THIS WHOLE WEEKEND HAS BEEN A BLAST! I had really been looking forward for this weekend, and because this weekend I went to the first ( and the last) homecoming in my life!

On Friday night there was the "homecoming basketball game", so the boys JV and Varsity had a home-game. So many people were there to support our team, which was so much fun! This game was for sure one of the best games I've been to this season, because everyone was cheering so much and some of my friends made posters with the players faces on! After the game i went to my friend's house, and I spent the night there!

On Saturday we had our "Tip Off", which is the name of our homecoming, so during Saturday me, Taylor, Chess, Philipp and Alice got ready together. At 5:30 we met up 2 other friends, Calvin and Sierra and took pictures and we went to eat dinner together before we drove to the dance!

1. Me and Chess

2 Me and Alice

3. Me and Sierra

4: Chess, me, Sierra, Taylor, Alice & Philipp


Before the dance we went to Zupas and had dinner, even though it wasn't really the most fancy dinner, we had so much fun! ( especially when I by mistake destroyed a lemonade machine, hehehe I'm so clumsy....)

1. Me and Karsen

2. Me, Karsen, Alice and Sierra

My friend Karsen became homecoming princess!! She was so pretty in her dress and crown!

Guess which song the played in the end of the dance? Dancing Queen with ABBA, can you guess who sang the loudest to that song? Of course "The crazy swedes" ( aka me and Alice hahah)

Today I had such a great day too, because I went skiing at Bogus with Ellen!




Last week we took some pictures with my basketball team, and I think that some pictures will go into the yearbook!

1-4: Me and Chess

5: Me and Joslyn

1: Sydney and me

2: Diana and me

3: Chess and me

Last Monday we had "Senior night", which is a night dedicated to the seniors who are playing on the basketball team! During the School day all the players in the girls basketball team wore a special shirts ( see my shirt on the pictures above) which had all the seniors names on the backside and in the evening we all gathered in the gym and the seniors got flowers and posters before their game! It was such a fun night, because a lot of my friends from school came and the game was really exciting too!

When I came home that night, a package from Sweden (from the worlds best friends) was waiting on me... I got so so so happy!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH JOSSAN & JOSSAN!!!

On Thursday night we played a basketball game against Liberty Charter High School, and they are the best team in our "division" so we lost with like 15 points.( It was so scary when we were driving home in the evening after the game because it was really really foggy so we couldn't even see the roads because it was so foggy...)

On Friday we played another basketball game against Wilder High School, and it was our last real game for the season but if we would win we would qualify to a tournament the day after, and WE WON!! ( with only 1 point though, it was a really close game... )

Since it was our "last real game" we got flowers and balloons from the Varsity team, which was so sweet of them!!



Heeeey everyoneeee!! Can you guess what I did last weekend? I WENT SKIING on Saturday!! It had been snowing a lot so I got the most amazing powder ever!! After lunch I met two of my two friends from school, Colton and Ben and they knew all the best off-trail runs so I seriously think I had one of the best powder days in my whole life!

Last Sunday I went to the mall with Alice! We went shopping for some homecoming stuff, because next Saturday we have something called "Tip Off" on my School which is like homecoming but it's for basketball season instead of football season! For lunch we went to cheesecake factory to eat cheesecake, and I can tell you that the cheesecake there was AMAZING!! ( Seriously the best thing I have ever eaten in my entire life, haha...)

Now it's only 2 weeks left until Mom, Dad and my brother comes to Idaho and I seriously can't describe how excited I am!!  

Hugs <33



Hey everyone! I hope that everything is great with you guys!

I just came home from eating breakfast with my friend Sydney, I ate a blueberry waffle and it was so good!! Today it's Martin Luther King JR day which means that we are off school today! Even though school is closed I will have basketball practice later today!

On Wednesday I finally got to go back to school (because we had two more snow days on Monday and Tuesday) and I was so happy to meet everyone at school again after like 3 weeks of winter break! For this new semester I have changed some of my classes, for example I have Fitness now instead of Health and I have marketing instead of business. It's fun with a change and to try something new!

I had a great weekend, on Friday I had a basketball game and we played against the best team so we lost with a lot of points.... but on Saturday I went to my friend's surprise party! We had so much fun, and my friend got really surprised!

