Hello everyone!

I hope your day has been as bleasent as mine and that you smiled a lot. If it hasn't and if you haven't, take a short minute to think about the good things in your life, even the smallest blessings are worth smiling for.

I had a really good day today and everything just seemed to work out the way I wanted them to work out. I only had 3 hours of school and after that I went to hang with my friend at her house. I spent a good 4 hours with her, until my dad picked me up and we went home.

When I got home, I took some pictures (selfies and half body ones) and planned my Instagram feed with those. I'm really don't like my feed right now, it's so dark and kind of sad and melancholic. It's fall! I want my feed to look colourful and cozy. Maybe I can manage to sort it out after I've taken new pictures with multiple different colours in them.

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Have a great weekend everyone and remember to count the blessings in your life. It really helps on a day when nothing seems to work out. Give yourselves a reason to be happy and smile. Spread the good feeling and make other people happy too. Light up candles, watch a good movie (or a series) and eat something delicious. Treat yourselves and enjoy life!!

♡ Emma

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Hello beautiful people!

It has been a while since my last post, but I'm back now. Couple of days ago I arrived back home from Greece, Crete. We (me, my mum and brother) went there on 27th of July and got back on 11th of August, so two weeks total.

We really enjoyed our time there! We ate delicious food,

saw some beautiful places, spent everyday at the beach, got tanned, took lots of pictures and just made memories.

It wasn't my first time in Greece, but it definitely was the best one so far. I can't wait to go there again and see the country and its beautiness all over again. Something I'll never get bored of...

♡ Emma



Hello lovelies!

From the title of this post you can see what I'm going to be writing about today, Instagram. To me Instagram is not just a platform where you can upload pictures, it's a form of art. Everyone using Instagram is a whole different person and a whole new story! Everyone is a piece of art on Instagram. I've always said that I don't have any hobbies when asked, but just recently I realized that Instagram and everything that comes with it (photographing, editing, planning out my feed etc.) is my hobby. Some may think it's a waste of time to be so dedicated to social media, but I just simply enjoy it just as much as the guy who likes to skate on their freetime. On this post I'm going to be sharing some of my "tips" on how to maintain a feed and how to gain more followers!

Okay so, when you're taking pictures you need to pay attention to these three things:

  1. Lighting
  2. Background
  3. The subject being sharp

1. If you have ever watched a video about someone telling what's important when you're taking pictures, lighting comes first. Never underestimate the power of lighting! When the lighting is good, your picture is almost perfect already. Good lighting makes your skin look smoother/brighter and your eyes pop!

In selfies and close-up photos, eyes are in a pretty important position, when it comes to other people actually noticing the picture and paying attention to what they're liking and commenting on. When you're taking a selfie make sure to actually face the light, so there won't be any shadows on your face. Those shadows can easily make your eyes drown in the picture:

In the left picture the lighting is bad and my eyes are literally drowning because of the shadows on my face, but in the picture on the right, the lighting is good and the angle is great. Little change, big difference. My skin is smoother, my eyes are popping, my hair is glowing... The picture on the right is a success!

In these two pictures you can also see the power of a great lighting! The selfie on the left is taken in-doors and the one on the right is taken out-doors, facing the light. The difference is huge.

2. Background is one of the main things that make your feed look put together. If the background of your selfies (or any other picture) is always a different colour, your feed is going to look like a total mess (it's not even a feed anymore to be honest). You want to make sure you pick max. 4 colours as the main colours of your feed and keep on having a background, that has (one) those colours in it.

Whenever I'm taking selfies I like to go in front of a neutral coloured wall or just go outside and take the picture in the nature. Now that it's summer my feed has a lot more colours in it, especially green, because it obviously gets greener outside when the weather gets warmer. Other than in the summer time, my feed is pretty much neutral coloured with a hint of blue and other "cold" colours. My feed changes a lot and it's super based on the seasons! Here are some pictures of my feed at different times and seasons (going from the present to the past, left to right):

3. When you think about a good picture, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the sharpness of the picture. Sharp pictures are the key to success on Instagram (unless the picture is supposed to be unsharp and that way "messy" or "tumblr", but that doesn't work in every picture and looks stupid if all the pictures on your feed are like that). The sharper the picture is, the more professional it looks. You can take pictures that are fully sharp (equally sharp from corner to corner) or pictures that are focused on one subject:

In the left picture you can see that the focus is on me. The leaves in the front are unfocused, which makes the person looking at the picture focus on me. The picture looks more professional and like I've put a lot of effort in it. The picture on the right side is fully focused, from corner to corner. In my opinion it looks just as good as the picture on the left (even though these are two completely different kinds of pictures). When the picture is all focused, it makes it seem like you wanted to capture the whole background and the surroundings (at least that's what I think when I see a picture, that's sharp from corner to corner).

