After the Beyoncé concert we strolled around for a bit before heading back to the hotel. Slept in a little bit before checking out and getting breakfast at a cafe just across the street

It was very tasty and a perfect way to start our day. The day consisted of strolling around, doing some shopping at Ströget, the street is beautiful and there were a lot of artists along the way too. After the shopping we were a bit tired so we headed for Nyhavn to get som lunch at an Italian restaurant. We made our way back to the hotel looking in shops again so it was a chill day really. In the evening we took the train home summing up a good 2 days!

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So the blog hasn't been updated much lately, but I couldn't miss posting this! Yesterday I went with 3 of my friends to Copenhagen by train to watch queen B herself perform! And it was AMAZING! She is so good I honestly don't know what else to say, the dancing and the music and the screams just wow!

More updates will come!



I came home from a 5 day camp this morning and what a week it has been! The group was fantastic and we had a lot of fun together. Swimming, games, music, lessons and a whole bunch of other activities took place and these few pictures can impossibly show you everything. The days were long so I am tired to say the least..This weekend will consist of work and hopefully some sleeping too so that the last week together with these awesome people will turn out just as great as this one!

The weather could have been better but the spirit never went down, everyone loved it!



This almost afternoon actually we had a birthday brunch for my mom! Me and mom made the brunch this morning and the family came around 2. It turned out pretty good and everyone seemed to be enjoying it! I had to leave a bit early to jump in at work for a girl who got sick and tonight it's time to pack for the camp next week




Pt. 4 The surgery-experience

My story and tips

At the age of (almost) 15, at the end of november in 2013, I underwent a scoliosis surgery. I had known for quite a long time that I would probably need one eventually so when we got the date it didn´t come as a suprise. My surgery was very early in the morning so I had to spend the night before in my to be (private) room at the hospital. This so that they could easily roll me down for surgery in the morning. The 3 last showers you take before surgery means washing yourself with a sterilising soap called "Descutan" and it makes your skin dry and annoying, but it´s necessary to prevent bacteria to enter your body. At around 6.30 the janitor rolled my bed down to the prep-room where they inserted a few needles which they later will use for anesthetics etc. I also switched from my bed to a sort of operating table. Since I was only 15 my mother went with me to that room as well.

After the preporations they rolled me into the operating room, I got too look around a bit while I "fell asleep". It wasn´t scary at all really, they are good in making you feel safe. My surgery took almost 9 hours and afterwords they "drove/rolled" me to the recovery room. I spent a day here apparently but I was under so much drugs I hardly remember a thing from this day. I remember an old lady getting mad at the nurses, pain and asking a nurse for some water. They then rolled me to my room which started of with the bed hitting a wall (Yeah that hurt.....)

I spent 10 days in total at the hospital; during the days I slept, ate hardly anything, learned how to walk and sit up straight again, slept some more, ate a whole bunch of painkillers, got more anesthetics etc. The days were boring and I had a lot of pain, so when they finally said I could go home I got so happy.

3 weeks after my surgery the scar opened up at the top of my back and I got a severe infection. Yey me. I had to take the ambulance to the children´s hospital in Gothenburg where they took some samples inside my wound (no feeling, no pain), I stayed 1,5 days to get antibiotics and to wait for the results to come back. A few days later I went to the big hospital in Gothenburg, to meet with the doctor who did the surgery, and he informed me that they had lost the samples at the Children´s hospital and that they now had to take new ones. They now took around 10 samples deep within my wound (again didn´t feel anything) to analyse.

The result came back and it resulted in another surgery. Yey me. The day after my birthday, in december that year, I went back into the operation room and they cleaned my wound, put antibiotics on the implants and sew it back shut. I spent christmas at the hospital that year and returned home the 25th of december. After this I ate antibiotics for 8 months, 3 times a day to make sure that the infection wouldn´t come back.

After all of this I had months of physical therapy and resting, as well as wearing a special tape over the scar for 8 months to protect it and to make it look better. Today I still have bad days with my back, as you can read about in a previous post HERE. But it has in the end made my life much better. During the healing process I had to deal with a lot of pain and mood swings, I was frustrated, mad and sad since I couldn´t do a lot the first few weeks and months. But it is important to know for all of you who are reading this that it is okay to feel that way.

This was my surgery experience in short, now for some tips for the ones of you who soon might undergo it yourself.

But first: Here are some pictures I took from my room and from my adventure in the hospital

A surgery this big will never be easy, there is a lot of pain and there are no quarantees it will work out in a perfect way. There are almost always small things which go wrong (but can be solved, like my infection) and that´s just part of the risk with undergoing surgery in all cases. You get tougher from it and in many cases like mine, it´s worth it. But there will always be cases where it´s a turn for the worse. A lot of the people I´m in contact with, which have undergone the surgery as well, live a life filled with pain. Sometimes you have to remove your implants and in others the pain never goes away which means eating painkillers daily. Be aware of that before you make your decision.

