So, I've actually never written a blog before but I guess trying new things never hurt. The reason for me writing this blog is because I wanted to share the good and hard times I've been through. Growing up, moving, and adjusting to a completely new atmosphere. I grew up in Las Vegas, NV and growing up wasn't always the easiest for me. I got bullied at the beginning of elementary school till middle school for being "overweight", not fitting in or just being involved in tons of drama. That was one of the problems in my life, but slowly I started realising that my life was a constant hill that just kept going down. My parents were those types of parents that kept going back in forth, they were together or they weren't together it was pretty confusing. The only thing clear to me was that they weren't going to stay together forever due to the constant fighting and arguing. It was hard growing up and seeing your parents argue and fight because in that type of situation you don't know what to do. My dad did end up moving to New Mexico because of his job and from then on problems with my mom started to occur. My mom used to work for AMR like my dad and thats where they met but because my mom was lifting heaving patients she ended up breaking a disc in her lower back and that lead to surgery. I think all together my moms had 5 surgeries on her back due to screwed up doctors messing up the surgery. All this surgery, she was put on medication. This medication didn't just ruin my moms life it ruined mine. She started taking so much that she didn't realise how badly she was getting. When it started getting really worse I ended up calling 911 and crying because my mom was seeing things that weren't real and it freaked me out because I was alone with her there was no other adult in the house so I ended up having to be this grown up and take charge.  It was hard seeing my mom so sick and my dad so frustrated I mean being a 14 year old and being but in the middle of all of this it isn't fair. I called my grandmother and told her what was going on with my mom and she decided that moving to Denmark would help my mom get better and once my mom was going through her withdrawals and getting off all the medication by the time we moved she was a lot better and starting to herself. I look at her everyday and think about how much I love her. What happened with my mom was the most difficult thing I've been through and I could have lost her.

Moving to Denmark was a complete culture shock I mean your allowed to drink and smoke cigs and practically do things you really can't do in Vegas as a 14 year old. It has been hard at times missing certain people back home but I love it here and living here for 3 years I've grown to enjoy and love Denmark. I travel a lot more than I used to and I absolutely love it. The past year was a very difficult time for me because my dad ended up passing away from a heart attack (at least thats what the paramedics said) I just remember my mom getting a phone call and her dropping to the floor in tears. Ive always had a feeling my dad would pass away early but I never expected it to happen but when it did happen I was completely broken thats what made living in Denmark shitty the fact that I was so far away and I couldn't do anything. No effect whatsoever. I missed all my exams, I didn't eat. Ive had a lot of ups and downs moving here thinking when is it gonna get better. Then losing all my friends a year ago I had no one but my mom and I became depressed slowly throughout the year. Life is difficult no matter what and it's not easy. - During 2017 I started a new school and made new friends and I'm happy right now because I feel like things are doing okay. I started working out again and I'm enjoying it. (maybe not all the soreness) but the feeling of getting shit done.