In this pair of pictures you can see the huge difference of the subject being sharp and the subject not being sharp. It's much more pleasing to look at the sharp picture on the left than the unsharp one on the right. In this case, I'd say that the unsharp one looks pretty cool though. It has the kind of "extra" vibe, that I like!

How to maintain a feed?

When it comes to maintaining a feed, the first thing you should do, is to decide how you want to edit your pictures. There are so many ways to edit pictures, but the main one, that makes the pictures look good together is a filter. Using a same filter on every picture makes your feed look a lot more put together! You can always change the way you edit your pictures, but I'd suggest, that you don't do so too often or otherwise your feed is going to turn into a mess. There is really nothing else I can say about editing. Everyone edits their pictures in their own way, and how they think their pictures look the best.

I try to edit my pictures using the same filter, but everything else like contrast, brightness and sharpness I can change depending on the picture as individual. My main app to edit is VSCO. It has many filters when you download it, but it also offers you more filters to buy. I've bought some filter packs and been loving them since. It's also nicer to use the filters that don't come with the app, because then you can have your own feel to your feed and make it look a little different from others' feeds.

When you have come up with an editing style, I'd suggest you to download an app, that allows you to plan out your feed (what pictures to post and in which order). I use two apps, since I do have two instagram accounts (the second one is for me and my friends). Those apps are called Preview and Planoly and they're both available for Android and iOS.

I personally prefer Preview over Planoly, because it doesn't have any limits. Planoly has a montlhy uploading limit, so basically you can only upload a certain amount of pictures to the app a month, and then you can't plan your feed until the next month (unless you pay to get a higher uploading limit). I use Planoly to plan out my second Instagram's feed.

Preview, on the other hand, doesn't have any limits at all and it doesn't cost you any extra money. It's also a lot easier and quicker to post a picture to Instagram on Preview, than it is on Planoly. Both apps allow you to do so, but in my opinion Preview makes it more pleasent.

It might be difficult to decide what kind of feed is the one for you to start maintaining, because there is many different kinds of feeds with different themes: fashion (ootds, accessories), makeup, selfies only (which doesn't really look like a theme, just messy), food, shoes, nails... The list goes on and on! You should also think about what kind of feed are you capable of maintaining. If you're not into makeup, you obviously shouldn't start a makeup-themed feed.

The most general theme for a feed is lifestyle. My feed is also themed as lifestyle. That means you can basically post whatever pictures you want without "ruining" your feed. Anyhow... In my opinion regardless the lifestyle theme, you still need to make sure you have many different kinds of pictures (not just pictures of yourself, but then again not just pictures of other people and scenerys). Take lots of pictures when you're having fun, going to school/work, making food, traveling etc. bc that is your life, and that's what a lifestyle feed is all about.

How to gain more followers?

Now, if you read the beginning of this post, you also read the part where I said I'd give you some tips to gain more followers, so here you go:

  • be an active follower to your mutuals (like, comment etc.), that way they'll be active towards your posts too
  • be active with your own posts as well (post more often than once a week or worse yet, once a month)
  • have great captions (unique quotes, a story about your day, something funny, something deep, a rant etc.)
  • take time to take and edit your pictures (the effort will show in each of the pictures)
  • keep up with your feed (make it look like you care about aesthetics, even if you don't)
  • have a great, unique bio (something unique about you, is always a good thing)

I hope this post helped you out even a bit! I tried to make it as specific as I possibly could, using example pictures and naming a few helpful apps. I love taking, editing and posting pictures so it's not a surprise I also love Instagram.

♡ Emma



Hi people!

Let's just get right to the point of this post, shall we... How is it possible that everytime I go to "sleep" I start to sort of plan out my next day and get all different kinds of ideas? For example now I'm thinking about going to this abandoned house and try to get in it, so I can get those "instagram worthy" pictures.

