As fall continues here in Sweden, I feel like it is an appropriate occasion to speak about how much I miss home, and how I deal with homesickness. It's always so much harder than you expect it to be!

1) Keep in contact with your family: I try to talk to my family or at least my mom once a day! It helps me from feeling like I'm not too disconnected with life at home, and it's nice to be reminded that they're still there for you.

2) Keep in contact with your friends : Similarly to the aforementioned point, staying in contact with your closest friends is honestly some of the best advice I can give you. It's hard to keep up with everything, but even a couple snapchats back and forth or a minute long Skype call gets the job done!

3) Have things in your room that remind you of home: I've been fortunate enough to have friends who make things for me too keep in my room, but I also brought a bunch of shells and my favorite pictures, to put up in my room to remind me of home.

4) Make the most of your current situation: Regardless of what you're going through, or how much you miss being at home, it's really important to make the most of the situation you're in, even if you feel like you're not doing anything important at that time, keeping a positive mindset does wonders!

5) Look at the bigger picture: At the end of the day, whatever you're doing that is making you miss home, think about how it will make you grow as a person, and how insignificant those feelings will be in a couple of years <3

In the end, we all have a destination and it doesn't matter how you get there, or where you go but rather that you go at all.

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I don't necessarily know how I would describe my style, its a strange mix of eclectic, bohemian style with some classic cuts and anything that is comfortable with a wide leg. However, I have a distinct sense of what I like, and all of my favorite pieces fall under my three rules:

1. SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS! When it comes to socks, I absolutely cannot say no, I love to match them with my outfit, and make them the focal point, it adds some fun to a mundane school-day :)

2. Can I sleep comfortably in this? If I can't pass out on my bed in the item, I won't put it on in the mornings, I strongly believe that comfort is king, and I know myself well enough to know that if its not comfy, its not going on! This also goes for anything that I can't jump around in, or move in, my 5 year old's personality needs something that keeps up with me!

3. How many times will I wear this? My closet needs to consist of clothes I can wear in 90 degree weather at home, and wear during the bitter cold winters, I really like when clothes are practical and dynamic, although it may need some minor adjustments and additions.

Overall, just wear whatever you like, and what you're comfortable in. As long as you feel good, thats all that matters at the end of the day. Have fun with your outfits, and don't take yourself too seriously <3



Hey! So after extensive deliberation I've finally decided to start a blog! I'm not entirely sure of what I will post on this, but I'm guessing that it will be some mixture of lifestyle and what I'm up to! So as the first post I want to share the highlights of my summer in Antibes, Grand Bahama, Saint Lucia, and Stockholm. I hope you enjoy!