If you are planning on cleaning your wardrobe and throwing something out here comes a guide on what you should keep there.

I think these clothes are timeless and you can make so many different outfits with just these ten garments.

1. A white t-shirt

2. A black t-shirt

3. Leather jacket

4. Black jeans

5. Regular jeans

6. A blazer that fits you well

7. A pair of tailored trousers

8. A sweatshirt

9. A skirt

10. Black dress

And remember. Confidence and a smile are your best accessories, so don't leave home without them.

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Hi! Now I thought I'd tell you a little about my 3 favorite designers. They are Ida Lanto, Vera Wang and Ida Sjöstedt.

First up the Swedish designer Ida Lanto, I like her dresses because they are so "delicate" in some way and of course you can't do anything but love all the details, they are the cutest.

Next up is the American Vera Wang. I like her wedding dresses because they are simple but still they're all different.

And last but not least, another Swedish favorite, Ida Sjöstedt. I like her dresses because they just look so pretty and the dresses look like something i would wear. This dress is an absolute favorite!

"Dress like you're already famous"




This is my blog, and I'm going to blog a lot about fashion, music and sometimes there can be some blog posts about my life. There is going to be much pictures of outfits and so on, I'm going to try putting up a new blog post once a week or so. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

"Style is a way of telling who you are, without having to speak!" -Rachel Zoe