Hello, the name is Emilie. I come from an island outside of Bergen, Norway. But, if you hear me speak you will think that I am from another country. I have a very mixed dialect from north, west, and east. I blame my parents for that...

I will turn 26 in a few days and I thought I would start a blog. Just to make a mark on the interwebs (lol). Here are a few things I think you should know about me: I have dyslexia. I figured this out when I was 23 and in the middle of my studies at university. I struggled to articulate when I had exams. Especially in Norwegian. Speaking of uni, I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese. In my degree, I have media studies and journalism. I have lived I Japan a few times ( Sapporo and Togane) and I have to say that I loved it. I can't express that enough... I hope to do a masters degree in Globel communication at Akita International University next year. But for now, I work at a nursing home as an assistant and help out my family with various of stuff.

I might post articles and other fun stuff at this blog as I want to get more into the world of blogging. As they say in Japan: "yorosikuonegaitashimasu!"よろしくお願いします!(translation: Please take good care of me/nice to meet you all!)

See you later!