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Slow day at work today ( I work from home sometimes), so I started to do some " after Easter " cleaning! I found Tutti-Frutti flavored lip balm and some old metal candy containers I have collected over the years.

So I decided to make something " fancy schmancy" out of it. I scraped the lip balm out with a spoon and took a little from Maybelline electro Baby lips and melted it all together. I put a bowl in warm water and just waited until it melted. Then I put it in their new containers with a spoon and put it in the fridge for 3-5 minutes.

It turned out pretty great!

What are you guys up to?

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I have been working a lot lately and decided to have a chill ass day. So I have been gaming and putting clay on my face. Also rolled up my hair. Feel like I am in Grease!

As you might know, I really really love video games but this time I really missed the old Mario games. So, I got this little baby! It has 30 games from my childhood! This made my Easter amazing! I had a blast playing on this with my family!

These are the products that I use the most. I have more but this is just for those " quick chill days".

Hope you guys had a great Easter with your family and friends!

Se you guys later!



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I finally got my new Macbook! I am really excited! I always thought it had to be a big ass computer if it would run well, but this little lady does it all! She is a hard worker!

I am really happy I got this baby, but I still miss my old one. I will try to get my old hard disc out from my old Macbook Pro somehow...But now I can write, work and jam again! Life is back on track!

I hope you all have a happy easter!



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I had you for 7 years.
You helped me finish my bachelor's degree.
You helped me with work.

We laughed and we cried together when we watched YouTube videos.
We sang karaoke songs together.
We played all those scary games together.

Then you stopped working...with no warning.

You will be missed dearly.

So...I have to write on my phone or iPad. I ordered a new MacBook, but could not afford a new MacBook Pro. I really hope it works well! I didn't realize how addicted I have become to having all this technology constantly around me, until it broke down.

Got to get out more right?

See you guys later!



Well, almost all of it..

I started to shave my sides by myself when I started to live in Japan October 2015..I really like the punk style and I figured it was pretty cheap to do it myself. So I started to color and cut it all myself. Since then I have not gone to a hairdresser. From time to time I trim the top but not this time.

So you star off with an electric shaver. Now, I got this pretty cheap at Expert when I got back the last September because the one from Japan would not work here in Norway.

Before using the machine you should oil the blades before cutting. Oiling your trimmer before each cut lubricates the blades which will give you a smoother cut. It also helps to keep the blades cool during the trim.It also helps to keep the blades cool during the trim. Remember to do this when you are finished using the machine also. The oil is in the machine package.

Now you have to figure out how much hair you want to have left on your head(lol). I figure if I measured from the end of my eyes up to my scalp, it would be pretty even cut. When you have figured out how you want, just put it in a bun!

You could do it with wet hair or dry hair but I preferred dry because I don't get the red bumps afterward. Just start to shave one side at the time( you can't return now). Start with what you can see. You can use a mirror when you cut the back of your head, but that just stressed me out, so I use my hands to feel where to cut next.

Remember to shave behind your ears because it will look and feel weird if you forget it. Also, girls tend to have more hair bend our necks, so feel around and see if you can shave it all off. It is pretty weird when it sticks out. might lose some of the hair you putt in the bun, but you will survive! Hair grows out and it is not the end of the world..unless you took a lot..

TIP: If you have long hair and are thinking of doing this, cut your sides with scissors before using the machine. If you do not do it, the machine will jam and you will not get a new hair cut.

When you think you are finished, just feel around on your scalp one last time so there is no long hair sticking out. Firs time I did it, it took about 20-30 min, but now it takes 10-15 min deepening on how log I have been growing out my sides.

Now get into the shower and wash your head and body.Use a hair conditioner that calms down your scalp, your skin is now exposed it needs a little healing. When I am finished showering, I use body lotion to give my shaved scalp some care. I do this for 2-4 days so it does not star drying out.

I used this video when I first time did it. So if you need more info on how to do it, just watch this.

Now enjoy your new style!

Happy shaving!



So, my favorite month is coming to an end. I decided to make a " March Favorites" list for this month. Maybe you will enjoy them too? It will vary from month to month about what I choose to write about. Let's do this!

Favorite Dj right now is Shawn Wasabi. He really knows his way around a Midi fighter.

I have been reading The Ghost in the Shell manga.

Love my new brushes from boohoo.

My favorite game this month is Horizon Zero Dawn. seriously this game just blew me away! I have become so emerge in the story now( I have not been writing much because of this amazing game). I am currently going for games that have strong women characters. It is actually pretty cool to see a strong and intelligent character that is not a man. Hope you guys get to try it out!

I got to see Ghost in the Shell live action movie, and I got to say it is not quite like the anime and manga but it was good! I really like sci-fi movies and this is defiantly one of my favorites now.

Here is the original Ghost in the shell anime from 1995.

Hoping to write more in April!

See you guys later!




Hello, the name is Emilie. I come from an island outside of Bergen, Norway. But, if you hear me speak you will think that I am from another country. I have a very mixed dialect from north, west, and east. I blame my parents for that...

I will turn 26 in a few days and I thought I would start a blog. Just to make a mark on the interwebs (lol). Here are a few things I think you should know about me: I have dyslexia. I figured this out when I was 23 and in the middle of my studies at university. I struggled to articulate when I had exams. Especially in Norwegian. Speaking of uni, I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese. In my degree, I have media studies and journalism. I have lived I Japan a few times ( Sapporo and Togane) and I have to say that I loved it. I can't express that enough... I hope to do a masters degree in Globel communication at Akita International University next year. But for now, I work at a nursing home as an assistant and help out my family with various of stuff.

I might post articles and other fun stuff at this blog as I want to get more into the world of blogging. As they say in Japan: "yorosikuonegaitashimasu!"よろしくお願いします!(translation: Please take good care of me/nice to meet you all!)

See you later!