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Hello everyone,

To go blonde is a long journey but well worth it once you get there.
Elin approached me asking to help her go blonde, after her hairdresser had left her hair patchy redish brown colour.
First time I did loads of highlights through the whole hair and added a few extra on the lengths only, hence they were darker. So we created an even result.
Second time we bleached the whole hair with Schwarzkopf Blonde Me and toned it with Maria Nila Colour Refresh Pearl Silver.
hird time we did the exact same process to achieve the final icy result.

Keep in mind it will take some time to get these results. We had at least a month between our sessions and it was well looked after inbetween with good products.

Be careful with bleach so you don't damage your hair too much.

Hope you liked the end result.

Have a lovely day.

X Em✨❤

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~Idag blir jag 25~
Det får man fira med pastellrosa hår.
Sugen på att testa för en dag så har Glitter en superbra spray, sprayen hittar du här.
Finns i pastellrosa, pastellila och ljusgrå
Är du mer våglig så ska du köra all in med MARIA NILA PALETT COLOUR REFRESH 0.06 PINK POP .
Blanda ut den med ett vanligt vitt balsam till önskad nyans. Produkten är vegansk.
Ha en fin rosa dag

~Today I'm turning 25~
I'm celebrating with pastel pink hair.
If you would like to try it without any commitment, Pixie Lott Paint Spray on Hair Pink is the product for you.
If you dare to go all in with pink use Maria Nila Palett Colour Refresh 0.06 Pink Pop.
Mix the product with normal white conditioner to the desired colour. The product is also Vegan.
Have a lovely pink day.




Hej fina ni,
New Year~ healthier me? Hmm.
Här har ni två recept på nyttiga super smoothies.

•Green Smoothie•
2 glas
6 kiwis
2 nävar spenat
2 lime
2dl Arla kvarg yoghurt vanilj eller Soja Yoghurt
1 dl färskpressad apelsin
Lite honung
2 isbitar

•Blåbär & hallon Smoothie•
2 glas
4dl Arla Kvarg yoghurt eller Soja yoghurt
225g frysta hallon och blåbär
1/2 banan
1 msk kokosolja
Mixa allt i en mixer och voila!

Hello lovelies,
New year ~ healthier me? Hmm..
Here you have two recipes for healthy super smoothies

•Green Smoothie•
2 portions
6 kiwis
2 hands full of Spinach
2 lime
2 dl of dairy yogurt or soy yogurt
1 dl fresh orange juice
2 ice cubes

•Blueberry & Raspberry Smoothie•
2 portion
4 dl dairy yogurt or soy yogurt
225g frozen blueberries and raspberries
1/2 banana
1 tbs coconut oil
Mix it all and voila!

Enjoy🖤Love Em x



Hej fina ni,
2017 började i vackra London för mig.
Topp: Formation

Jacka: Ella Jacket
Foxylocks Hårförlängning Clip in

Om ni letar efter nytt löshår så rekomenderar jag verkligen Foxylocks !
Fantastisk hårkvalité och superfina färger.
Vill ni ha en fin liten gåva vid ert köp så ange koden FoxyEm vid betalningen.


Hello lovelies,

I welcomed 2017 in beautiful London.
Formation top
Bomber jacket- Ella Jacket

If you're looking to buy some new extensions check out Foxylocks
For a cute gift at checkout use code FoxyEm



Perfekt nu till nyår eller en kväll ute.
Det ni behöver är en färgpensel och glitter. Ta lite produkt på penseln och borsta på det där du önskar det och voila! Glitter babe!

På bilden i mitten har jag använt Foxylocks clip in hårförlängning. 24" Luxurious set i Platinum blonde som jag sedan tonat till önskad färg.
Absolut det bästa löshåret jag har testat, du får fantastiskt mycket hår med bra kvalité till ett perfekt pris.
Använd min kod FOXYEM för en present vid betalningen.

~Här hittar ni löshåret ~

🖤 Em

Perfect for New Years Eve or a night out.
All you need is a tinting brush and some hair glitter and voila!
You're a glitter babe!

The picture in the middle I'm wearing my Foxylocks hair extensions,
24" Luxurious set in Platinum blonde which I've toned into white/silver.
I swear by these extensions, hands down the best I've tried. Great quality and it's so thick.
For a cute gift at checkout use code "FoxyEm" at Foxylocks.

~Link to my Foxylocks extensions ~




Dark times, you could always find the bright side
I'm amazed by the things that you would sacrifice
Just to be there for me
How you cringe when you sing out of tune
Yet it's everything
So don't change a thing
We both know what they say about us
But they don't stand a chance because

When I'm with you
Standing with an army

Best sister and friend I could ever possibly ask for



Hej allihopa

Jag har alltid varit oerhört facinerad av all våra vackra djur i havet. Jag trodde dock aldrig att jag skulle få chansen att ta del av det i verkliga livet.
Efter att ha sett de oerhört fantastiska dokumentärerna The Cove och Blackfish så har jag blivit mer engagerad att stå upp för djur i fångenskap.
Jag kan absolut inte tvinga någon till att dela mina åsikter men jag kan informera och hoppas på att människan har medlidande. Att vi vet vad som är rätt och fel.
I oktober fick jag chansen att åka till Baltimore i Irland för att uppleva olika sorters valda i deras
naturliga miljö. Jag finner inga ord för hur fantastisk den upplevelsen var, vi fick se Mink Whales, Fin Whales och delfiner. Det är fantastiskt hur sociala delfiner är då de kom upp jämt vår båt och lekte i vågorna. Det är så det skall vara, de ska få simma fritt med sina familjer.

