Sometimes the hardest part about getting the job done is finding a place to equip yourself to do the work right. Finding a RIDGID sewer machine for sale online can seem hard enough, but finding a quality seller who also carries the accessories you need makes some workers feel like they’ll never find what they need. The good news is that there are a few surefire ways to get yourself set up with a good supplier who will not only get you a RIDGID sewer machine but will also get it to you at a good price. Because buying online is the best way to get the best price, the key to getting your machine is to learn the techniques to help you find a good online shop.

1. Use Better Search Tools
When most people look for a product online, they either go directly to a store they already know, or they simply type what they are looking for into a search engine. However, typing “RIDGID sewer machine” into Google or Bing might not even bring you directly to online stores. With so much info available on the web, it’s important to know how to effectively parse through it all.

Therefore, instead of just using a standard search, you should switch over to a “shopping” search. Most major search engines have either a “shopping” option under their search filter menu or have a tab that lets you switch over to a different search page. On Google, their shopping search page is simple to locate and also grants a really fantastic feature; Google shopping search brings up products with links directly to the seller and the seller’s public Google business profile. This brings us to part two:

2. Read Reviews
Using shopping searches allows you to immediately see a business’s reviews from customers who have shopped there. By paying close attention to detailed reviews, you can learn a surprising amount about how a specific seller does business. Many reviewers will go into extensive detail about product function, customer service, and shipping time, which gives you a huge advantage in choosing a store.

3. Check Their Policies and Partners
Once you’ve found a few interesting stores, make sure to research and compare. The most important characteristic of a good seller is having partnerships with recognized payment companies. VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal are all examples of companies that require businesses to uphold standards in order to display the respective logo on their site. If you see a company explaining in full its qualifications from and partnerships with major payment groups, you’re likely looking at a reasonable store.

After you’ve identified a store with quality payment options, the next step is to investigate their policies. Shipping, warranties, guarantees, and return policies are all going to have a big effect on your ability to get the best experience with a seller, so make sure to read these in detail and choose a seller whose offerings match your needs.

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One of the most important skills a professional in the heavy lift industry can attain is an understanding of the different rigging types and formats. One such rigging type, the 4 leg chain sling, also frequently referred to as a quad-leg or 4-leg-bridle sling, is particularly good for balancing and distributing weight across the legs of the sling. With so many rigging types available to professionals, what makes the 4 leg chain setup valuable? This blog will explore that question, leaving you feeling more informed and ready to take on the challenges of your exciting career!

1. Improved Working Load Limit
The primary benefit of a 4 leg chain sling is that it greatly increases the working load limit of the rigging over double and single-leg setups. This benefit is particularly noticeable at higher chain thickness measurements, which can sometimes more than double the total working load limit. This type of rigging is especially useful on large, rectangular or square loads which would otherwise demand a significant increase in chain size (and therefore chain cost) in order to lift with other sling setups.

A 4 leg setup can often lift loads greater than single chain setups with chains that are two or three standard measurement sizes larger. You can see how this might be very cost effective given a skilled rigging.

The amount of increase to working load limit is dependent on the angles the chain makes with the object to be lifted, so not all items will allow for double the working load limits of single leg slings. However, even in more acute angle setups, which generally offer less working load limit improvement, the improvement is often close to 50% increased working load limit.

2. Better at Working With Irregular Loads
For a word of caution, with any irregularly-shaped load, professionals must pay careful attention to load balancing between the legs of the sling. Even with an irregularly-shaped load, all chains must be measured carefully so as not to be slack or bearing more of the load than other legs.

With that warning in mind, working with four legs and adjustable chains allows for much more flexibility in lifting loads that may not be perfectly shaped for ideal lifting with a single-leg sling. Adjusting chains will allow for manually balancing the load in a safer manner, which can help prevent shifting of the load.

3. Chains Are Affordable
In addition to the passive cost savings of not having to purchase thicker and more expensive rigging materials, a 4 leg chain sling also compares favorably to other lifting materials in regard to the strength offered. Chains have been traditionally popular for heavy lift applications because they are easy to adjust and very affordable given their comparative strength. High-grade chains are readily available and can be quickly shipped to a worksite with little hassle in the process of purchase.

Chains are easy to maintain and replace and can be inspected for faults quickly. Each of these characteristics makes them cheaper in the long run than most other lift types, provided the application is correct; of course, chains should not be used in conditions where they will experience severe corrosion or may become pinched between surfaces.

