Chrismtas i right around the corner! Therefore this will be christmas gifts ideas! I will start of with DIY´s and personalized gifts and for those who dosen´t have the time I will write another gift idea post later. Enjoy!

DIY and personlized gifts - ornaments!

Now you can personalized so many ornaments to give as an easy and simple christmas gift!

A) You´ll need an emty ornament, fake snow and a small (pop-up) figure/print out a pictures

Buy an emty ornaments at your local caft store you can stuff a little bit of fake snow and maybe an angel figure, or a smal pop-up figure which can be for example an avenger-, harry potter-, Disney figure. Or you can print out a pcture of you and your best friend, familymember and so on. Then place it in the ornament.

B) You´ll need a regular ornament with the color of your choice,toothpick, hot glue, and white/gold paper.

The last idea is to buy a finished ornament with the color of your choiceand then decorate it. If you buy a gold one why not turn it into asnitch by just cutting out wings from either a white or a goldenpaper and by using a toothpick and hot glue you can Place thetoothpick underneath the wings and then glue it on the ornament.

Here are other ideas for ornaments!

Antoher idea for a prsonalized Christmans gift - collage

A) You´ll need a canvas, crayons, hairdryer, glue and Pictures.

With your glue you will glue on your crayons onto the canvas. You can either place it like a heartshape, or place it just a cross over the canvas. And then with your hairdryer you will heat it till the crayons starts to melt. Be sure to have paper or covers underneath the canvas to protect the table you´ve decided to work on. The crayones are likley to splash a bit. When you are satisfied with the result, you can either leave the crayons on or remove it. If you decides to remove it you can with glue place your picture where your crayons once where.

B) You´ll need an emty picture frame, glue, thread and pictures

Place the thread on the end of the picture frame and and place the other end on the other side of the frame by tying a knot. The next step is to glue on the pictures you´ve chosen onto the thread. And you´re done!

Other ideas for collages

I hope you got a little inspired!



Today I read an article that was posted on Facebook, which made me very angry! It was a pathetic article about a women who went to the grocery store and brought home a bag of saffron buns, but when she opened the bag it turned out to be cinnamon buns instead. This made her very angry for wanting something and by mistake got the wrong sort! My question is why would this magazine focus so hard on a mistake by a company about buns, when there are about a thousand other things in this world with the worst case scenarios?! There are so many things in this world that is very underrated which are far more important! So what if you get the wrong buns? Just go back to the store and complain about it, and then move on! Yesterday I had to comfort a friend of mine who got betrayed by a family member, my moms friend just got diagnosed with cancer, and one of my family members are diagnosed with bipolar disorder (for 2 years now) and I just got to know that this person has become worse. So yes this article fills me up with rage because there are far more horrible things people go through everyday which no one seems to care about! Every fifth person in America is diagnosed with mental illness, every third person in Sweden is suffering from cancer, and every sixth teenager is getting bullied everyday! We are so many other things to put our energy in then to focus and care about someone who accidentally got the wrong buns!

Seriously, we need to sort out our priorities!