My surgery turned out just as I wanted to (apart from the infection) and it has made my life so much better! So it can result in a good way or a horrible way.

(This picture describes quite good how many of us deal with the pain):

If you have already made your decision about surgery, I have some tips about what you should think about:

1. Be aware about that there will be pain, and that there´s nothing you can do about it. Prepare yourself mentally for it and talk to someone if that helps you.

2. Talk about your feelings that you have about the whole thing, you can be scared, happy, anxious or whatever else! Tell a friend, a parent or anyone else. It can be helpful to express your emotions about a surgery, it´s not a small decision you have taken.

3. Exercise before the surgery! Build up a good condition and train the muscles in your back, it can help to make it easier to recover afterwords.

4. Pack clothes which are easy to take on and of, you wouldn´t want to wear jeans and if you are a girl, leave the bra at home! Sweatpants and cozy, BIG T-shirts is the way to go! Don´t forget to pack sturdy shoes which are easy to take on, for practicality when you have to practise on your walking.

5. BRAID LONG HAIR, seriously, it took half a conditioner bottle to make my hair look normal after I had been unable to brush it for 10 days.

6. Remember yourself on why you are doing it, try to keep a positive during the whole experience but allow yourself to have moodswings as well, it is okay and everyone will understand why you have them.

7. Allow the healing to take it´s time. Some heal quickly, others need more time. Whatever you do, don´t rush it! If you rush it the chance of complications increases, listen to your body, especially when it says no.

8. Do not, under any circumstanses watch a youtube video where they show what a scoliosis surgery looks like! It will just freak you out, watch it afterwards instead if your are interested.

9. For parents; Your child will be fine, it will be horrible to see them suffer with the pain but try to keep yourself together in front of them. It won´t help you and it certainly won´t help them, seeing you freaking out. Be calm, talk to someone you too, it will be alright!

As a last boost of positivity you see my before and after pics of my back!

I hope you enjoyed this little blog-serie about scoliosis, if you have any questions or would like to know more about the subject in general; join the Facebook group "Skolios Sverige" or send me an email;




Last night a group of 13ish celebrated Elin's 18th birthday. We ate some good food, wore so called "midsommarkransar" and played some games. It was cozy and we had some great laughs!

Happy midsummer to all of you!



Pt. 3 More severe cases of scoliosis

History and surgery

At the age of 14 and a half, just before the summer vacation was going to start I went to the hospital for a check-up like I now did every 4 months or less since my brace needed adjustment quite often. I did my X-ray like I always did and like so many times before there was no good news for me. My curve never stopped growing and the conclusion was: Your brace will be unecessary to use any more, you need surgery to fix the curve now. Around this time my curve was above 50 degrees and the limit for surgery normally goes around 40/45 degrees, but since I hadn´t stopped growing until now they didn´t want to go through with it. But since I had stopped with growing they decided that now was the time to operate. Next week there will be a post about my personal surgery experience but today you will get a glimpse in how it was.

Well the first question was why hadn´t my brace worked? And no one can give me an answer to that since no one knows. There are like I said last week, no guarantees that the treatment will work. You can only really hope for the best. In my mind I had known for a while that I was probably going to need surgery so for me it didn´t come as a big chock. Why doctors choose to do a surgery has many reasons, they look at how quickly the curve get´s worse over time, how big it is and how it can impact your life in the future. It is not a small decision and of course, if you really don´t want to undergo surgery, you don´t have to.

My summer and fall involved me destroying one of my old braces (I had a lot of hate against it) and me preparing both fysically and mentally for my surgery which was going to take place at the end of november in 2013. I went to the gym multiple times a weeks to make my muscles as strong as they could be, I kept on dancing and threw my brace in the wardrobe. For around 5 months I lived my life without the brace and it was awesome. I was excited and nervous about my surgery, although not as nervous as my parents were. When you have a more severe case of scoliosis there are not a lot of options in terms of treatment anymore. Either you decide to live with your curve and try to adapt the best you can to it, or you take a chance and go through with a surgery.

Signs that can be an indication to that your scoliosis might turn out to become more severe later on can be:

1. The curve get´s worse very quickly

2. Treatments are not helping at all

3. Bad luck

And I really do mean bad luck as a sign. We don´t know how scoliosis works and therefor we don´t know what causes it to go one way or the other. There are Youtube clips available where they show you exactly how the surgery goes, don´t see one if you have a problem with blood or if you think it will make you unecessarily nervous before your surgery. (I never watched a video before mine). When you wake up from surgery it hurts like hell, like a monstertruck drove over you. You feel what it is: a rearragement of your spine by screwing it to titanium implants. You will after surgery have to learn how to function as a normal human being again: How to walk, bend over and dress yourself. It is an immensely weird feeling. There will be days at the hospital, weeks at home and monts of physical therapy and even if you do it all correct, no guarantees.

