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So, these past few days have been intense. After the ayahuasca I tried to have some days of reflection. Whenever you are about to enter a new level, Life puts you through some hoops for you to jump to make sure that this is something you really want. They say that nothing worth having comes easy and that is true.

So after the Ayahuasca ritual me and my fiancé got terribly sick, not because of the Ayahuasca, but because it cleanses your body and then you must be careful with what you eat after that. We went on a brazilian churrasco the day after, I guess we should have known better.

But now after a few days everything feels better.

Entering this new level in my life, I feel it easier to get up in the morning, I find it easier to connect with nature, I found it easier to find love in relationships and situations. It's been easier in letting go of judgement. Life just flows easier.

Today I went to the beach to do my morning rituals with meditation and yoga to realize that I'm now on the same beach were I where 5 years ago. I thought back then how life just felt so differently. Back then me and my fiancé was in a very bad place, I thought for that time that we were totally over. I was just so sure that I didn't want to go back to that energy.

It got a lot more painful before it got better, but today I'm really thankful for everything that happen back then.

Because I need to see the light to go through the dark and now when we are on the other side, life feels great and I live a life now that I've only dreamt of back then. I live a life that I had totally given up on back then. With this wonderful person, the one who understands me more then I understand myself sometimes.

"People overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five years"

- The Great Tony Robbins

Todays Challange

Look back at your life few years ago and ask yourself these questions:

- Where were you in life? What plans did you have for yourself? Have you changed your mind about anything?

You will realize that you have changed your mind about a lot of stuff. AND you will realize that the only things that never will change, is change itself. Life will continuously develop and evolve and we just have to embrace change in any aspect of life.

That's why it's so important with gratitude, and be thankful for everything that we have today. Even the obvious things like the fingers on your hands, what I you were to loose your hands in an accident or sickness. Think about that and start appreciate!