We took a lot of pictures hehehe


Yesterday I went skiing with Alice and Taylor! At 7.45 AM we took the bus up to Bogus Basin which is the name of the ski resort close to where we live. The bus trip up to the mountain takes around 1-1.5 hour, and it was really foggy/ cloudy on our way up the mountain but suddenly we drove through the clouds, and above the clouds the sun was shining and the sky was blue! There was no wind, and the temperature was perfect so for the first time I wasn't freezing. We had an awesome day, the snow was great and we even got some off-pist skiing with some powder! ( heheh I kind of "forced" Taylor and Alice to go off-pist skiing with me and we all laughed so much when we fell in the fluffy snow) We ate lunch in the slopes and then we took the bus home at 5.00 pm!

It was so so BEAUTIFUL up there!

I'm so happy to spend my exchange year in Idaho, so proud to be able to call this my second home! #idahome . The nature here is just amazing and I'm so lucky that I have the opportunity to go skiing every weekend!

Now it's just 4 weeks left until Mom, Dad and Carl comes to Idaho!!! Can you imagine how excited I am?!?! I'm really really looking forward to show them Boise and my "american life"! Right now I'm counting down the days, heheh

I hope you will have a wonderful week! Hugs Emma



HEY GUYS! I was supposed to go back to school on Thursday, but it was snowing constantly Tuesday and Wednesday so all the schools in the Boise-area was closed Thursday and Friday ( which is called snowday) Here they are only snowplowing the "main roads" which means that the roads in the subdivisions ( where people live) are full of snow. My host parents have one truck and one car ( the car is only two wheel drived) and my host dad have been taking the truck to his job these days, but my host mom can't drive with her car in the snow since it's not four-wheeled-drived. That means that we basically have been stuck in the house during these past snow days until my host dad has arrived at home.... Btw the snow here is so fluffy and dry compared to the snow in Sweden!

These past days of the break I have been to the cinema twice, on Tuesday I saw the new Star wars movie with Pauline, and on Friday I saw a move called Passengers, AND IT WAS SO GOOD, y’all should watch that movie! Yesterday I went skiing, and even though it was very very cold and windy I had a lot of fun! ( I mean every ski day is a great day, right?) In the evening I went to a college basketball game with my basketball team, Boise State University was playing against San Diego State University. It was my first college basketball game, and it was so cool! A lot of cheerleaders, everyone in the audience are cheering and in half time there was a jumping-rope show, it was so much fun!

I took the third picture above when the audience and the players at the basketball game were singing The National Anthem. That is something that the Americans are doing before every game ( In all sports, not only Basketball) even on the high school games on my school. (When they are playing the National Anthem you are supposed to look at the American flag and put your hand on your heart and sing)

AND I have also celebrated New years eve here i Idaho!! I need to tell you a funny thing... You know on Times Square in New York they are dropping a ball at 12, and can you guess what the "Idaho:ans" are dropping....? A BIG POTATO!! When my host dad told me about this I thought it was a joke, but no in Downtown Boise they actually dropped a enormous potato at 12!

Here is a picture of the potato drop, here you can see the big potato! Search on "potato drop, Boise Idaho" on Youtube and you can see clips form the potato drop, it looks so funny, HAHAHA #potatostate



Merry Christmas! I hope that you had a wonderful christmas! Now I have celebrated my first American christmas, and I can tell you that this christmas was pretty different from what I am used to.

One of the biggest differences between the christmas in Sweden and in America was that here we only celebrated on the 25th ( christmas day/ " juldagen") On the 24th ( Christmas eve) I made Swedish pancakes for breakfast to my host family, just an advice from the expert, if you ever is going to cook something for an american, make pancakes ( or kladdkaka) because at least my host family LOVES IT! Me and my host family didn't really do anything special the rest of the day, besides going to a bar/restaurant that their friend owns to do some "voluntary work". We were helping them to prepare for the "christmas event" that the restaurant/bar was going to have the next day, where they were going to serve a meal for the homeless people in Boise. I have never done something like that before, but it felt so good to do something for someone else!

