So we're finally here!
Isn't it just gorgeous? The Swedish countryside really is a wonderful place to be - I highly recommend all of you who haven't visited Sweden to go to the smaller parts of Sweden as well as Stockholm or Gothenburg, it's really worth it!

I just love coming here for the peace. You can literally go outside and hear a snowflake hit the ground, it's a feeling you can't take for granted if you're living in a city.
Just feeling at ease. I chose the blog name epicurean, because that's really something we need to embrace. Loving our lives and enjoying them, in every way that is possible for you. It can be something simple like really enjoying your morning coffee, or the silence like me - but just making sure you don't take it for granted is the key!

Now I'm going to do both of the above, enjoy my coffee and then go outside and just listen to silence.




There's nothing quite like when the first snow hits the ground. Everything becomes like soft and quiet. You wake up, make your coffee and watch as the snowflakes slowly or intensely fall to the ground and suddenly feel like your shoulders drop an inch. You relax.
For me I've been waiting for this for like a month, not because winter is my favorite time of year - not at all actually - but because you expect it. You wait for it.
And when it finally comes you exhale. At least that's how I feel about it.

Right now I'm on the road towards the mid-south-east of Sweden with my mother, her husband, my 2-year old daughter and our baby boy in my belly for a quick vacation during holidays. I'm reading this book about birth that I've been wanting to read for months and I finally got the chance! I'm due in a little over 2 months and I really want to fill myself up with courage, strength and knowledge before it's time - and this book was written by my doula who is like queen of birth so it should be good. In it they encourage you to write 2-4 affirmations about trust. So I thought, what better place than a blog to post them?

So. Here we go.

I have faith that my body can give birth.

I have faith in my own ability to embrace my fears and let them go.

I have faith that this time it'll go the way it's supposed to.

I also have faith in that chicken enchiladas is gods gift to mankind.