I fell head over heels in love with Edinburgh, what a beautiful city.
It has everything you want and need. Such as amazing history, beautiful buildings, great shopping and what surprised me the most is how lovely everyone was.
It's like a upgraded version of England, friendly people and they have kept their history yet modernized it.

We flew there from Copenhagen with Ryan air. When you get out of Edinburgh airport you see the transport buses that goes to Waverley station for 4 pounds per adult. All buses has wifi as well.
Our hotel Motel One Edinburgh-Royal was just located next to the station and was such a fabulous hotel. Perfect location, in walking distance to all sightseeing's in the city. Hotel in itself was great, beautiful room, breakfast and service. Book Motel One Edinburgh- Royal here.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh castle is located on cliff Castle rock which is overlooking the whole city. 15,50 pound per adult. Such a beautiful building with so much history in it's walls.
A few shops in there for souvenirs. Make sure to pop in all the buildings.
Museums and The National War Memorial is definitely worth going into.
For tickets and information here.

Princess street
Has all the shops that you may possibly need.
Topshop, Boots, Superdrugs, New Look, H&M and Primark etc. Surrounding the shopping street you can see the beautiful Old Town and for an example Edinburgh Castle.

City of the dead tour
Apparently one of the best tours in the world, personally I don't agree at all.
City of dead tour takes you to the famous haunted vaults and Greyfriars Kirkyard which is the most famous and most recorded poltergeist, Mr Mackenzie surrounds.
It was amazing to visit the Vaults and Greyfriars, to hear the history about it. Although the tour itself was mostly full of stories of other tourists fainting and receiving scratch marks/ deleted messages on their phones while visiting Mackenzie. To me that just sounds absurd. It's easy for people that already believe in spirits and are frightened to hear these stories. Of course it might cause a panic attack, people fainting or imagining whatever the tour guide is saying. Nasty tricks as fire crackers, dropping things and turn off the flashlight to scare their tourist. What really upset me the most was when we stood in a tomb where is supposed to have been the most activity, suddenly a person dressed up in a mask jumps out and to top it off our tour guide ended it outside Mackenzie's tomb saying we've been lucky with no marks and suddenly kicks on the tomb so we jumped.
First of all, we're in a graveyard that around 400 000 bodies are buried. To kick on anyone's tomb or jump out in masks to scare, out of order. Showing no respects to the dead and made me walk away furious.
If you still do wish to go on this tour it's 13 pound per adult you can book the tour here.

Palace of Holyroodhouse
Entrance with audio guide included is 13 pound per adult. Stunning building with loads of history. Visitors can explore 14 magnificent historic and State Apartments, the romantic ruins of the 12th-century Holyrood Abbey and remarkable royal gardens. It's best knows as home of Mary, Queen of Scots and is now the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. When we were there they had an exhibition -Fashioning a Reign -90 Years of Style from The Queen's Wardrobe. Was absolutely brilliant.

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Our week in Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos

We flew into Skiathos then took the boat over to Skopelos, which is also known as the Mamma Mia island.

We had a hotel in Skopelos town booked for the whole week then went on trips around the island and to Skiathos and Alonissos.

For all of you who's planning to go to these beautiful places, you can get around everywhere with the local bus for approximate 3.60euro/person. There are several guided excursions around the island as well, Dolphin of Skiathos is the local guides that holds the excursions.

Milia beach
Which is about 15-20 min bus ride away from Skopelos town.
The beach is absolutely beautiful with free sunbeds and a bar.
Crystal clear ocean but advice you to wear shoes if you're sensitive hence it's not sand.
Some inside information from the Mamma Mia production is that they started their morning with breakfast and a meeting on this lovely beach.

Kastani beach
The famous Mamma Mia beach where most of the beach scenes from Mamma Mia was filmed.
"Honey honey", "Does your mother know", "lay all your love on me" is some examples.
The beach has free sunbeds as well as a bar lounge with both food and drinks. It is very crowded where the sunbeds are but on your left side it's a bit more quiet.
It's such beautiful surroundings and ocean, could of stayed there forever.
Also a rumor is that they might build a hotel where the beach bar now.

Agios Ioannis chapel
Known from Mamma Mia, where "The winner takes it all" and the wedding was filmed. The scenery is breathtaking. We booked a Mamma Mia tour with Dolphin of Skopelos which started 9 in the morning and we got back 15:30. The trip involved going to Agios Ioannis chapel, going to one of the islands Olive oils producers, Kastani beach and Agnontas beach. The price of the trip was 30 euro per person which was really worth it for the inside gossip of wedding guest nr 34 of Mamma Mia, our guide.
You can drive here on your own but the roads are quite scary.
The walk up to the chapel is beautiful and well worth it.

Agnontas beach
Agnontas beach is a little town with small Tavernas and also have free sunbeds. You can also reach this beach with local bus, price is around 2.5 euro/person. This place seemed really popular hence half the bus always emptied when we reached Agnontas. Very touristy and not half as nice as the other places on the island.


Boat trip from Skopelos around Alonissos.
The old town is absolutely gorgeous, white and blue buildings, just like you imagine Greece to be like. There is a bus going from the harbour, hence it's too far to walk. The bus is 4 euros return. Small cute shops and tavernas and amazing views.
Most of the beaches have free sunbeds and a bar.

Skopelos town
Lovely town with lots of good restaurants along the harbour and beautiful views over harbour.
Walk up to see the church and keep  walking and you get to experience the real Greece. 
Aloning the harbour there is several boats where you can book boat trips for the next day  and Dolphin of Skopelos office is also located is located in the harbour as well. 



Finally the day is here!!
The beautiful and most talented Ellie Goulding live in Copenhagen, yes!
Will post some pictures Sunday once we've recovered.

Have a lovely evening👸



Hi everyone.

So proud of these before/ after pictures of my dear friend Jennies hair (1) and my own. I do believe that there's a lot of people that has gone from dark hair to blonde and is struggling with the yellow and orange pigments. Jennie received iced platinum hair and I received silver/white platinum hair with darker roots.

Patience is definitely the key to get beautiful blonde hair without any orange or yellow pigments. Between any coloring or bleach use hair mask.

Jennies hair

We used 6 packages of Mood Silver Blonde. After the bleach we used MARIA NILA PALETT COLOUR REFRESH PEARL SILVER for 30 minutes.

My own hair
I used 5 packages of Mood Silver Blonde, for best result is to use tin foil so it doesn't dry out too soon. To remove the last bit of yellow tones we used LOREAL PARIS PRÉFÉRENCE ULTRA LIGHT 11.11 SILVER.

To recieve some depth in the hair we mixed Loreal Paris Préférence 5.21 Etoile and 8.1 Copenhagen and created 1cm roots.

To keep the ashy and icy shades I personally use Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 250ml - #1002 White Platinum or MARIA NILA PALETT COLOUR REFRESH PEARL SILVER, leave it in for 10-30 minutes on towel dried hair. It both gives you that ashy shade but also keep your hair soft and shiny.

Good luck and please share some pictures!👸



Letar du efter bra ögonbrynsprodukter och en fantastisk mascara som både ger dig volym och längd?
Här är produkterna du behöver, bra pris och dessa produkter är ​inte​ testade på djur. Absolut den bästa mascaran jag någonsin har testat och kan inte leva utan den nu.

Isadora Eyelift 
Isadora Grand volume lash styler 
Isadora Shadow liner 
Isadora Eyebrow pencil with brush

Ha en fin dag