My amazing friend Alice made a video a couple of weeks ago of the " Spirit week" and " Tip Off" that we had on our school. I don't remember if I have told you about spirit week, anyway a lot of high schools have a week before their homecoming when they have a theme for every day so people are supposed to dress out.
Our spiritweek:
Monday: Pyjama day
Tuesday: Super hero day
Wednesday: Husky pride day ( we were supposed to dress in the school's colours, which is white, navy blue and grey)
Thursday: Favorite decade day
Friday: Hawaiian day

Y'all should watch it!

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On Friday night I went to my friend's birthday party, Happy birthday Trevan!!

On Saturday evening I had dinner at a place called Flatbread, which is an Italian restaurant that serves really good pizza!!

On Sunday, I went to swan falls which is located like 35 minutes from where we live, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

After our visit at the swan falls we went to a really nice Mexican restaurant, it was sooooo good!!! And do you what I tried? Fried Ice-cream!! I didn't even know that you could fry ice-cream, but it was pretty good!



The day we left Jackson Hole ( Wyoming) we drove to Salt Lake City ( Utah)! Salt Lake City reminded me a lot of Boise, even though Salt Lake is a little bit bigger.

We skied in Utah for 3 days. All the ski resorts were in the mountains, 30 minutes from Salt Lake!

The first day we skied in a resort called Alta, the funny thing about Alta is that snowboarders are not allowed to ski there, only skiers! :))

The second day we were skiing in another place called Solitude, and we were so excited because during the night it had snowed 15 inches!!! I SERIOUSLY HAD THE BEST POWDER SKIING IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! There was so much powder that I got snow in my face, and up to my waist!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

The day after we went skiing in Another place called Brighton, and we got AMAZING powder there as well!!

I really wanted to show my family some of the popular fast-food/ American restaurants! Here is some of the food we had! :))

( Btw I tried In-n-Out Burger for the first time, cause we don't have that fast food restaurant in Idaho!!)

This trip has been totally AMAZING, I've had the best skiing in my whole life and it was so much fun to show mom, dad & my brother " the American life" ! I'm so incredibly thankful for this trip, and that my family came to visit me. I love you to the moon and back!!! <333



Hey guysss, Now I was thinking of showing you guys some pictures from Jackson Hole! After we had been in Yellowstone we drove to Jackson Hole, which is a ski resort in Wyoming!

The first day in Jackson Hole, the weather was amazing, the sky was blue and the sun was shining!! We were skiing in Jackson Hole 3 days, and the last day we got some really nice powder!!

2 nights we went to a mexican restaurant in Jackson, and I got to show my family some "real" mexican food, and they really liked it!




On Tuesday morning we left Boise to go to Yellowstone, which is a National park in the State Wyoming! My host parents rent a cabin there, so we were going to visit them. I was really excited that mom, dad and Carl was finally going to meet my host parents!

On Wednesday we woke up early because that day we went on a SNOWMOBILE TOUR !! The tour was from 9 AM to 5 PM, and we had a guide the whole time! There were 2 people on every snowmobile, so me and mom drove one, dad and Carl had one and then my host parents drove one! The nature was AMAZING!! It was so so beautiful, with rivers, lakes, and we saw a lot of bisons and deers, which was really cool! It was by far one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced! ( I filmed some during the day, so I will post a video for you guys! )

Världens finaste familj!!! <333 Gud vad jag har saknat er! Älskar er mer än allt!!

Family photo :))
My two families <33



On Saturday night, mom, dad and Carl arrived in Boise!! I can't describe the feeling I felt when I got to see my family for the first time in 6.5 months!!

The day after we went to Downtown Boise, and I showed them the "Capital building" and we walked around in downtown. We also went to the mall, and for lunch we had Chipotle which is a Mexican fast food restaurant, and I have to say that it's my favorite fast food place!
( my family really liked it!!)

On Monday, I showed my mom, dad and brother my School. They got to meet my basketball coach, and my favorite teacher, Mr Hansen and some of my friends! After that, a friend to my host parents fixed a tour on Boise State University for us! It was really fun to show my family Boise State, since the people here in Boise are very proud over their Broncos, which is the name of their football team. It was actually really interesting, and we actually got to go out on the football field, which was really cool!

In the evening we drove to table rock to see the sunset ( table rock is a little" mountain", and from the top you have a view over the whole city) It was very pretty!!

It was so much fun to show them my american life here in Idaho. I can't describe how thankful I am that they came to visit me! <33



THIS WHOLE WEEKEND HAS BEEN A BLAST! I had really been looking forward for this weekend, and because this weekend I went to the first ( and the last) homecoming in my life!

On Friday night there was the "homecoming basketball game", so the boys JV and Varsity had a home-game. So many people were there to support our team, which was so much fun! This game was for sure one of the best games I've been to this season, because everyone was cheering so much and some of my friends made posters with the players faces on! After the game i went to my friend's house, and I spent the night there!

