Last weekend me and my host family drove to the Idaho City ( up in the mountains) We stopped for home-made ice-cream on the way, saw waterfalls, rivers and mountains, it was so so beautiful!!

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Today I went skiing @ Bogus with Ellen, the snow was pretty "slushy" and soft, but it was actually really nice "Easter skiing". And the sky was blue and the sun was shining all day long!! ☀️🙌🏼😍



This week I had springbreak, so I was off school the whole week!

Here are some pictures from the week!!

5-guys with Sierra & Alice ( it's a hamburger restaurant/ fast food place)

Pizza with Trevan & Alice :))

Ashlee, Noah, Calvin, Pauline, Trevan & Alice

Flatbread with Deb, Mike & Chess

The other day I made an oreo-chocolate cheesecake



Hey Guys, I'm now going to give you a little update about what happened last week!

On Thursday I had my first Track and Field meet ( competition)!! The school's team got dismissed from class after 3rd period and then we took the yellow School bus to Parma High School where we were going to compete! I have to admit that I was pretty nervous, because I was going to do hurtles ( häck) and I have not been practicing hurtles that much... It was fun doing the hurtles, I was happy that I didn't fall hahah. The events I did was triplejump ( 3-steg), hurtles ( häck) and 100 m relays ( stafett) ,which means that there are 4 people in a team, and one person runs 100 m then that person hands over the baton ( stafettpinne) to the second person who runs 100 m, and then the 3rd person runs 200 m and the 4th person runs 400 m. Me, Pauline, Taylor and Kylie were in one team, and WE WON!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from school that me and some friends took during our lunch break! I'm so blessed to have these guys in my life<33

Last week the weather was amazing, around 23 degrees celsius every day! 😍 ( 23 degrees in the middle of March, I can only LOVE Idaho!!)

On Friday I went to my friend's birthday party, he turned 18!! He has the coolest pool, so since the weather was so nice we really enjoyed the pool!!! ( on the picture you can see the hot tub, and below there is a normal pool )

On Wednesday my host aunt ( my host mom's sister) arrived in Idaho, she lives in North Carolina, we were at her house celebrating Thanksgiving. So on Saturday morning me, Deb, Mike and Beverly went to the old State penitentiary, which is an old prison right outside downtown Boise. It was actually really cool, and interesting to read about criminals who had been imprisioned there. For instance I read about a 11 year old boy who shoot his own mother and therefore he was imprisoned... We saw all the cells where the prisoners stayed and the place were they used to hang prisoners who got a death sentence... It was pretty scary hahah

Here are some facts from the prison... ( sorry for the bad quality)

On Saturdy evening I went to Taylor's house, she had a goodbye party because Taylor ( Taylor is also an exchange student, from Switzerland ) will leave on Thursday to go back home.

Of course it breaks my heart that she has to leave, and I will miss her so so so much, but we all had a very fun last Saturday evening together!!

Hunter, Colton, Kade, Trevan, Alice, Taylor, Logan, Chess & Philipp <333

On Sunday, me and my host family+ host aunt went to Shoshone falls which is a waterfall in Idaho Falls, around 2 hours from Boise! It was soooo beautiful, and we even got to see the rainbow!!



My amazing friend Alice made a video a couple of weeks ago of the " Spirit week" and " Tip Off" that we had on our school. I don't remember if I have told you about spirit week, anyway a lot of high schools have a week before their homecoming when they have a theme for every day so people are supposed to dress out.
Our spiritweek:
Monday: Pyjama day
Tuesday: Super hero day
Wednesday: Husky pride day ( we were supposed to dress in the school's colours, which is white, navy blue and grey)
Thursday: Favorite decade day
Friday: Hawaiian day

Y'all should watch it!



On Friday night I went to my friend's birthday party, Happy birthday Trevan!!

On Saturday evening I had dinner at a place called Flatbread, which is an Italian restaurant that serves really good pizza!!

On Sunday, I went to swan falls which is located like 35 minutes from where we live, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

After our visit at the swan falls we went to a really nice Mexican restaurant, it was sooooo good!!! And do you what I tried? Fried Ice-cream!! I didn't even know that you could fry ice-cream, but it was pretty good!



The day we left Jackson Hole ( Wyoming) we drove to Salt Lake City ( Utah)! Salt Lake City reminded me a lot of Boise, even though Salt Lake is a little bit bigger.

We skied in Utah for 3 days. All the ski resorts were in the mountains, 30 minutes from Salt Lake!

The first day we skied in a resort called Alta, the funny thing about Alta is that snowboarders are not allowed to ski there, only skiers! :))

The second day we were skiing in another place called Solitude, and we were so excited because during the night it had snowed 15 inches!!! I SERIOUSLY HAD THE BEST POWDER SKIING IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! There was so much powder that I got snow in my face, and up to my waist!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

The day after we went skiing in Another place called Brighton, and we got AMAZING powder there as well!!

I really wanted to show my family some of the popular fast-food/ American restaurants! Here is some of the food we had! :))

( Btw I tried In-n-Out Burger for the first time, cause we don't have that fast food restaurant in Idaho!!)

This trip has been totally AMAZING, I've had the best skiing in my whole life and it was so much fun to show mom, dad & my brother " the American life" ! I'm so incredibly thankful for this trip, and that my family came to visit me. I love you to the moon and back!!! <333



Hey guysss, Now I was thinking of showing you guys some pictures from Jackson Hole! After we had been in Yellowstone we drove to Jackson Hole, which is a ski resort in Wyoming!

The first day in Jackson Hole, the weather was amazing, the sky was blue and the sun was shining!! We were skiing in Jackson Hole 3 days, and the last day we got some really nice powder!!

2 nights we went to a mexican restaurant in Jackson, and I got to show my family some "real" mexican food, and they really liked it!




On Tuesday morning we left Boise to go to Yellowstone, which is a National park in the State Wyoming! My host parents rent a cabin there, so we were going to visit them. I was really excited that mom, dad and Carl was finally going to meet my host parents!

On Wednesday we woke up early because that day we went on a SNOWMOBILE TOUR !! The tour was from 9 AM to 5 PM, and we had a guide the whole time! There were 2 people on every snowmobile, so me and mom drove one, dad and Carl had one and then my host parents drove one! The nature was AMAZING!! It was so so beautiful, with rivers, lakes, and we saw a lot of bisons and deers, which was really cool! It was by far one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced! ( I filmed some during the day, so I will post a video for you guys! )

Världens finaste familj!!! <333 Gud vad jag har saknat er! Älskar er mer än allt!!

Family photo :))
My two families <33



On Saturday night, mom, dad and Carl arrived in Boise!! I can't describe the feeling I felt when I got to see my family for the first time in 6.5 months!!

The day after we went to Downtown Boise, and I showed them the "Capital building" and we walked around in downtown. We also went to the mall, and for lunch we had Chipotle which is a Mexican fast food restaurant, and I have to say that it's my favorite fast food place!
( my family really liked it!!)

On Monday, I showed my mom, dad and brother my School. They got to meet my basketball coach, and my favorite teacher, Mr Hansen and some of my friends! After that, a friend to my host parents fixed a tour on Boise State University for us! It was really fun to show my family Boise State, since the people here in Boise are very proud over their Broncos, which is the name of their football team. It was actually really interesting, and we actually got to go out on the football field, which was really cool!

In the evening we drove to table rock to see the sunset ( table rock is a little" mountain", and from the top you have a view over the whole city) It was very pretty!!

It was so much fun to show them my american life here in Idaho. I can't describe how thankful I am that they came to visit me! <33