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Nylon web slings are one of the most popular sling types in the heavy lift industry. Their comparative durability, strength, and softness make them one of the most surprisingly effective materials for lifting large loads. As with all heavy lift equipment, understanding the nuances of each piece is important to ensuring a safe, effective job. When moving heavy loads, there is a greater risk for injury and damage to property if the equipment is not properly understood. With this in mind, this article is devoted to the history and details of nylon web slings. After this article, you should have a better understanding of the material that revolutionized so many industries.

The history of nylon begins just before the beginning of World War II. Chemical giant DuPont had been experimenting with synthetic plastic fibers for a few years with early versions of nylon being developed as early as 1935. However, the greatest breakthrough in nylon’s design came in 1939. DuPont announced their new development at the World’s Fair, originally showcasing the versatile material as a women’s legwear that would come to be handily known as “nylons.”

It didn’t take long for DuPont engineers and other designers to find other creative uses for the synthetic. When World War II began, nearly all of DuPont’s nylon production went not towards commercial products or even clothing. Instead, nylon was almost exclusively bought up by the U.S. military for use in parachutes and parachute straps. The durability, strength, and flexibility of nylon lent itself to this use.

As time went on, nylon proved to be one of the few savior products that helped lift DuPont out of its financial hard times during the Great Depression. The craze over the new fiber actually got somewhat out of hand, with some marketing originally claiming that it was as “strong as steel.” While the synthetic is certainly strong, the original claims were not 100% accurate. However, the excitement over the new product can serve as a fascinating measure of the impact of the product.

Nylon has remained in popular use since its invention, with the primary factory that manufactured the fibers actually being so influential on the chemical manufacturing industry that it has been historically recognized. Nylon’s chemical structure proved to be remarkably flexible and, therefore, applicable to many different uses.

In the modern day, nylon can be found in a number of products including nylon web slings, which utilize tightly interwoven nylon strands to provide a wide surface area of smooth lift. The nylon webbing is flexible enough that it will not tarnish surfaces or cut into softer materials. Many nylon slings are actually made up of multiple plies of nylon webbing, which gives them greatly increased strength.

In conclusion, nylon’s legacy as a synthetic fiber is remarkable, and understanding the history of the material can help you understand its use, its application, and which companies have the greatest history with the production of reliable nylon products. Nylon, in many ways, changed the world. It is still changing the world today by enabling productivity, safety, and quality on job sites in countries all around the world.

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One of the most important power tools to have on any work site is a set of pressing jaws, and one of the best available in the industry is the RIDGID ProPress. RIDGID is a company with a long history of creating quality tools that get the job done right, and one of the best ways you can improve your abilities in your career is by learning to understand the tools you use. With that in mind, this article is designed to give a profile of the RIDGID ProPress and the benefits it can bring to your job site. We will explore the history of RIDGID, the history of the tools, and the specific benefits of the ProPress power pressing jaws.

RIDGID, also known as the Ridge Tool Company, is quickly approaching its 100th birthday as a company. Having been established in 1923, the company has been manufacturing quality tools throughout the last century. In 1966, it underwent a purchase by Emerson Electric, a multinational electric industry manufacturing corporation which is now over 127 years old. Together with Emerson’s legacy, RIDGID was able to improve its reach and its tools and now offers some of the most recognizable tools on the market.

The Ridge Tool Company’s iconic appearance is best summed up by their brightly-colored pipe wrenches, the likes of which has inspired the pop-culture appearance of the pipe wrench for decades. Their tools, however, are not just popular here in the States, as they have now expanded their business overseas. In addition, they’ve made major strides in embracing the rise of the internet, offering a suite of online tools that help professionals generate documents for maintenance recording, project management, and more.

The RIDGID ProPress is one of the most solid sets of power pressing jaws on the market, and the ProPress product line contains a number of models, each with unique offerings. One of the best-reviewed models is the RIDGID RP 241, which is a hand-held, battery operated press tool with a compact layout. The RP 241 allows for easy use in tight spaces by being structured in a “barbell” style, with the grip placed in the middle of the battery and the jaws.

The RIDGID RP 210 and 340 are laid out in a “gun” format with a grip and trigger allowing for larger jaw sets and a stronger grip. These models come in both cordless and corded versions, and, despite being larger in size than the RP 241, the 210 and 340 are considerably smaller than previous models.

Both versions of the ProPress pressing jaws can work with stainless steel tubing, copper, steel, PEX, and cutting soil pipe (according to RIDGID product manuals.) The ProPress line has the highest rated lifecycles, lasting just over 40k cycles of the tool.

These benefits make the RIDGID ProPress one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools on the market. If you’d like to equip your team with a ProPress power tool, we can help make that a reality. Come visit us at, where you’ll find not only the ProPress product line but also a huge inventory of American-made, top-quality products available to you and your team!