This week, my blog post will be a little bit different. In a few weeks, I'm going to do a podcast with Elin, Laban and Tom. It will be about the books we are reading. The exciting thing is, that we are all reading different books (well, except for Elin and Laban, because they are actually reading the same one). But even tho we are reading different books the theme is the same. We are all reading books that revolves around the theme death. Pretty dramatic theme, right? Tom is reading " The fault in our stars" by John Green, Elin and Laban are reading "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. And you probably know by now, that I'm reading "Elsewhere" by Gabrielle Zevin. I know for a fact that both The Fault in our stars and Elsewhere are two really good books, since I've read both of them. But I don't know that much about Thirteen Reasons Why. I've done some research tho, by reading both ElinĀ“s and LabanĀ“s blogs, where they have written great blog posts about it!

I'm going to compare the three books, and write about some differences and similarities that I could find. I could tell from the start, that Elsewhere and Thirteen reasons why was way more similar than Elsewhere and the fault in our stars. I mean, all three books are about a teenage girl. But in both Elsewhere and Thirteen Reasons Why, the girl is already dead from the start. They die before the story begins. But in The Fault In our Stars, the girl is very sick. She pretty much waits for her death to come, because she knows that she doesn't have much time left. But she actually never dies. Not in the story.

Even tho the main characters are dead in both Elsewhere and Thirteen Reasons why, it seems like they still are very different. In Thirteen Reasons Why, the whole story revolves around the fact that the girl committed suicide. But in Elsewhere, Liz didn't chose to die. She was killed by someone else. But the main difference seems to be that in Elsewhere, you get to follow the whole story from her own perspective, about what happens after her death. The whole book is about her new life, at a new,pretty different place, that you end up in after dying. Like i said, I don't know that much about Thirteen reasons why, since I haven't read it. But from what I could tell by reading their blogs, the perspective is not from the girl who died.

Between Elsewhere and The fault in our stars, it was pretty difficult for me to find any similarities. There is pretty much nothing similar between the two stories. The fault in our stars, is about a sick girl named Hazel, She has stage four lung cancer, and doesn't have much time left. But just as she is at her most depressing state in her life, she meets Augustus. They fall in love, so the book is actually about a tragic love story between them. Elsewhere is not that much about love. Liz says she falls in love with Owen, and he falls in love with her. But nothing really happens between them (except for one kiss). The book is more about her daily life in elsewhere, and not so much about love. That's one thing I was dissapointed about.

Anyways, I could go one forever talking about these three books, but I wont. I am really looking forward to the podcast, and getting a chance to discuss the similarities with the others as well. Here is a little list to sum things up:

Similarities between Elsewhere and Thirteen reasons why:

The books are about a young girl who died. šŸ˜²

The books tells us what happened after their lifes.

The girls die before the story begins.

Similarities between Elsewhere and The fault in our stars:

The fault in our stars is about love, and there's a little bit romance in Elsewhere as well.šŸ’“

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Hello book readers!

This wednesday, me, Nora and Kerstin had another group meeting. Unfortunately, Emilia wasn't there. I think she still was in school, but maybe she was away at some other subject. After the group meeting, we discussed to have another one with Emilia aswell, but that didn't really happen. So this blog post will just be about what Nora, Kerstin and I talked about.

The meeting went pretty well. We met after lunch and we started to talk about our favourite parts. Nora and KerstinĀ“s favourite parts was both in the beginning, when the chapter was written from Liz's dog perspective. My favourite part is when Liz talks to her brother for the last time. Liz decides to attend her best friends wedding. But her best friend lives on earth, so she swims down to the well, with Owen. They try so hard to congratulate her, but she can't hear them. But Liz's brother does. And when she asked him how he was able to hear her, he said "I always listen to the water. I've ben listening since i was little. I could never stop hoping it might be you.". And that was the last time she ever spoke to him. It's such a sad part, but it's still my favourtie.

Nora and I had read the intire book, so we talked about how much we liked it. Kerstin said it was okay if we talket about the ending aswell. Both me and Nora really liked the book, but we were really disappointed at the love story between Owen and Liz. I mean, he even left his wife to be with her, but nothing really happened between them anyway. They kissed once in the entire book, and that was it. So i was really disappointed in that, but I guess it's just not that kind of book. After all, the category was death, and not romance. And another thing that disappointed me, was that they rushed through the ending aswell. The last years of Liz's life had like like only one chapter that was written about it. It was really rushed through. Feels like she turned in to a baby in one second. Besides of that, I really liked the ending. I knew that it was going to end as her being a new baby on earth.



Hello bookreaders!