On the 25th, me and my host parents were opening presents in the morning, and then my host mom cooked a very typical American breakfast with "hash brows" ( potatoes), sausages, and omelett with a LOOOOT of cheese in it.... In the evening we were having our christmas dinner. Compared to a "Swedish christmas dinner" ( eller det så kallades julbordet) the American christmas food was a disappointment. Of course all families has their own christmas traditions, but we didn't really eat something special like we do in Sweden. ( But I guess that the americans eat their traditional food during thanksgiving instead of christmas) We ate ham and mashed potatoes, which was good, but I really missed the swedish Christmas food! The food I have missed the most this christmas is "Vörtbröd", "Skumtomtar", "Knäck" och "Julmust".... but that just means that next christmas I get to eat the double amount than what I usually do...Right?

I was really afraid that I would get very homesick during christmas, and of course I missed Sweden a lot and most of all my family but it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I was face-timeing with mom, Dad and Carl on Christmas eve ( Swedish time) and it felt so strange to see them on a screen and knowing that they were on the other side of the planet... It was my first christmas without them, so that felt like a big step in my life. But next year I'm so happy to be celebrating my christmas in Sweden ( Norway) with my beloved friends and family, and knowing that I have a 2nd family in Idaho! <333

1. Swedish pancakes, our christmas breakfast!

2. Our christmas tree right before we opened all the presents on christmas day

3. My host parents with their "poop hats"

This week we went to watch Christmas lights one evening, and as you can see on the pictures it was so beautiful!

A couple of days ago I went ice-skating with some friends, and at Wednesday I went sledding. We were sledding in a park called Eagle Island were they had build a sledding slope and there was like a treadmill/ lift that you were going on to get up the slope. ( that was different from Sweden, where you have to walk up the slope...) But it was a lot of fun even though it was pretty cold.

AND THIS WEEK I SKIED IN THE US FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Me and my friend Ellen went to Bogus Basin, which is a ski resort close to where we live! It had been snowing a lot the days before we went up, so there were a lot of snow in the slopes, we actually got some pretty good powder! The snow here is much more fluffy and dry compared to Sweden/ Norway which is really really nice! And one more thing that was a chock for me was that a lot of lifts here doesn't have a bar... and I can tell you that it was pretty scary at first. I HAVE REALLY BEEN LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE SKI SEASON TO START, AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO FINALLY SKI!! I also have to tell you about a big difference between Sweden and America that I have experienced since I got here, americans are so social and open. For example, one time me and Ellen was sitting in a 3 seated lift and the guy sitting next to us immitedly starting talking to us. He told us a lot about skiing, and that he grow up in Montana and just moved to Idaho from Saltlake City ( Utah) And I told him that I was an exchange student from Sweden. I mean that would never have happened in Sweden...



Hey guys, how are you? I'm great, right now I'm watching "Love Actually" together with my host family infront of the christmas tree and the fireplace... Christmas feeling deluxe hahah

Btw, if you haven't watched "Love actually", you HAVE to watch the clip when the prime minister is dancing from the movie, it's so funny hahah ( se the clip down below)

I had so much fun this week, basketball everyday!

Monday: We had a "home game" and we played against Ambrose High School, and unfortunately we lost with 3 points... which was not so fun, but I did my first basket! It was so much fun, because a lot of people from my school came to the game to support us! When I came home from the game my host-mom had decorated my whole room and my bathroom with "basketballs" to celebrate that I made my first basket that game.

Here are two pictures that I took on the Varsity-girls game ( I'm playing in the JV-team, so we played before the Varsity girls)

Here are just some of the "basketball pictures" that my host-mom decorated my room and bathroom with. Can you believe how happy I got when I saw these pictures?! My host mom is the sweetest host mom I could ever have wished for!

TUESDAY: On Tuesday night I went to a team-dinner at Melanie's house. The whole basketball team was there, and we ate a really good dinner, and had a "christmas gift game". I really admire my basketball coach, she is both a teacher at the school and the girls' basketball coach and at the same time she is a single mom to her 2-years old son. She does so much for our team, for example before our game on Monday she gave every single girl in the team a personal letter.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday evening, the boys had their first "home game" so after our basketball practice the whole team stayed to watch the boys' game. It's really fun to go to the games, because there you meet a lot of people from school and everyone are cheering on the team together!

1. Pretty Diana and Cristina in their Cheer uniforms

THURSDAY: On Thursday night we had another game, and the funny thing was that the team we were going to play against didn't bring their JV team so we had to play against their Varsity team. ( Junior varsity teams are on a lower level than the Varsity teams, so the Varsity teams are much better) And we lost pretty hard, 20-0 hahahah.

