Currently I am in the lovely city of Nice, in the south of France. It is so beautiful here!
My family has an apartment here, so we have been here a couple of times.

I am here with my mom, my dad and my little brother, but I really miss my boyfriend at home. I miss him more than words can describe.
But I am going home on Saturday (in 3 days, so I'm sure that I will survive it).

Right now I am sitting in our poorly lit Livingroom and am writing this post. Even though it is only 9 pm, I Think I will be going to sleep quite soon.
The Sun makes one so freaking tired!

Here is a short little YouTube video that I made with some of the really pretty places that we pass well on our way around this little city. Enjoy, and have a nice evening! ♡

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Today is my s.o's birthday, he turns 21!

I love him so damn much and I'm making chili sin carne for dinner for us and a vegan mud cake with raspberry whipped (vegan) cream for dessert!

He doesn't know it yet but I hope it'll make him happy.

Now I'm going to clean a bit in the apartment and then I will start with the cooking!
Have a nice day!



New video, new possibilities!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) or the day after that, I will post another video where I will spoil a fun thing that will show up on my channel during next week!

Stay tuned!



I had plans to go to my grandma today, and help her in the garden, but due to rain, that's not going to happen.

Sooo today I will record a 'reveal video' for my channel which I will upload today or tomorrow.

My chest pain is back, the one I have from anxiety and stress, so that's fun. But in all seriousness, it isn't that bad, and it will go away soon enough.

I will try to be more active on my social medias. It's just hard to remember all of them ehe...have a nice Saturday!



Today, me and my boyfriend went shopping for some vegan food.
We also ate lunch together at a vegan restaurant in town. We had soy burgers with vegan mustard mayo, pickled onions, salad and roasted potatoes. It was super delicious!

This evening we tried a coconut milk based coffee ice cream. It was also very good.

Now, it's American Horror Story until it's bedtime.



Me and my boyfriend have quite recently chosen to follow a vegan (plant based) lifestyle and 'diet' for oh so many reasons.
We have had a lot of discussions about it, we have watched a lot of documentaries and read up on it to be able to make an informed decision.

My mom has been a vegetarian for many years and I've always felt that I want to do the same.

Now when I no longer live with my parents, I have a 110% chance to choose what kind of difference I want to contribute with in the world, and also what difference I want to make for myself and my future.

Why I decided to go vegan:

• The meat industry is shit.
The animals are treated horribly, they are forced to live in WAY too small enclosures without the stimuli that every living being needs to live a happy and healthy life.
After being fed a diet, not suited for anything but to grow the animals muscles as fast as possible, they are brutally slaughtered. Animals are boiled alive to make the slaughter as number efficient as possible.

• The milk and egg industry is shit as well.
Cows are impregnated and then the calves are taken from them, for the sake of the cows lactating, so that they can be forced to produce milk for our pleasure.
The human body isn't even equipped with the necessary enzymes to absorb the nutrients in the milk, cheese, yoghurt etcetera. It's growth serum for the baby cow, not for humans.

• I love animals.
I don't want any animals to get hurt or killed for my pleasure, because to be that isn't worth it, even in the slightest.

• Environmental reasons.
The meat industry and the industry which is responsible for the animal agriculture is one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason for the environmental changes.
The emission of methane and the emissions from the industries responsible is one of the earths biggest enemies.

• If the animals die, we die.
The oceans are being emptied of life, every day.
Yes, fish are quick to multiply and become a greater number, but in the pace that we are fishing the oceans, they could never multiply fast enough.

• For the other people here on planet earth.
If everyone would switch to a mainly plant based diet, there wouldn't have to be any famine at all, anywhere in the world.
The fields and areas where we plant food for the animals, could instead be used to planting food for us. Meaning no one would have to starve anywhere.

• For my own health.
There are so many studies and papers, correlating eating animal products with all kind of disease.
There are even cases with people who have had some sort of cancer or similar problems, who've been able to reverse the disease by simply eating a plant based, mainly whole foods diet.

I think that the problem with why not more people follow this 'lifestyle' is a lack of education.
We can safe all people and the earth with that, by just making a difference in our life.
There are so many options for meat, and it's so easy to just go vegan, or at least vegetarian.

Don't give up what we all need in the future, for what you want today.
Have an awesome day!



There's some strange misconception about what the word "healthy" means.
So, so, so many people live in the delirious belief that eating healthy means eating less.

"If I eat less, I will lose weight."
"If I eat less my body will get healthier."
"If I eat less I will reach my goal."

The only goal one will reach by eating less is nutrition deficiency, lassitude and a poor health, inside and out.

Usually (more often than not), eating healthy just means barter the things you consume, for healthier alternatives and also more often that not it also means eating more.

Things to avoid if you want to eat and live healthy:

• Saturated fats
• Dairy products
• Meat
• Refined sugar
• Fast carbohydrates
• Salt
• Processed food
• Most canned food

Basically to eat healthy, one should try to eat as few processed things as possibly, increasing the amount of fruit, vegetables and legumes.
Trying to eat as much natural products as possible, choosing bean pasta or vegan pasta instead of regular pasta.
Choosing brown rice instead of white, choosing for example rye bread instead of regular, white bread.

The beauty of whole grain food is that it keeps you full so much longer, which prevents one from overeating or picking the wrong things to eat.

For me it took about 3 weeks for my body to adjust to the absence of the things I used to eat.

For more inspiration on what to eat or healthy living, visit my diet/workout Instagram:


Have a wonderful day!



Now I've finally uploaded the channels first vlog, it turned out pretty nice.

Go and check it out!
Have a nice evening/night. ♡