On Saturday we had our "Tip Off", which is the name of our homecoming, so during Saturday me, Taylor, Chess, Philipp and Alice got ready together. At 5:30 we met up 2 other friends, Calvin and Sierra and took pictures and we went to eat dinner together before we drove to the dance!

1. Me and Chess

2 Me and Alice

3. Me and Sierra

4: Chess, me, Sierra, Taylor, Alice & Philipp


Before the dance we went to Zupas and had dinner, even though it wasn't really the most fancy dinner, we had so much fun! ( especially when I by mistake destroyed a lemonade machine, hehehe I'm so clumsy....)

1. Me and Karsen

2. Me, Karsen, Alice and Sierra

My friend Karsen became homecoming princess!! She was so pretty in her dress and crown!

Guess which song the played in the end of the dance? Dancing Queen with ABBA, can you guess who sang the loudest to that song? Of course "The crazy swedes" ( aka me and Alice hahah)

Today I had such a great day too, because I went skiing at Bogus with Ellen!




Last week we took some pictures with my basketball team, and I think that some pictures will go into the yearbook!

1-4: Me and Chess

5: Me and Joslyn

1: Sydney and me

2: Diana and me

3: Chess and me

Last Monday we had "Senior night", which is a night dedicated to the seniors who are playing on the basketball team! During the School day all the players in the girls basketball team wore a special shirts ( see my shirt on the pictures above) which had all the seniors names on the backside and in the evening we all gathered in the gym and the seniors got flowers and posters before their game! It was such a fun night, because a lot of my friends from school came and the game was really exciting too!

When I came home that night, a package from Sweden (from the worlds best friends) was waiting on me... I got so so so happy!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH JOSSAN & JOSSAN!!!

On Thursday night we played a basketball game against Liberty Charter High School, and they are the best team in our "division" so we lost with like 15 points.( It was so scary when we were driving home in the evening after the game because it was really really foggy so we couldn't even see the roads because it was so foggy...)

On Friday we played another basketball game against Wilder High School, and it was our last real game for the season but if we would win we would qualify to a tournament the day after, and WE WON!! ( with only 1 point though, it was a really close game... )

Since it was our "last real game" we got flowers and balloons from the Varsity team, which was so sweet of them!!



Heeeey everyoneeee!! Can you guess what I did last weekend? I WENT SKIING on Saturday!! It had been snowing a lot so I got the most amazing powder ever!! After lunch I met two of my two friends from school, Colton and Ben and they knew all the best off-trail runs so I seriously think I had one of the best powder days in my whole life!

Last Sunday I went to the mall with Alice! We went shopping for some homecoming stuff, because next Saturday we have something called "Tip Off" on my School which is like homecoming but it's for basketball season instead of football season! For lunch we went to cheesecake factory to eat cheesecake, and I can tell you that the cheesecake there was AMAZING!! ( Seriously the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life, haha...)

Now it's only 2 weeks left until Mom, Dad and my brother comes to Idaho and I seriously can't describe how excited I am!!  

Hugs <33



Hey everyone! I hope that everything is great with you guys!

I just came home from eating breakfast with my friend Sydney, I ate a blueberry waffle and it was so good!! Today it's Martin Luther King JR day which means that we are off school today! Even though school is closed I will have basketball practice later today!

On Wednesday I finally got to go back to school (because we had two more snow days on Monday and Tuesday) and I was so happy to meet everyone at school again after like 3 weeks of winter break! For this new semester I have changed some of my classes, for example I have Fitness now instead of Health and I have marketing instead of business. It's fun with a change and to try something new!

I had a great weekend, on Friday I had a basketball game and we played against the best team so we lost with a lot of points.... but on Saturday I went to my friend's surprise party! We had so much fun, and my friend got really surprised!

We took a lot of pictures hehehe


Yesterday I went skiing with Alice and Taylor! At 7.45 AM we took the bus up to Bogus Basin which is the name of the ski resort close to where we live. The bus trip up to the mountain takes around 1-1.5 hour, and it was really foggy/ cloudy on our way up the mountain but suddenly we drove through the clouds, and above the clouds the sun was shining and the sky was blue! There was no wind, and the temperature was perfect so for the first time I wasn't freezing. We had an awesome day, the snow was great and we even got some off-pist skiing with some powder! ( heheh I kind of "forced" Taylor and Alice to go off-pist skiing with me and we all laughed so much when we fell in the fluffy snow) We ate lunch in the slopes and then we took the bus home at 5.00 pm!

It was so so BEAUTIFUL up there!

I'm so happy to spend my exchange year in Idaho, so proud to be able to call this my second home! #idahome . The nature here is just amazing and I'm so lucky that I have the opportunity to go skiing every weekend!

Now it's just 4 weeks left until Mom, Dad and Carl comes to Idaho!!! Can you imagine how excited I am?!?! I'm really really looking forward to show them Boise and my "american life"! Right now I'm counting down the days, heheh

I hope you will have a wonderful week! Hugs Emma