Jag vill tacka Mark för denna upplevelsen och Nic Slocum för all hans kunskap och passion han delar med sig.
Ett stort tack till Ric O'Barry och alla i teamet bakom The Cove.
Tack till alla bakom Blackfish, speciellt till Jeffrey Ventre för allt stöd och support.

Hi everyone
I've always been amazed by the beautiful animals in our oceans, I never ever thought that I would actually be able to be a part of it. After I've seen the most heart tearing documentaries The Cove and Blackfish, I began to become more involved with following the process and supporting the anti captivity campaigns.
I can't make anyone feel or think the same way I do, all I can do is to inform and show how amazing these creatures are and that they deserve to be home, in the wild.
I was given the opportunity to go to Baltimore in West Ireland for Whale watching in their natural habitant. We got to see dolphins, Mink whales and Fin whales. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a few tears involved. It's beautiful to see them interact with their family and young ones, dolphins are beyond social and absolutely gorgeous.
This is where they belong, not some amusement park for humans.

I would like to thank Mark for this amazing trip and Nic Slocum for his knowledge and passion that he shared with us.
A huge thank you to Ric O'Barry and the team behind The Cove and your endless work.
Last but not least I'd like to thank the people behind Blackfish, especially Jeffrey Ventre for his support and amazing knowledge.



En helkväll med min fina barndomsvän och bloggaren Filip Josevski. Det är galet hur det kan gå en sådan lång tid sedan vi umgicks senast men fantastiskt hur det känns som att det var igår.
Vi var och fikade hos AB Småland, samt hämtade fantastisk inspiration för hemmet.
Ha en fin kväll

Had a lovely evening with my childhood friend and blogger Filip Josevski. It's crazy to think of how long it's been since we last hung out but yet it feels like yesterday. Always a pleasure to see that sunshine.
We went for a lovely hot chocolate at AB Småland and got some amazing inspiration for interior design.

Have a lovely evening



I fell head over heels in love with Edinburgh, what a beautiful city.
It has everything you want and need. Such as amazing history, beautiful buildings, great shopping and what surprised me the most is how lovely everyone was.
It's like a upgraded version of England, friendly people and they have kept their history yet modernized it.

We flew there from Copenhagen with Ryan air. When you get out of Edinburgh airport you see the transport buses that goes to Waverley station for 4 pounds per adult. All buses has wifi as well.
Our hotel Motel One Edinburgh-Royal was just located next to the station and was such a fabulous hotel. Perfect location, in walking distance to all sightseeing's in the city. Hotel in itself was great, beautiful room, breakfast and service. Book Motel One Edinburgh- Royal here.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh castle is located on cliff Castle rock which is overlooking the whole city. 15,50 pound per adult. Such a beautiful building with so much history in it's walls.
A few shops in there for souvenirs. Make sure to pop in all the buildings.
Museums and The National War Memorial is definitely worth going into.
For tickets and information here.

Princess street
Has all the shops that you may possibly need.
Topshop, Boots, Superdrugs, New Look, H&M and Primark etc. Surrounding the shopping street you can see the beautiful Old Town and for an example Edinburgh Castle.

City of the dead tour
Apparently one of the best tours in the world, personally I don't agree at all.
City of dead tour takes you to the famous haunted vaults and Greyfriars Kirkyard which is the most famous and most recorded poltergeist, Mr Mackenzie surrounds.
It was amazing to visit the Vaults and Greyfriars, to hear the history about it. Although the tour itself was mostly full of stories of other tourists fainting and receiving scratch marks/ deleted messages on their phones while visiting Mackenzie. To me that just sounds absurd. It's easy for people that already believe in spirits and are frightened to hear these stories. Of course it might cause a panic attack, people fainting or imagining whatever the tour guide is saying. Nasty tricks as fire crackers, dropping things and turn off the flashlight to scare their tourist. What really upset me the most was when we stood in a tomb where is supposed to have been the most activity, suddenly a person dressed up in a mask jumps out and to top it off our tour guide ended it outside Mackenzie's tomb saying we've been lucky with no marks and suddenly kicks on the tomb so we jumped.
First of all, we're in a graveyard that around 400 000 bodies are buried. To kick on anyone's tomb or jump out in masks to scare, out of order. Showing no respects to the dead and made me walk away furious.
If you still do wish to go on this tour it's 13 pound per adult you can book the tour here.

Palace of Holyroodhouse
Entrance with audio guide included is 13 pound per adult. Stunning building with loads of history. Visitors can explore 14 magnificent historic and State Apartments, the romantic ruins of the 12th-century Holyrood Abbey and remarkable royal gardens. It's best knows as home of Mary, Queen of Scots and is now the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. When we were there they had an exhibition -Fashioning a Reign -90 Years of Style from The Queen's Wardrobe. Was absolutely brilliant.