Hello everyone!!

Today I’ve done my frist exam and I have 3 more to go!
I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a happy Santa Lucia as it is a really cozy and special day in Sweden and Italy. I wish I could be in Sweden to see all the beautiful traditions that they do today, but for now I’ll just have to get some photos from my parents who are visiting my sister in Sigtuna.
Can’t wait to get home to Sweden and get some real Christmas spirit and see my family and friends .

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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Hello everyone!

I’m finally back in Barcelona after 10 days of study leave in Modena and I can start ticking off the 5 finals I have. The first one was today (math) but as I said in a previous post I’m going to take it later instead. This week I have microeconomics and business law and next week financial accounting and sociology. Can’t wait to be done with all the exams because then I will go to Sweden where I haven’t been since October and I’m so excited to see my friends, family and for Christmas!

Today I’m going to study in the library after doing some groceries and making lunch!

See you in the next post!

Ciao 😘



Hello guys!

I have chosen to answer 10 of your questions for now and leave the rest for another time! I have translated all of the questions into English so you all can understand, enjoy!!

What is your favorite place in Italy? What places do you recommend?

Ooh I have so many different places that I love in different ways.. but I think that my absolute favorite for the summer would be either Porto Cervo in Sardegna or Polignano a Mare in Puglia! And for the winter season Cortina or Madonna di Campiglio for skiing, all of these places are amazing in their own way, it is hard to describe! I’ll link some photos below in the order above so you get the idea:

What are you studying in Barcelona?

I’m studying the Bachelor degree in Business Administration

If you are interested in studying business I highly suggest you to check their programs out:


What race is your dog? It’s sooo cute!

Haha thank you he is a tricolor Cavalier King Charles đŸ˜đŸ¶

What is something you do everyday?

Ooh, there are a lot of things that I do on a daily basis but something that I can’t live without is my Power Cocktail in the morning and all the amazing fruits like mango, dates and blueberries đŸ€€

What will you do for New Year?

I’m going to spend New Years in Dubai! Can’t wait to get a bit of sun and warmth even though it isn’t that warm over there in winter. And also I can’t wait to see Sandra!!

How long are you in Barcelona?

My degree lasts for 4 years, however the first three I will stay in Barcelona and the forth one Includes an exchange year and internship so I don’t know where I’ll go yet but I won’t be in Barcelona.

Is it hard to be vegan?

If I have to be honest, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would. I have always loved the amazing food here in Italy and basically all of the dishes contain milk, cream, egg or meat. Especially since I love cheeses and salumi it was hard when coming here to Italy and sometimes I do still take a bit every now and then. Otherwise when I go out to have dinner or cook at home it is super easy and insanely good since I can decide the things that I feel like having that meal.

Something you hate/love?

One thing that I don’t like is obviously math haha no but on a serious note, I don’t really like cooked peppers but I love them raw.
Something that I absolutely love is meeting new people and learning about their background and culture/traditions!

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

I really love the fact that it is a big city with lots of people and therefore; lots of things to do. This plus the fact that it has the ocean and the mountains is a big big YES!

What does a usual day look like for you?

A normal day in Barcelona is waking up, making breakfast, then I either go out for a walk or study/grocery shopping and sometimes before class starts I grab lunch/coffee with friends, then I have class from 14.00 until 20.00 so I go home make something to eat and just chill or I go out for dinner with friends depending on our schedules. I usually watch something on the computer or watch tastemade on Snapchat before going to bed, LOVE IT!

Hope you guys liked this little q/a!




Although it has been a hectic day I always start it off with a juice to strengthen my immune system and to boost myself with antioxidants.

Then I studied for exams and decided not to do math this term since it is not really my favorite subject so I’ll save it for the next term instead. I felt that it is better for me to focus on the other subject instead and put my energy into passing the other subjects instead.

At around 17.00 Leo and I went out for a walk with Ville and we went around in some stores here in Modena including SPOON which is a must go to when I’m here! They have a lot of cool stuff from amazing collaborations and brands.

On our way home we stopped by our usual gelateria but it was closed so we found a new one which was super delicious and lucky me it had some vegan options too!

Tonight we had a cozy aperitivo and dinner at home and now the ice cream in the sofa watching “The Lost City of Z”.

Before I log off I also wanted to tell you about a super nice place I went to yesterday night for dinner called L’Archivo. It’s a tiny restaurant and the food and interior design was great. Super recommend đŸ€šđŸœAltough I had a salad but there were plenty of other options too!

P.s. keep on sending questions and I’ll post a Q&A tomorrow!




This morning I woke up to an amazing juice filled with greens. It is super rich in antioxidants and is PERFECT as a snack or a juice to go with your breakfast.

