A single word will come across when we think about a relationship.... unpredictable. Visionary true, how a girl can be so sure that the boy, she falls for will respond in the same way like the way she wants. But, if you have deep faith in the relationship goals then we will help you in this process. Do you want your crush to follow you madly? While it is impossible to force anyone to develop a feeling for you, but your certain acts will surely give him hint that you want to be true to him.

We have bifurcate this entire "How to get a guy to like you "drive in three simple steps, let's take them one by one.

1. Be the way you are: - women are simple but many times, it's become really hard for her to take the rejection, therefore, she transforms herself in the way, her crush likes. But this is not a way to deal with this aspect. You can experiment with your regular look, it is healthy but become an imitation of someone else, takes you down.

Don't let yourselves to go that extent, get a life, and be yourselves. Have faith in yourselves and the truth which resides in the heart, if the guy that you like love true people, then surely he will turn to you. Apart from this make sure you look your best, your kind gesture and habits of greeting others attract the attention of guys towards girls. Take advantage of this weakness and keep on focusing on your target.

2. Know each other: - This is a digital world, and if you want a serious relationship in your life then you have to take your head from the computer screen and get involved with your guy. Don't be desperate as guys hate obsessed women. If they feel freedom in your company then they will surely come to you.

Your good sense of humor can pave your path in this direction. Don't afraid to get friend zoned and take a step ahead and ask for his quality friendship. When you both spend quality time together then soon will be the day comes when he will start missing your presence in his life.

3. Time for your next move: - if you have judged your guy and felt that he is just perfect and you two are meant for each other. Start showing some more interest in him, make him observe that you like his company and you two share some common interest. Good flirting is essential for light the fire of love in a relationship, therefore, don't miss a chance to indulge in him. Leave him in the existing state; this is a widely acclaimed reverse physiology principle "letting him go to get him back". Sooner or later he realizes your position in his life and you are more than perfect for him.

Bottom Lines: Love is a feeling but your efforts can modulate its path. Therefore if you have a love interest and you want him to chase you, follow above steps, you will surely get the success.

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