FRIDAY: During the night between Thursday and Friday it snowed, so on Friday morning I found out that we had a "snowday". That means that the school was closed because it would be too dangerous for people to drive to school because of the snow on the roads... But when I saw the amount of snow outside I thought it was a joke that the school decided to close. Because it was not really that much snow... hahah ( see pictures)

But I was happy, because a snowday means that we were off from school all day!

As you can see it wasn't even that much snow...

Here are some of the things I ate this weekend...

1. On Friday night me and some friends went to a place called "Red Robbins". I ate a hamburger and it was SOOO GOOD, and on the restaurant they had something called "bottomless fries", which means that they refill your fries all the time so you can eat as much fries as you want... #the #healthy #states #of #america

2. & 3. On Saturday morning I went to a breakfast place with my host parents and I drank the best hot chocolate I have ever had in my life... and I ate pumpkin pancakes. Something that is funny here is that during the fall/winter the Americans have pumpkin taste on EVERYTHING. I'm not kidding, there is pumpkin flavored pancakes, muffins, coffee, candy, chocolate, cookies... Before I came to the states I had never tried pumpkin spiced food before but it's actually pretty good! (It tastes almost like gingerbread)

I hope that you will have a great week! hugs! :))



Last Friday, me, my host parents and my friend Ellen went to a ishockey game, Idaho were playing against Alaska. As you may know, I'm not really an "Ice-hockey person", I don't even think I have ever watched a professional ice hockey game before. But it was actually SO EXCITING, especially when the game went to overtime and Idaho scored the last minute! So Idaho won, which was really fun! ( And a fun fact: there was actually a player from Sweden on the team! )

Now we have put up our christmas lights! :)) I'm in love with all the christmas lights people decorate their houses with here, it's CRAZY!! A couple of days ago me and some friends drove around in the neighborhood just to watch all the christmas lights, because it's so pretty! Sweden is really boring compared to The US when it comes to holiday decorations, I wish Sweden would decorate their houses as much as the Americans do....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Today we had a field trip in school, and we went to The Boise State University to compete in an economy competion for our economy class. Our class were divided into different teams, and each team got a country. On the competition it was students from a lot of different schools around in Boise who were representing different countries all around the world. All the students were dressed out to represent their countries, and then the teams/ the countries were trading with each other. Me and my team were representing North Korea, so we were dressed out as military. And you know what? We actually won prize for the best costume, which made all of us really surprised, hahah! I had a lot of fun, it was really fun to meet students from other high schools!

Now it has started to snow here ( and in like 5 days the ski season starts, I'm SO EXCITED!!) Some people at my school were taking about that it will probably be a "snow day" tomorrow... Then you may wonder what a "snow day" is? That is basically a day when you don't have to go to school because it's too much snow/ or too icy on the roads so that it's dangerous for people to drive to school. A lot of people here have asked me if we have "snow days" in Sweden, and when I have told them that we go to school no matter how the weather is they got really surprised! But we'll see if it's a "snow day" tomorrow or not depending on the weather.



I'm having such a great time here in North Carolina, yesterday we drove to Charleston, which is a city in South Carolina. There was a 2.5 h drive, and in Charleston we were walking around in the city, went to a market, ate lunch and went on a "history tour" about Charleston. That was really cool because we were riding "horse and carriage" around the town while there was a guide who told us about the history of Charleston.

There were so many pretty houses in Charleston, I especially liked the peach/apricot ones!

Do you remember when I posted a picture of "a dried mini shark"? A couple of days ago we went on another walk on the beach and I almost stepped on another mini shark !! ( but this one wasn't dried...) Since I'm only used to some dried jellyfishes in Gothenburg I thought this was really cool, hahah

Oh, and today we drove around to look at Christmas lights. We went to some friends of my host mom to look at their Christmas decorations on their house.... and I can tell you that it was the craziest thing I have ever seen ( after putting marshmallows on potatoes, heheh) They literally had christmas lights EVERYWHERE and every room inside their house was decorated, even the toilet seat in the bathroom was decorated with an elf face. And they had christmas music that was played outside in speakers in the garden... Christmas decorations deluxe!!

