DAY 28

​I'm home. I'm home in my own room in Gothenburg and it feels so, so weird. Yesterday I woke up at four in the morning and my flight was at nine. It was so hard to say goodbye to my host family, because when I did, I realized that my summer here was over.

Mum and dad met me at the airport and my cousin surprised me as well. You can’t really explain the feeling of seeing everyone again, it feels strange. It feels unreal that I’ve been in Brighton for a month and now, suddenly, I’m home again to my “normal” life in Sweden. When you think about it, it almost feels like the last four weeks have been a dream. It’s so mixed feelings about being home again. I think I need a few days to really understand what I’ve been doing for the last month, because right now I can’t understand anything.

I don’t want to say it, but this chapter in my life is now over, but I’ve had the best summer in my life. Thank you <3

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DAY 27

I couldn't sleep that well this night because I knew that it was going to be my last day when I woke up.

My first class was at 13:45, but I went to school a little bit earlier for having lunch in the school cafeteria with some friends. Then we had two general classes, got our certificates and by that - our time at EF school was over...

Me and a friend stayed and said goodbye to some people before we took the bus together for going home. We were so sad when we had to hug goodbye at the bus. It feels just like it's weekend and on Monday we will see each other in school but - tomorrow I'm coming home.

Now I have just had fish n chips at home and now I need to finish my bags. Feels so weird, really.




DAY 26

Today I only went to one class, but it was my speaking class and I really like that class so it was good.

I finished at 13:15 but I stayed in school a while for doing a school work. After, I went to Brighton because I wanted to go to a shop before I went home.

This night I have just been at home with my family, eaten dinner and... started to pack my suitcase... it feels so weird to begin to finish everything here - school, pack all of my things and to start saying goodbye to friends and family...

Snart ses vi <3



DAY 25

Yesterday was really, really fun!! First, I had a long day in school with grammar lessons (everyone was so confused haha), general classes and lectures.

I had two hours break in the middle of the day so me and my friend went in to Brighton for sushi lunch. We also looked in some shops before we went back to school.

After lasagna dinner at home with my family, I met my friends for one last night out here in Brighton. We had so much fun! I will miss it so much.



DAY 24

Long day yesterday. I had school almost the whole day and finished at 18:15. I also did my graduation test, I don't know how it went because it was sooo little time, just like the placement test I did before I got here. Anyway!

I stayed in school with som friends after we finished, but then I went home for dinner (after waiting for the bus almost half an hour...)



DAY 23

Yesterday I started school at 8:30 and I was sooo tired, I don't know why... I had only three classes and they had also changed my friend so she was in my class!! :))

Before going home I went to the city because I wanted to buy a thing for my host parents. Then I spent 30 minutes outside my house because I had forgotten my keys...

After dinner I met some friends and we went to a pub. (Afterwards, we saw that it was called beautifully Swedish haha). We were a little bit sad on the way home because we had a great night, but then we realised that we only have four more days to go. Now, I will try not to think about that and instead have a good last week :')

Maltesers for £1 at Poundland (best place) <3



DAY 22

Today has been good! I slept almost 10 hours again, which I needed haha... then I had English brunch with my family and guess what - I've almost started to like beans?! I also FaceTimed with my family at home together with my host family here. They really enjoyed it.

I decided to just take a day by myself today and it was so nice. I have been around people all the time since I got here, really, and today I felt like i needed to have my own time. I took the bus to Brighton and went for some shopping :))

Tonight I've just been at home eating dinner with my family, studying and also facetiming with a friend from home <3

Lovely summer weather today...!



DAY 21

Last night was late, so today I woke up late and I haven't done anything special really...

I have eaten, written diary and spent time with my host family. All of my friends were home today as well, and some of them were back in their own countries when I woke up this morning. Feels weird...

After dinner we had strawberries and it felt like home :') (I didn't remember to take a photo before I had eaten almost everything haha)

Saknar er där hemma jättemycket <3



DAY 20


I didn't start school until 14, I really needed that so I could sleep longer... I only had two general English lessons and because of that there were many people leaving today we didn't start anything new.

After school I met my friend and we went to Brighton because he's leaving and he wanted to buy some presents for his family.

I had dinner at home with my family before going out. Tonight was the last night for some of my friends and I thought it was so sad :((( Because of their early flights the morning after, they were just with us a while and then went home when we others went to PRYZM. I really had a good night but it was sad to leave my friends :(

Trying to take a selfie with Harvey hahah



DAY 18

Yesterday was a good day in school. I had a new teacher in my grammar class because I changed level and she was so good (not as mean as the other one...)!!

I had also general English and a break for 2 hours, but it was okay because then I had time to do my homework. In the middle of the culture talk there was a fire drill, but we didn't mind because the lecture was so boring...

I finished at 16:40 and went home to pizza-dinner before I met my friends again!

Every day when I get home from school :')