For me it was a change for the better, I hardly ever have problems with my back anymore and my spine went from 59 and 35 degrees to around 15 an 5. But for others who have undergone surgery it was a change for the worse with even more pain than before. There are cases where you have to remove your implants and where the spine goes back to it´s original curve. Some have to eat painkillers multiple times everyday to function normally so whatever you do, think your decision through very carefully

Surgery is no dance on roses, you better be prepared that you will experience pain in a way you never felt before but with support from loved ones, you will get through it.

Check out my before and after surgery pics on the back: HERE

It has become even better since that picture was taken, and next week you will get to read more about what a scoliosis surgery means.




Went to Gothenburg with Julia yesterday at around 2 to buy an awesome bag at Hollywood. We ended up with some more shopping and eating which was lovely! In the afternoon we headed to Paulina's soccer game to cheer. We ended the day with watching the movie"Mr & Mrs Smith" at her place, a great day all in all!



Pt. 2 The intial ways in how to treat scoliosis

History and other options

At the age of 12 I got my very first brace since my curve hadn´t stopped growing and we now needed to at least stop it from growing even more. (My curve was around 35 degrees) The brace is not designed to make the curve smaller but as I said, rather made to prevent the curve from growing. Every brace is custom-made to fit your body perfectly so it presses at all the crucial points. My brace was made entirely out of plastic with a sort of foamlike lining. You wear a brace with a special tanktop underneath, without seams, which is given to you by the hospital or whoever makes your brace. My brace was of the "Boston" model and I wore it 23 hours everyday for 2,5 years. In warm and cool weather I wore it and hated it with all my heart. I´m not going to sugar-coat my experience with the brace, i´m going to give you the truth:

The brace makes it impossible to move properly, it presses hard against your body and to keep your lungs and muscles from losing capacity you have to do special exercises everyday. The best part of my day was to take it of even though it was just for an hour. It is not a painfree method, i had constant bruises all over my back from where the cushion pressed againts my body and I couldn´t run for a long period of time since I couldn´t breath properly when I did. And after all of those years with my different braces, it hadn´t stopped the curve from growing at all and I had to find another way to treat my scoliosis. And this is what you will get to read about next week!

There are different types of early treatments that might help stop the curve or make it smaller, but there are absolutely no guarantees that it will help, no matter which of the following treatments you choose.

Treatment options for the early stages of scoliosis:

Note: All options might not be something that is possible to do in your case, always discuss with a doctor before starting with any type of treatment and remember that there are no guarantees!

1. The Boston Brace

The Boston brace is a brace most commonly made out of plastic with a softer lining. The brace has built-in cushions which are placed differently on every brace since they are there to press the back together at crucial points. You put it on by wresteling into it (eventually you do it within seconds) and the you tighten and fasten two or three straps at the back (picture below). You weare this type of brace for 23 hours a day, everyday. This type of brace is one of the most common methods of treating scoliosis for younger people and in the early stages of scoliosis. They come in different shapes but function the same.

2. The Night Brace

This type of brace is not an option to everyone with scoliosis, I don´t know why exactly since a doctor has never given me a straight answer although they mostly say it´s ineffective. This type of brace is made in the same materials as the Boston brace and it works the same but it has a slightly different shape. (See pictures below). You only wear this type of brace during the night as you so cleaverly can see by the name. You put it on before you go to sleep and take it of in the morning. Since I´ve never used this type of brace myself I cannot give my personal opinion about it although since it works about the same as a Boston brace it will likely be just as an unpleasant experience.

3. Scoliosis SOS Clinic in London

This option is another non surgical option to treat scoliosis. It is not available in Sweden and I have never tried it myself, but I do know a few who went to London to try out the programme an which have seen some results. The clinic specialises in different training programmes where they target the muscles around the spine, make them stronger and by this maybe help to stop the curve or to make it smaller. The programmes stretch from a few days every week to a 4 week intense training programme. It is a method that takes a lot of commitment from the patient and unfortunately some money since the nearest place to go through it is London. For patients living in Sweden it can be hard to get financial support for this and it´s often something you have to pay for yourself. This has been a very short introduction to what it is all about and you can learn more about it on their website: HERE

4. The Scoliosis Activity Suit

This is the last option which I will be writing about and it is a quite new invention. The Scoliosis Activity Suit is like a very soft brace (picture below) which is only worn when you undertake an exercise-programme. The way it works is that when you do the different exercises, you activate muscles around your spine which combined with the Activity suit straightens your curve very slowly. It has the same principle as the London clinic: use your body to beat scoliosis. Again a very short introduction so if you want to learn mor about it check out their website: HERE

I hope that this has given you some insight in different ways on how you can treat smaller curves, if you do have any questions, leave a comment!