This is what you need:

Apple, spinach, basil, celery, ginger and lime.

This is all you need - just throw it into the juicer and drink it right away.

I try to drink as many juices as possible everyday including just a celery juice in the morning before eating anything as a part of my healing, and I can say that even if you do not have any big noticeable problems, maybe you just feel tired and out of energy these juices really give you a boost! Celery is an amazing vegetable for healing thyroid problems and so much more.

Hope you enjoyed!!




Today has been a really relaxing day at home, starting it off with a first advent brunch with the family and then studying for finals and two long walks with Ville.

Since it was Tyras last day before going back to Sigtuna we made home made pizza together for dinner before she left to the airport. We used to make pizza now and then when both of us used to live in Verona but we have completely forgotten to do it lately. We made margherita and salamino piccante, and it turned out super delicious, and although I eat a vegan diet sometimes exceptions are so worth it.

When I went out for a walk tonight I noticed how Modena is so pretty at Christmas time, it is all lit up and there are candy and bakery stands everywhere.
I’m ending today with sitting a cozy movie and about 60 lit candles around me, and I’ll try to go to bed early after that.

In my next post I wanted to answer some of the questions that I have gotten and if there are more comment down below or contact me on Instagram!

See you soon



Hello everyone!!
From now on I will be blogging in English so that all of you can understand.

After having my last class of the year I quickly packed up the last things and went to the airport as I’m going to stay in Modena until the 10/12 as we have a study leave before exams start.

My mom came and picked me up at Bologna airport and she brought Ville who got crazy as usual!

When we arrived to Modena I went straight to Piazza Roma to meet Maty who I haven’t seen for more than a year! Insane! We took an aperitivo, and of course we took Lambrusco as it is from this area.

After that I went home and had an amazing vegan dinner with my mom, dad and sister who also is here. To finish off tonight we are watching Snabba Cash and having some gelato from La Romana.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!




Hej pÄ er!!

Idag sÄ drog jag hemifrÄn lite tidigare till ESADE för att plugga inför finals som börjar den 11/12. Var skönt att fÄ undan lite sÄ att jag sen bara behöver lÀsa över allting nÀr jag Àr hemma i Italien nÀsta vecka.

Efter förelÀsningen sÄ tog jag en snabb men mysig kaffe paus med Matilda och Carmen innan jag gick och handlade lite mat frÄn min favorit matbutik veritas.

Idag sÄ Àr det min kompis Megs födelsedag som fyller 22 och vi var ute med lite andra tjejer ikvÀll pÄ en supergod middag pÄ La Barra, och lite drinkar pÄ det. Blev lite sent eftersom jag har förelÀsning imorgon men aja det gör inte mycket.

Sen ville jag bara meddela er om att efter jag postade mitt första inlÀgg sÄ har jag fÄtt mÄnga som skrivit till mig eller kommit fram till mig och frÄgat om jag kan blogga pÄ engelska. MÄnga av mina kompisar Àr ju frÄn andra lÀnder och förstÄr inte svenska sÄ jag ville bara förklara och sÀga att frÄn och med nÀsta inlÀgg sÄ blir det engelska hÀr pÄ bloggen.

Hoppas ni alla har haft en toppen dag!




Idag Àr det alltsÄ första dagen som jag lÀgger upp ett blogginlÀgg samt första gÄngen jag provar pÄ detta och det Àr ju sÄklart super spÀnnande att fÄ kunna dela av mig med lite av min vardag osv. med er!

Idag ringde alarmet klockan 08.00 och jag hade tÀnkt gÄ till biblioteket och plugga innan jag skulle trÀffa nÄgra frÄn min Finacial Acounting grupp och jobba pÄ vÄrt grupprojekt innan förelÀsningarna började.. TyvÀrr sÄ var jag extremt trött imorse och stÀllde om alarmet till kl 10.00 istÀllet (hehe). SÄ det slutade med att vi satt och jobbade i gruppen runt en timme och sen gick jag och Sofia och bestÀllde lunch pÄ en superbra restaurang precis bredvid universitetet.

För er som inte fÄtt reda pÄ det sÄ Àr jag vegan, ja JAG. Helt sjukt att tÀnka mig efter 5 Är i Italien, pastorna, pizzorna, parmigiano, prosciutto... alltsÄ det Àr ju min absoluta favorit mat! Men nu har jag börjat komma in i detta med veganskt och plant-based och det kan vara hur gÄtt som helst!

Och hÀr har ni tvÄ bilder ifrÄn dagen lunch.

Om ni har tips, frÄgor eller annat pÄ tankarna sÄ kan ni kommentera eller kontakta mig pÄ socialla medier.