Dying Hair With Koolaid

Hey guys have you ever wanted to dye your hair but hair dye just damages it! Well you could always use Koolaid!!

2cups of Water
2koolaid packets
A pot
All you have to do is boil water with the koolaid packets in it (DON'T USE SUGAR)
Let the water boil for 2 minutes. Dip the amount of hair you would like to dye let it sit for at least 5 min. for light hair. If you have darker hair leave it in for a little longer.

I've only tried 2colors red and blue The red stays in for a while I recommend to use red.

I've tried blue and it faded within 1week. Next I'm gonna try purple, I gotta wait till my red fades, I just dyed it recently. HOPE YOU HAVE FUN DYING YOUR HAIR!!😊



History on the French braids, this  braided hairstyle has been used for thousands of years it was depicted in art from early Greek Celtic and Sung Dynasty periods. The phrase French braid appears in 1871 issue of arthurs  Home magazine in French the hairstyle is called tresse francaise.

Description of the French braid, 3 strand braid hair is divided into 3 sections starting from the top of the head you braid  then add a piece from the right side into the middle section braid again and then add a piece from the left into the middle section braid again and continue the same pattern down the entire head this braid  is very pretty when it's completed.

    ❤ Hair Facts ❤           
• Hair grows with about 1 cm every month.

• Human hair grows faster in warm weather because it stimulates hair growth.

• Hair is made mostly of a protein called keratin.

• The person on the average has up to 100,000 to 150,000 hair strands on his or her head.