Here is just some of all the christmas decorations they had...


Here is a family photo we took on thanksgiving, this is my host mom's two sisters with family and her mom.

​I have had such an amazing time here in North Carolina, but tomorrow we are flying back to Idaho!

I hope that everything is fine with you guys, hugs!! 



Tjenixen mina fans!! ( från en tjej som önskar hon var famous, hahah skoja)

Nu har jag upplevt min första thanksgiving, och jag är så glad över att jag fick fira den här i North Carolina!

Amerikanarna hade varnat mig att man inte skulle äta något under hela Thanksgiving- day så att det fanns plats för all mat senare... Så dagen började med att jag hjälpte till i köket med att förbereda maten inför vår thanksgiving dinner. Vi lagade bland annat en rätt som var något utav det konstigaste jag hört, sötpotatis i ugn toppad med marshmellows... Jag trodde att de skojade när de tog fram marshellowsen men nej det var inte ett skämt... Vid två tiden åkte vi till ytterliggare en släkting till min värdmamma och där var hela familjen samlad, vi var ca 20 personer. Det fanns sååå mycket mat där... T.ex potatismos, skinka, rotfrukter, bönor, bröd, Jell-O, cranberry sauce och självklart Kalkon! Dessutom fanns det något som kallades dressing vilket var en sorts gratäng ( jag vet inte riktigt vad den innehöll...), och om jag ska vara ärlig såg det väldigt oaptitligt ut och det smakade dålig andedräkt. (Jag ber om ursäkt Amerika...) Och nu till den stora frågan, hur smakade sötpotatisen med marshmellows? Jo, som ni kanske kan förstå var det väldigt väldigt sött, lite för sött för min smak, så det var väl inte riktigt min favorit. Men det var spännande att testa! :) Däremot the turkey och the cranberry sauce was so delicious! Till efterrätt bjöds det på PecanPie, PumpkinPie, PearPie, CranberryPie, ApplePie och Pumpkin Pie! Kan ni nu förstå varför jag fick rekommendationen att inte äta någon frukost eller lunch innan?! Efter maten kollade vi på Amerikansk fotboll, och när matchen var slut var det dags för runda två.... så då togs maten fram igen och alla började äta en andra omgång!! Jag som fortfarande var proppmätt, var helt chockad över att resten av sällskapet kunde äta IGEN! Men vem tackar nej till en extra portion Pumpkin Cheesecake?! #emmagoesfitness

Kvällen avslutades med att vi spelade massor av sällskapsspel, och jag hade verkligen en jättebra dag!

1. Huset där vi firade thanksgiving! Det var mycket större i verkligheten än vad det ser ut som på bilden, och på baksidan fanns en pool!

2. Här är rätten med sötpotatis och marshmallows! Trots att det inte var min favorit direkt, så såg det ju väldigt gott ut, eller hur?

Jag tycker verkligen att vi borde ha en liknande högtid i Sverige ( & resten av världen) då vi firar allt vi är tacksamma för. Vi tar alltför mycket i våra liv förgivet och trots att vi borde vara tacksamma varje dag, inte bara en dag om året. Så får en högtid som Thanksgiving oss att bli påminda om allt vi har i våra liv som är värt att vara tacksamma för!

Jag är så otroligt tacksam över att jag får vara med om detta äventyret! För alla roliga och spännande saker jag har fått möjligheten att uppleva och alla fantastiska människor jag har lärt känna här! TUSEN TACK MAMMA OCH PAPPA FÖR ATT NI GJORDE DETTA MÖJLIGT!!

Men självklart saknar jag ju såklart er där hemma jättemycket!!! Jag vill passa på att dela med mig av hur OTROLIGT tacksam jag är över världens finaste vänner och familj som jag har därhemma!! NI BETYDER VERKLIGEN ALLT FÖR MIG OCH JAG ÄR SÅ OERHÖRT GLAD ÖVER ATT JAG HAR ER!!

Några utav de människor som jag är så otroligt tacksam över att ha i mitt liv<33

Detta inlägg kanske blev väldigt cheesy... men töntig som jag är så tycker jag att det är viktigt att visa uppskattning och tacksamhet här i livet!

Hoppas att ni också mår JÄTTE bra, kramar från the cheesy girl in AmerikaT