It hurt like hell, but i cant do anything about it. I was helpless in the minute, I actually just felt like I was falling to the ground I stud there like “what the hell am I doing here? I don’t wanna do this” everything sonds better in my head, and that maybe why I never let people get in there. I hyde my feelings, I think that if I let anyone know to my feelings they will pull it against me. Im afraid that they will use it to kick me down. That is my worst nightmare. And that is exacly what happened to me a month ago, and a week ago and yesterday, and it will probably be there the rest of my life. You and I ware never a thing, it was all in my head. And that’s okay if you don’t want me, but youre never going to pull my feelings for you against me, because that will probably destroy me for good. u took it all. thank u for showing me this side of love, or what all of this is.

-i will die empty so no one can find anything.