Hey everyone,

I had a free day from school so I thought I could spend this day relaxing and doing what I love. I wanted to have a stress free day and what is a better way to accomplish it than reading your favourite book and taking some cozy pictures. It has been a very gloomy day and being cuddled up in bed is all I ever want to do on these kind of days.

While reading and drinking some camomile tea I thought I could write about things I thought today. Days like this I feel like I'm really putting effort on making myself confident and happy. I do more things that I enjoy and therefore I easily forget about things that stressed me out earlier on. Having time out of your daily schedule is the best therapy for you mental health. No technology just you and your time with yourself. Whether you like to read a good novel or you just like to be with your friends, it's important to do something you truly love. Having "time off" is very important and people usually underestimate the importance of it. It's a common mistake that everybody does once in a while.  I want to courage you to take those "time off"-moments with yourself a bit more, if you feel overwhelmed about something.

Every human being has their own ways to spend their "time off"- moments, but I thought I could give you some tips on what you could do if you are in need of something relaxing on a stressful day. (Things I do when I feel a bit down).

1. Put every device that require Wifi away or turn them off. I usually put my phone on airplane mode therefore I can't hear a notification sound and my attention stays still on what I'm doing in that moment.

2. Grab a book of your choice and go somewhere where you feel the coziest. You can even go to the nearest cafe and read your book there. The most important thing is that you are enjoying yourself.

3. If you don't feel like reading a book you can easily grab a paper and a pencil and write down all of your thoughts. This way you can organize your thoughts and simply clear your mind.

4. Make a cup of tea and enjoy it. When I feel rushed, my choice of tea is always camomile tea. It calms me down and makes me feel alot liberated. To be honest any kind of tea is good. By drinking tea you will feel more recharged and that's what you need when you're having a"time off" - moments. I would highly suggest you to try it out if you haven't already!

5. Remember that it's okay to take time off on your busy days, because everbody feels sometimes a bit distressed. By taking time off and spending it the way that suits you the best is the most important thing. It stabilizes your mental health and nothing is better than feeling good even on your busiest days.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. Until next time!

xx Emilia

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Hey everyone,

I have been writing this blog post since last week and I'm pretty happy that this came together finally. You will see in this blog post some random pictures but most imprtantly you will get to know me a little. So get cozy and enjoy!

I feel like introducing myself will make you feel like we know each other and I do like to get to know new people. So let this be our canvas of friendship.

I am Emilia and I was born and raised in Estonia. The plot twist here is that my parents are russian so it makes me half russian and half estonian. In addition to that I'm living in Finland with my family. We moved to Finland in 2010 and we've been living here 7 amazing years. My life has been a rollercoaster but at this point I'm thinking that everybody can relate to this. Most of the time though it has been only a positive excperience! I thought that I would add couple of questions that may intrest you about me. Keep on reading!

Why do I started blogging?

The simple answer to this is that I absolutely love writing. Since I was little I always wrote little storys to myself just for fun and the best part of it was that I got to use my imagination. I have always been passioned about writing and I actually started my blog already in 2014. I was young and shy about my blog posts, so I thought I could wait till I'm older. I also was in that age that I really didn't know what to write about and I needed the time to find myself. So now I'm at this point that I'm ready to start a new journey.

What kind of posts you will see on my blog?

Well my style is kind of mixed. I thought that I would go on this journey only in one condition. I write about things I love. I try to express myself and feelings through writing. I really hope that you will enjoy that. There is nothing more to this that I just love writing and it makes me feel happy and free.

What is the one thing that inpires me in life?

I would say that my brother inspires me a lot. He is a role model to me. He lives his life like everybody should. Not thinking twice. Just doing what you love and enjoying it. He wanted to do something cool in his life so he did. He moved to Spain and he's enjoying his life there. I am pretty jealous because he has already experienced such a beautiful journey in his life and to me that is goals. Someday I will be like my brother and fulfill my dreams.

You will get to know me throughout the blog a lot more. This was just a little "story" about me. See you in my next blog post.

xx Emilia