17-year old girl with nothing better to do than rate books

By Sveriges Radio

P3 HISTORIA is a podcast touching the subject of history, every episode about 40 minutes long. The podcast has a main theme surrounding a specific era and doing it by telling the story of a famous person and how he/she influenced those times. It so far has a time span from 69 BCE - 1934 CE. To this date it has mostly been about royals, but more ordinary people have been the subject of episodes, like Bonnie and Clyde or the witch trials of Sweden for example. The podcast also brings in a lot of Swedish history.

The podcast really tells history in the most marvelous ways. Even though its sort of a history lesson, they tell it in a way that resembles a novel or short story. They introduce the main subject short and interesting so that you are hooked, afterwards they bring up the backstory and constantly connecting it to the present, and finally the story has a conclusion and some sort of ending. Throughout the whole episode they also discuss a lot of thing with professionals about the subjects. I am always looking forwards for a new episode, it always entertains me the most. A plus is also the podcast being made in Swedish, that way it feels way more like home.

My conclusion is that everyone should listen to this podcast. I highly recommend it! It's not long enough to take all your day away and at the same time long enough to get a full picture. One of the few podcasts I always look forward for another episode of.

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I am a 17 year old girl from Sweden, currently attending Procivitas Privata Gymnasium in Helsingborg.

I'm a huge fan of books and simply thought it would be fun to rate some of them, to be honest I couldn't run another type of blog anyway. Most of the time I'm either reading, being with and riding horses, riding my motorcycle and sometimes even drawing. In the winter I ski and snowboard, and in the summer I spend my days in my family's Princess V42.

Not that interesting, just pretending that I am.



Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris
By Dugald Steer

Search for the Tomb of Osiris is a book/journal which follows the diary of young Emily Sands travels through Egypt in the 1920’s. There isn’t much information about Emily Sands anywhere but in the book itself and that is because Emily Sands doesn’t exist. The author, Dugald Steer, made her up and wrote the whole journey as fiction. The book is also a part of the authors “oology” series. Don’t let this throw you off though, the facts about ancient egyptian civilization are very real indeed.

For every city or monumental stop “miss Sands” writes about the egyptian society, mythology, history and much more. She also writes about the travel itself, what they experience and impressions by modern Egypt. It is a very easygoing book intended for ages 6 and up. The journey goes through Egypt and it’s final destination is the tomb of Osiris.

I first read this book at my local library when I was 14 and bought it right after. I found it to be a very interesting and beautiful book. My experience was that the adventure of miss Sands and her company was very easy to follow and also very engaging. I believe it made the book rather fun to read, even if you aren’t an egyptology fanatic as myself. To be honest I normally devour these kinds of books, but this was a very easy going book I believe everyone could enjoy.

One of the things I love most about this book is the beautiful imagery and creativity on every page of it. The illustrations are captivating and very realistic, also there’s even letters and all kinds of clips in the book which you can do whatever you want to do with. It makes the book very lifelike and you could almost believe it was a real journal. That is if the book wasn’t so beautiful.

Of course this book isn’t a masterpiece but something you just kind of read through when you feel like it. The only thing I feel like criticizing is the fact that you can’t find the real author name in the book, nor that the whole story and character of miss Sands is fictional. To find out about that you’ve got to visit the internet.

I definitely recommend this book. Even though you can find much of the facts in most egyptology literature today and on the internet I find the book entertaining, the images and art are exquisite and it is overall very interesting to follow as a journal. It’s not revolutionizing, but it is extremely enjoyable in my opinion.