to understood what she did and what she is talking because I got older. The first time, I really knew at a young age that I wanted to follow her footsteps when I got older. I enjoyed seeing my mom and her real estate friends all successful just by making their clients happy.

Two or Three years ago, I was old enough to start my career in Real Estate. So I took the Real Estate class and what I learned in class, I already knew a lot but learning new things everyday made me excited. Finally, after a month I passed the class and couldn't be thrilled. With all the hard work, sweat, tears, & nerves I was ready to take the state test to get licensed. Even though, I didn't pass the first time, I kept trying until I passed.

Now that I'm 23, I took a year off of putting off the state test to find have a back up career in the Beauty Industry and see what my other talents are besides Real Estate. Today, I work for my mom as her assistant & do everything from social media, marketing, help her prepare for open houses, & etc. I couldn't be more blessed to be apart of this wonderful business.

With that being said, everybody thinks Real Estate is all glamorous 100% of the time by showing beautiful houses, mansions, & selling a house is simple. Let me tell you... Real Estate is a lot of hard work, patiences, effort, & making clients, buyers, & sellers happy.

This is what I learned...

1. You will have picky buyers. This is a major sign that you will have your work cut out for you. Every agent has that one buyer that their pickiness is off the charts. Every buyer has that high expectation of having that "dream home" with all the glitz and glimmer. They know what they want, its all about finding that one house that has everything they want. Unfortunately, If you want all the glitz and glimmer. That house will come with a bigger price tag. Even though, your agent wants you to find that ONE house that has all that. They are there to bring you back down to reality and find your perfect home.

2. Everything cost money. Starting out in your real estate career is pricy. Everything from your fees, open houses, to marketing. I suggest you start writing down everything you paid for so you know where you are finically!

3. Most sellers or buyer think they don't need an agent. Even if you're a buyer or seller, they think they don't need an agent to sell your house or look for a house. They think they know the business inside and end when in reality they have no idea. They think they can get a better price of the house without an agents help. When in reality they are only hurting themselves in the end. Having a real estate agent is truly important. They're there to help you in any way they can, guide you, & will put their time and effort to make you satisfied in the end!

4. Your friends are your worst clients. This goes along with any business. Doing business with you friends can be a tough job. They tend to expect so much from you just because you are their friend. But.. you need to follow the rules with any job you are doing. Especially, in real estate. You will put so much time, effort, money, patiences, into one job that will either make your friendship, or break it. Just remember, anything can go wrong even if you go above and beyond for them. If they aren't pleased with the outcome then they will either let you go and find a new agent or give you a second chance. If they were your friend they should respect your time and energy to make you a happy client/friend in the end. If they do let you go then I would suggest to move on and focus on your other business and stay positive!

My favorite part is about real estate is.. Looking at some of the most beautiful houses i've ever seen and helping others find their perfect home that absolutely love!

I'm blessed to be apart of this wonderful & chaotic business that I love and get to learn new things everyday from some of the best agents out there!



Have you dreamed of a place you always wanted to visit? or do you read too many travel blogs that you wish you could travel on the daily basis? The best way to make your "adventurous" side to come out is to write a bucket list and cross off all the places you've love/been too!

For me, I've been blessed to explore and travel to many different places. For me, the farthest I've ever been is Bermuda and that was hands down the best cruise ever! But.. there are still places I haven't accomplished and hopefully get to visit soon!

The top 3 places I want to cross off my list are.

1. Belgium. I don't know much about Belgium but I have always wanted to visit for many reasons.

  • First reason is my cousin. Back in 2014 my cousin graduated college 30 minutes away from me in Baltimore, MD. I was so sad, not only we are super close but she's moving across the country. I'm happy for her because I know she can show me around her new "home." The good thing is, Every summer she gets to come home to her hometown in New Hampshire and I always get to see her which is my favorite part of summer.
  • Second reason is that I have always wanted to explore something new, that is out of my comfort zone. I enjoy trying new restaurants, shops, coffee shops, and being a total tourist!

2. Bora Bora. This is like a lifetime dream I will cross off one day. There is truly something beautiful about this place. Waking up in the middle of the crystal blue ocean nothing but peace and quiet. You would feel like you're living in a dream! I've seen so many people visit this place and I'm pretty envious of them. But, it doesn't hurt to dream so I know that I will forever be grateful to visit this place one day!

3. Napa Valley, California. Not only I was obsessed with "The Parent Trap" and their house in Napa Valley. I find vineyards truly breathtaking. Even though, I'm not a big wine drinker but I love tasting all different kinds. I sure wouldn't mind sitting back & relaxing with a glass of wine in my hand and taking in the scenery. I can't wait to make my way there and explore a fun & beautiful place!

What are your top 3 place you want to travel to?



Have you ever feel like you are just not motivated? You are so tired of not feel like yourself lately? or having those days where you’re just not physical, mental, & socially there. That is a sign that you need to improve your health & be more motivated.

Here are 6 ways to rejuvenated and have more energy to do things.

