I used to travel alone to Japan and I wanted to shear with you guys some of the amazing old shrines I discovered when I lived in Togane from 2015-2016. I used to go on long walks to find those shrines. I am very passionate about Japan and I want to share with you guys as much as I can.

Hope you guys get to travel there sometime.

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May has been been hectic but at the same time wonderful. Bergen finally get a summer worth talking about. So here are my favorites for this month!

1. "Speak Up" tee from Monki

Limited edition tee by Camilla Engström.

2. Andrew Applepie - Let Go

Chill music.

3. My Giant Geek Boyfriend comic

A webtoon about Fishball and her giant boyfriend. It is adorable!


If it hadn't been for you coffee, I would have never wanted to get up in the mornings. Here, have a poem about coffee by Carol Connell:

Ah, Coffee

"Bountiful, blessed beans Given that I might enjoy your wonder and warmth."-Carol Connell
5. TalkLife app

An app where you can write about your ups and downs in life. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us. I have used it, and i am sleeping better now! You get a lot of support in difficult times.



Hello to you all!

I was in the woods and chilled with my dog. It was great lighting so I took some pictures. Enjoy som green chill y'all.

- こんにちは皆さん!

Since that day I've been sick. Fever,my body hurts, my nose won't stop running, everything is just bad... oh well...

How are you guys holding up?





Tragedy struck yesterday at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester when a bomber disturbed the peace. Let us talk about the Heros that showed compassion and selfless acts.

Sorce: Metro

Taxi drivers like AJ, turned off their meters to get people away from the arena. He drove them to loved ones and the hospital.

Sorce: Independent and Metro

Homeless men like Stephen Jones and Chris Parker.

Mr Jones helped injured children who had been hit by nails on their arms and faces.

"If I didn't help, I wouldn't be able to live with myself for walking away and leaving kids like that. Just because I'm homeless it doesn't mean that I haven't got a heart and I'm not human still." -Stephen Jones

Even though Mr Parker was knocked to the ground by the blast, he got up and ran to help injured. He cradled a victim as she died in his arms.

People like Rachel Ellis opened their home for victims that were stranded and need warmth.

Sorce: Lad Bible

Paula Robinson led 50 teenagers to safety and shared her phone number on Facebook, so that parents could contact her.

The medics that worked thru the night to take care of injured victims.

The hundreds of people that came to support their fellow friends in need. And the police officers that did their best to protect their citizens.

Be kind to one another in situations like this. And don't be afraid to walk outside or be in a crowd. Or else the terror has won. Do not let them inn to your head.

If I missed someone, please let me know.




Hey, this week I'm going the Japanese way( well almost) witch is adding miso soup to my meals. It is super easy to make! It is high in sodium so I try to make small portions ( it is difficult because it is so freaking good)! I am also eating more beans and grains to my meals.

I hope you guys are having a good day!



(Picture from DNS page)

Wen to DNS on Tuesday to see the comedy " Jeppe på Bjerget ".It is about Jappe and the reason why he drinks. He has a horrible wife that beats him and a son he is not sure it is his.One day Jeppe gets drunk and a noblewoman and her servants find him. They decide to play a prank on him, so they turn him into a noble man!

It was hilarious! If you live in Bergen you should go and see it! I hope to go to the theater more often now.

Had a wonderful dinner before the play.

The beautiful ceiling at DNS.

Look how guilty I am!

So I have to confess something... I ate and drank sugar the 17th of May. and it was delicious! I do regret it now as I have gained a little weight from that day, but man oh man that was good! But I am back to old routines. No more sugar!

Now I am working on some Japanese articles I need to get back to!

Have a great day to you all!



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Hello, went to Lindex today and got me some romantic goods! all I need now is a guy...."Oh guy, where art thou"?. Or not. I really like nice underwear! I have a really nice collection. Some I don't use because I think they are so pretty..

Its now day 15 of no sugar and I am more tierd and irritated then ever. My skin is still pritty good tho.

Are you guys doing the challenge and do you collect somthing?



I wandered into Monki the other day when I had my Hanami -day in Bergen. And I came across this tee. I thought the little naked lady was stunning! " I need this on my body!", I thought to myself.

It was a limited edition tee by Camilla Engström . It is like finding a little pis of treasure you can wear on your chest proudly! She has a lot of great clothes and some relly nice tote bages and artwork. I am also eeger to have a look at the "Dick Book"!

She also has a lot of great illustrations like these.

I believe that when women succeed in life we should celebrate them! We have to stick together and cheer each other on!

Have a great day y'all!




I went Hanami (はなみ,花見 ) viewing by myself today. Hanami is flower viewing in Japanese. If I were in Japan right now, I would have gathered all my friends, packed my beer, bought good food and headed for the biggest sakura tree in the park! There we would play games barbecued all night!

But now, I don't have that many friends here in Bergen. It's ok! I can handle a little loneliness.

Pink is for power!

I sat there enjoying my water and a dry spaghetti salad from Deli De Luca.( I think it has been in the fridge a bit too long..) I watched all the tourists and birds around me. It was somewhat peaceful...I missed my beer though.

It was ok but just ok. There wasn't anything special about it.

It's now day 12 of no sugar! My skin feels great, but today I have a lot of energy but my body hurts... It's weird I know..

It was a really nice day, but now I am tired as hell. I ran around town and got some nice goods

Hope you guys go Hanami with your friends. It is actually really fun.