I'm also thinking about re-decorating my whole entire room and possibly my living room too. Our house has two layers and the upper one is said to be mine. I have my bedroom, toilet and the living room. Might sound like a dream to some, but trust, me when it comes to cleaning, it isn't.

Next thing that pops into my mind is making a delicious dinner for my mom and dad, when they come back home from work. Not those boring kinds of soups or meatballs... No, I want to make something special!

Now that I'm really starting to think about tomorrow, my mind is filled with different outfits and makeup looks. Denim on denim, street, layers, casual... Natural, everyday makeup, full-face.... All of a sudden I want to look good, even though I'm going absolutely nowhere.

Inspiration really strikes me at night time, which is super annoying! I just had a full day free to do those things but no, instead I just complained how "I have nothing to do". Ironic huh? Well, maybe I'll actually get things done tomorrow (unless I'm missing motivation).

♡ Emma



Hey everyone!

What a beautiful day in Finland... I honestly can't remember the date of the last warm day in here. Our summer is mainly filled with raining, wind and degrees between +5 to +10. Sometimes we do get blessed with a weather like this and we better enjoy it while it lasts!

As soon as I woke up I made myself a nice cappuccino, took some paper, a pen, a speaker and a travel magazine and went to sit outside to enjoy the weather. I'm one of those people who need their time in peace after they've woken up or otherwise I'd be annoyed for the rest of the day. I need my own time to think and plan out my day. After my cappuccino and time of thinking I went to put on a bikini and some suncream before I headed out to sunbathe. If there's someone who absolutely loves sunbathing and getting tanned, it's me, for sure.

While sunbathing I read the travel magazine and became even more excited about my trip to Greece on July 27th. I'm going to be there for 2 full weeks with my mom and brother. Something to look forward to! It's Monday and I'm already planning my next weekend. I'm going to visit my grandma and cousins with my family on Friday, and on Saturday we're all going to a family celebration, where I get to meet more of my russian rooted relatives. It's going to be a blast! If you know me, you also know that I'm definitely going to hit the beach on Sunday if the weather is good and I have time. I love beaches and swimming. I was clearly born in a wrong country...

♡ Emma



Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing great and enjoying the summer. I live in one of those parts of Finland where the summer really took its time to arrive... I swear to god I'm not exaggerating when I say it was snowing on Monday! So you can imagine how happy I was this morning when I woke up and saw it was super warm and sunny outside. After I had my breakfast I put on a bikini, took a glass of water with some ice cubes in it and went outside to get some tan on my skin. 15 minutes and I already had some lines showing!

I also made a couple of plans for next week:

on 14th I'm going to meet up with my friend and have a little photoshoot, we are also going to go to the beach

on 16th two of my other friends are going to be coming to my place for a sleepover, we are also planning to go to the beach

I’m really looking forward to next week but I’m definitely going to be enjoying this week just as much. That’s something many people seem to forget. ”Enjoy the present time and the future when it’s the present time”. I know it might be hard to remember at times, but in the end you’ll regret not enjoying something when you had the chance to do so. So enjoy each moment of your life, you’ll have more to remember when you’re older!

♡ Emma



Hello everyone!

So I've never been good at introducing myself and this time is not an exception. I've been reading so many "First post" posts, trying to get an idea on how to tell you guys who I am. After a long thinking process I decided to answer a few basic questions. Such as how old am I, what's my name etc. So here we go!

What's your name? / My name is Emma, but my mom and most friends call me Ems

How old are you? / I'm 17 years old

Where are you from? / I'm from Finland

Family members? / Mom, dad and little brother

Pets? / I have a 4 years old Westie called Rölli

How tall are you? / I'm 163,4cm (5'4)

Eye colour? / Brown

Hair colour? / Brown

Favourite colour(s)? / I pretty much like all the colours, but the most favourite one is pink

Who do you look up to? / My parents and grandparents

How would you describe your personality? / I think the most truthful describing comes from the people I interact with, so I asked some of my closest friends to describe me: honest, caring, smart, empathic, sweet but can be tough if needed

Something you are good at? / Again, I asked this one from my friends: taking pictures, making other people smile, listening

I really hope you guys got even a little idea of me and my personality from this little Q&A I ended up doing. I know this isn't that kind of deep start many would like to see, so that they can decide if I'm worth a follow, but I think that if you keep up with me, you'll get to know me better and better through every new post!

♡ Emma