I have thought about starting a blog for a long time now but I have always had doubts about what people might think about it. I have realised that I am not writing for them but writing for me to keep track of progress and to allow people to see what I’m doing and hopefully learn something from it!

Let’s start this blog off with some background… I was born in England to a Swedish mother and an English father. I was brought up speaking both languages and having all the freedom to make my own choices about everything. As I went through school here in London I was never the child to excel in my academics, therefore fell back on sport to help me feel as if I was achieving at something. Getting involved in all sports possible in school, from individual activities such as dance to team sports like football and rounders, this was my chance to escape and relax.

In primary school I was scouted to start swimming at a local swimming club (Teddington Swimming Club), and became a regional swimmer until I was 16 striving for national championships. Unfortunately I had to stop swimming due to becoming ill from trying to train while having tonsillitis (BIG MISTAKE!). If any of you swim, you will understand that swimming is a big “feel” sport. It is all about how you “feel” in the water and taking time out makes you lose this feeling. This led to me having to take time off sports to recover. Coming back to swimming I did not have the love for it as I did before, as I was holding onto what swimming felt like. After months of trying to fall in love with the sport again, I decided it was time to move on. Here came the hard decision of what to do next…

I love playing a lot of sports but wanted to try something new. I had played a bit of rugby league in school (a month every year) and I loved it. There we go then… I decided to do track running along with rugby. This is where it got crazy! Within a month of starting rugby union, unlucky for the girl but lucky for me, a girl in Middlesex rugby got injured and they needed a new girl to take her place. The coach for Middlesex also coached my club team and decided to bring me along with another girl into the team for that game. This was a matter of coaching me the position 10 minutes before I went on the pitch. It was a quick learning process of tying to understand tactics and positioning of the sport.

This was the start to where I am today. Three years on and I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to pull on a white England jersey with the rose to represent England U20’s alongside playing for Saracens in the premiership.

I hope some of you will find my blog interesting and hopefully a bit useful. I will be posting about lessons I have learnt, training tips, sessions and fun activities, which I suggest you guys to try out! I will also be posting about my favourite place/s (sweden of course)!

Love, Emma Sara x