Yesterday, we had our groupmeeting. I'm not the only one reading this book, Nora, Emilia and Kerstin does it too. So we had a meeting about it. Since Kerstin is in Spain, we had to call her on skype, It was a little bit tricky to have our conversaiton with her, since the internet connection wasn't that good. But after a while it got better, and we managed to have a great meeting about Elsewhere. We all talked about our opinions on the book, what we believed would happen next, and how we thought it would end.

"I really like this book!" is pretty much what we all said about it. It wasn't just me who thought it was exciting and different, the others did too. Nora and Kerstin was a little bit ahead of me and Emilia, but they did their best not to spoil anything.

We talked a lot about how sad Liz is in elsewhere. But we all think that that will change, she will accept the fact that she can never return to her old life. And hopefully, she can be happy there too. Maybe she can start a new life, with her grandmother Betty. We also mentioned that we think that she will find new friends. Friends that are even better than the once she had on earth. Maybe she will even fall in love! That's what we all hoped for haha, who doesn't like to read about romance?

We discussed about what has happened in the book so far, and how we felt about it. Kerstin said that she felt pretty annoyed when she read, especially in the beginning. She told us that she thought Liz was way too ignorant! It was great to be able to hear about their emotions that they had while reading, I actually agreed with pretty much all of them.

They didn't have anything that they connect the book to, but I told them about a movie that I saw once. It's called "The lovely bones" and the story is pretty much the same as Elsewhere's. It's about a 15-year old girl who gets murdered. When she dies, she comes to another place, where she watches her family on earth. That is actually just like Liz, because she watches her family all the time, from the OD's. Liz wants to help her family to find the man that killed her. That's what lovely bones is about too, the girl sends signs to her family, that helps them find her killer.

The two stories are actually extremely familiar, so I can really connect that movie to the book.

The last thing we talked about in our groupmeeting, was the ending of this book. We think that Liz will descide to start a new life, as a baby on earth. It will be fun to find whether we're right or not!



The bright sun, peeking thru my curtains woke me up. It was a perfectly normal morning. Except for the fact that the sun woke me. Where is Lucy? I opened my eyes and glanced at the tiny clock next to my bed. Damn, it's way too late, my teachers will be furious.My parents know that I have school today, Why didn't they wake me up? I rushed out of my bed, and that's when I noticed it. This isn't my room. I'm not wearing my pyjamas, It wasn't until I brought my hand up to my head. and felt the hard stiches, that I remembered. I remembered why neither Lucy or my parents woke me this morning. I'm dead. Just 15 years old, I'm supposed to be alive! Thinking about it made my morning go from great to awful. I went back to bed and pulled the sheets over my head. Maybe this is just another bad dream. Maybe if I close my eyes hard enough, I will still be in my own room when I wake up! After 5 minutes, I slowly opened them. Nope, still dead...

My eyes started to tear up again. Felt like all I had done since I got here, was crying. But I just couldn't help it.There was so many things that I would never experience. I will miss out on so many important things. Going to college, getting my driver's license, falling in love, have my own children. I won't even be able to turn 16. Because in this weird place, all I will do is get younger. I just turned 15 and I certainly was not looking forward turning 14 again.

Grandma Betty was extremly kind to me. I'm happy she's here, otherwise I wouldn't have anyone to talk to at all. She gave me some clothes and made me breakfast. The rest of the day, she showed me Elsewhere, and talked about life here. I know that she likes it here. She keeps telling me that it's not such a bad place after all. Even though it looks kinda normal, it will just never feel like home to me. I'm dead, I don't think I will ever be able to see anything good in that. I used to be happy. The whole time I have been on earth, I had never really considered myself as a happy person. I had been sad and moody, about all those things that I know think are very foolish.I wasn't that very popular, I didn't have a boyfriend, my brother annoyed me.How could I care so much about things, that didn't really matter. At least it didn't matter now. Nothing does anymore. All I want is my life back.



We had 9 books to choose from, each book divided in to three different groups; Environment, Death and World war 2. The two themes that catched my eye the most was WWII and death. War is something that I actually like to read about, it's both interesting and learning. But it is also a theme that I read many times before, so I decided that I wanted to try something that was more new to me. I read about the book elsewhere, and I was pretty impressed by the creative story. It was pretty different, so I decided that this would be a fun book to read.

After reading the first chapters of the book, I can say that I am very happy about my choise. This book is tragic, exciting and different. I have read about 60 pages now, and the book has never been boring. This book is about a 15-year old girl, who dies. After her death, she wakes up on a boat. It takes her to elsewhere, a place for all the dead. This place is just like earth, but still very different. Liz, the main character, has a very hard time accepting the fact that she is dead. She just wants to be a normal girl and do do all of the fun things she missed out on.

The book has a pretty tragic and sad start, but it feels like it will get happier soon. I think that Liz will learn to accept the fact that she's in elsewhere, and not with her friends and family on earth. I think that she is going to find new friends, and realise that it's not such a bad place after all.