Lets start with Ro's Argan body conditioner,

I love this, it goes beautifully with Rose Jam shower gel and Rosy Cheeks face mask.

I love how my skin fells and the scent isn't over powering its lovely and calm.

My skin feels so moisturised when I use this one, it can take a while to be absorbed by the skin but I really notice a difference later in the day.

The next is Christingle, which is a part of the Christmas collection the released again through the Lush kitchen.

In the winter I hated this conditioner, it made my skin cold and then couldn't feel the warm water in the shower, now in the summer I love it!

Its really cooling after a long day and grating on tired, aching feet.

The peppermint and menthol can be a little over powering but its a great refresher and it makes my skin feel amazing.

It doesn't take as long to be absorbed into my skin and it feels well moisturised for a few days after.

I would happily repurchase both of these.