1. More water the better. Being dehydrated can affect your metabolism to your mental focus. Drinking more water will instantly give you more energy, healthier looking skin, weight loss, & improves your mood.

If you drink enough water then you’ll feel like a new person!

2. Start a healthy meal plan. Creating yourself a healthy meal plan will make you feel awesome. I would suggest starting small if you’re new at a meal plan. If you do this than you find yourself not spending on poor food choices. Even if you prepare one or two meals, or maybe just a snack for the beginning of the week. You will be surprised how yummy healthy food is!

3. Socialize with friends. You know life sometimes can get complicated and tend to isolate ourselves when you want to hide from everyone. The best thing to boost your mood is seeing your friends even if your talking, or spending time with them. At least try to connect with a friend then all your problems you had before will go away!

4. Early Bedtime. Trying to sleep early is always a struggle and you find yourself sneaking a bag of chips and watching a good movie. Then you wake up in the morning is a struggle from not getting enough sleep. Your mood will effect your day from staying up late. Turn off all your electronics like your phone, laptop, TV before you go to sleep. How about treating yourself to a bubble bath, read a book/magazine. Knowing how many hours you slept you will feel more awake.

5. Workout Routines. The hardest part is stay motivated to keep a daily work out routine. The best way to get started is to find a fitness class, bootcamp, or join a local gym you interest you and keep a schedule whenever you go! Once you go the first - two times then you will be proud of yourself for trying something you enjoy and your body will thank you in the end.

6. Laugh more. Smiling and laughing are a great way to reduce your stress! Being around positive people always puts you in a good mood.

Always remember to stay healthy & motivated!



Since it's boot season, I'm always excited to pull out my favorite boots!

I have these pair of boots I have been eyeing forever and I was completely obsessed with them. Finally, when I turned 21 I got them as a birthday gift. Ever since then, I wear them every year. My parents told me, "oh you will never wear them" but they were wrong. I have got so many compliments on these pair of boots. Since I'm half American Indian, I call them my "Tribe boots." Everybody needs a pair of fun, cute, wild boots!

Today, I wore a plain black shirt, jeans & my boots. This is one of my favorite outfits if I want to keep it simple.

Boots: Wanted

What are your favorite pair of boots?



I couldn't more ecstatic that is December! I absolutely love the holidays. There is so much to look forward for and spreading some kindness.

Yesterday, My day has been absolutely crazy by running around all day getting gifts for some people. Despite all the holiday craze which kind of overwhelms me but what is a better way to treat yourself to some Starbucks. Coming home I noticed my neighbor outside decorating their house so I went over a chatted and admiring their 14' tree! SO BEAUTIFUL. Anyway, she told me that she has a gift for me and couldn't wait for Christmas and I would understand why she is giving it to me early. Since she knows i'm the biggest make up addict and this gift was a 24 DAY BEAUTY COUNTDOWN CALENDAR.

This gift is the most thoughtful and so ME gift that i've ever received. Each day, I opened number and inside is make up. Who doesn't love make up!? seriously the best present ever and I couldn't be more grateful that she saw this and thought of me!

I've been pretty blessed with some awesome people in my life.



In life, people have a dream, but some of them can't transfer those dreams into a reality.

Having an positive attitude in life will get you closer to achieving that dream. If you believe in your dream of becoming something/someone then your dream will come true some day.

Even though life is going to throw you some of the toughest obstacles at times, never lose that dream of yours, because that dream is going to define you from the others. Determination and hard work are the two main key points that will keep you moving forward and chasing that one dream you worked so hard for!

Here are a few ways to achieve your dream..

Always believe. Believing is the biggest motivation to achieve that one goal. You really need to ask yourself, is this worth all the time and energy? only you know inside if you really believe this is what you want.

Do your research. Spend time finding out more about the career you want is important. Learn more about the qualifications, the best location that fits you best, and what kind of training do they have? Make sure you know everything you need to know.

Visualize the dream. Do you have a picture of what your future is suppose to look like? Do you see yourself as a happier and successful person? If so, then the excitement inside of you will keep you going until your dream comes true.

Build relationships. The best way to build a relationship is to reach out to different companies and learn more about the field you are trying to pursue. Also, if you know someone in that field ask them for advice and see how they achieved their goal to get them where they are today.

Support System. Taking time out of your day to explain your dreams and goals to the people in your life is very important. If you have that support from your friends and family then they will give you the strength you need and will be your biggest cheerleaders.

Make an impact. There is some kind of talent in everybody. There are many different qualities inside each an everybody. The world would love to see what kind of talent you have. If you put everything you have into one dream, you will make a difference and inspire others.

I'm hoping everyones dream will come true for them, if it hasn't already!



My day consist of an no make up, lazy, rainy, sick day. Who doesn't love a rainy day once in a while. I enjoy watching movies, drinking hot tea, and cuddling with my dog by the fire. It was pretty relaxing!

The one important thing I've accomplished today was decorating for Christmas and I couldn't be more excited. So.. that's what my day consist of and trying to feel better!

Hope everyone had a good day :)