We have got many questions about all the costs so I thought I'll show you them if any of you would do the same trip as we did. The first place we went to was Gothenburg airport to fly to London. My mom and dad drove me to the airport which was free.

Gothenburg - London flight - 326 dollars

Taxi from London airport to the hotel -

Hotel in London (Park Plaza Westminster Bridge ROAD) -

Trip to Kings Cross Station (9 3/4)

Bus to Kings Cross Station - 10 dollars

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                                                                                 16/2 - 2017

Today is the big day. Me and my best friend Emily is starting our Harry Potter trip. 

06.00 am - We just finished our breakfast and my mom just shouted that we're leaving to go to the airport. Emily lives in Gothenburg which is where the airport is so I'll meet her there. My parents are time pessimists so we're leaving one hour earlier then needed. 

12.30 pm - Now we finallyyy are here, In our hotel room in London. The flight from Gothenburg went well, But the bumps while flying were so terrifying (because I have only been in 1 plane before. We're soon going to head down to a resturant because me and Emily are awful cooks so I'll write later.



Today me and my best friend started our journey towards the big trip. Which is what this blog is going to be about. We started planning 2 years ago, and started working and save money and today we have 20 000 Swedish crowns which is about 2200 dollars. We are going to make this trip all about Harry potter which is our favorite movies/books. We don’t have unlimited money so we are going to try to save as much money as possible. The first country we are going to visit is London, England where you can find Harry Potter studio tour and we are SOOO EXITED!! We also have 3 other destinations.

1. Kings cross station, Where you can find the famous platform 9 3/4 .

2. Leadenhall Market, the shopping street in Harry Potter called Diagon Alley where they buy books, wands etc etc.

3. Reptile House (London Zoo), The zoo in the first Harry Potter movie where he finds out that he can talk with snakes.

After we’re done sightseeing in England we are going to fly to USA and visit these Harry potter places.



We really don’t know if our money will be enough to do all of these things so if we run out of money we will work if there are any available jobs in England/USA as like a cashier or something like that.

See yaa!

/Emma and Emily