THIS is the worst combination for me.. I'm jetlagged and then there's a beautiful FULL moon.

I'm really sensitive to the Full Moon. I could actually feel this already a few days prior. And for me it just doesn't go together with a good night's sleep. I feel I haven't been sleeping at all since I got here. Perhaps 2-3 hrs. per night.. Normally I don't have too bad of a jetlag travelling east, but this time it has been really bad. I don't know about you - but the "older" I get the harder the jetlag get. I'm sure it has some kind of correlation with age.. ;)

This time I also forgot my melatonin at home. Normally I don't go anywhere without them or my other sleeping aids. When travelling I always carry my jetlag-survival-kit with me: My Eye mask, air plugs and melatonin.

After the third night of no sleep I had that ask the rest of the group at the retreat if someone had some kind of sleeping aid tablets. I was so tired at this point. And I was lucky. One of the ladies from New Zealand had. It's not melatonin but something similar with the same effect. The name of the product is interesting; Go Cherry Sleep and it's made of tart cherry. I really hope it works - at this point I'm ready to try almost anything.

...AND then we have the full moon. It was so beautiful last night. I think everything around the moon is so interesting and fascinating. I really believe in the power of the moon. This time it is Full Moon in Scorpio (..I read about this last night when I couldn't sleep). So what does it mean?

When the full moon is in Scorpio we can feel exhausted and/or very emotional (check). This full moon brought a lot of powerful energy and opportunities for different kind of changes (or acceptance to recent changes). The Scorpio energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. But it can also be the opposite - reach a low level of consciousness. Whatever it will be - it will for sure leave a lasting impact. After the energy of this Full Moon starts to fade, we will feel a greater sense of understanding of the road ahead.

Interesting, right? Next full Moon will by the way bee June 9th - then it is Full Moon in Sagittarius. Let's come back then to what this means.

xo Eva

Go Cherry Sleep tablets from Go healthy

My favourite sleep mask from Cabeau. It's soft and keeps the light out. Travels with me all the time.

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This was really a last minute decision. I booked my tickets two weeks ago - and now I'm here! .. so happy to be here - just what I needed right now.

When it comes to travels and bookings...this is how I am - very " good" at doing last minute decisions and travel plans (...goes different for work of course). I don't need to know where to go, where to stay, what to do too long in advance. Actually I don't like to book things in advance..I want it to be more spontaneously. I might book a hotel for the first two nights but then I want to explore - be free to go where I want to and when I want to - or just stay. I just don't want to make that decision at home..I need to have that freedom to chose. It's different of course when travelling with friends - but when travelling alone - this is how I do it.

Anyway - this time I decided I needed some time for myself, sun, yoga and healthy food in an easy going environment. So I picked Bali. Bali is one my favorite Islands to visit - and I keep coming back here when I need to nourish my mind & soul.

Having limited time I decided to check in at Escape Haven Yoga Retreat for a week- where yoga and healthy food is in focus. I will tell you more about the retreat and the things we are doing here later. After the retreat I will still have a few days to do something else - of course haven't decided yet where I will go or what to do. I might go and hang out in Ubud a few days - that is just a magical place. I love Ubud! I will let you know where I end up...

xo Eva

2 x daily yoga sessions does wonders..



Hello there world!

After some thoughts - and having some friends pushing me for a while - here I am. Super excited to give blogging a try! I will do this in english thou my mother tongue is Swedish- why ..well I think English is the second most "including" language (after the body language) - so this is why. There will probably be misspellings etc - but that's kind of included in the package ;)

Mia, a dear friend of mine, was one of the first (and still is) one who's been asking me to start blogging and sharing my travels. Yes - I do travel a lot; both in business but also in my free time. The expression: " The world is my playground" explains how I feel about travelling :)

My travel style? I don't really have one.. I like different kind of travel adventures - hiking in the Andées or Himalayas, Yoga retreats in Asia, Backpacking in South America - or party nights in Miami or shopping in New York. Love'em all. Can't chose a favourite - it's the mix. The mix of people you meet, the influences you get, the tastes and smells you breath, the sometimes breathtaking views you see - and so so much more. And of course I collect my favourites spots (hotels, spas, restaurants, shops etc) in my travel note book that's always travelling with me. In this blog I will open my notebook at times for you - and reveal some of my favourite spots and moments.

I'm also blessed to work in an international environment with very interesting people - and with the best product groups there is - Fashion, Beauty and Spa. Having a deep passion for both Style & Beauty combined with my Stylist degree - my blog will be highly inspired by this as well.

The last point is my interest for food and cooking. Not only do I enjoy wonderful and exotic food - I also love cooking. This is such important when just staying at home, spending time with friends and travelling. Food connects people! So yes - food & drinks will be covered here as well.

SO - for me this will not only be just a blog - it will also work as my life-style- journal at the same time collecting & sharing my thoughts on my everyday life for others. Let's see how it goes - I will give it a shot. Let's DO it <3

xo Eva

PHOTO: Mari Lahti