Exactly why sit inside a plane when it is so much better to actually jump and just fall down to the earth instead? That exactly how I felt when me and my instructor grabbed the rail of the plane and just throw ourself out in nothing.

I was in such a weird mood, i wasn't even scared and Mie who had jumped one time before couldn't sitt still and kept on talking and talking. I just sat there and said this is going to be so much fun and was really excited. Do you know what it was the best thing i have ever done in my soon 20 years on this planet. The feeling of falling straight into the air above the clouds and just let go. Let the body spin around just as it wants to is an feeling you just can't describe.

Since I am not very happy about airplanes and especially small ones with propellers and a door that is completley open my instructor said we were gonna be placed back inte the plane right next to nothing but air so that we were going to jump first. I am so grateful for being the first one out and yes there was no problem getting out of the plane. We just stood on the edge and counted to three and throwed ourselves out there, no problem at all!

My instructor let me controll the parachute and it was so fun. We were flying and we watched the whole North Shore, the most part of the island and saw some really good waves. I would recommend everyone go skydiving it is such an amazing feeling. Ánd the best part is that I didn't tell my mom or my dad or anyone from my family so today they get to wake up to some pictures of their ''little girl'' falling from an airplane with a complete stranger on her back!

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Hello guys! Since I been dreaming, thinking and talking English and I have made non speaking swedish friends I am going to write this in english :D

I am so sorry for not updating this blog! For thoose who is following me on instagram and snapchat they have got some pictures and stories (lucky you). This morning before we went to our yoga session I read that there is snow in Sweden right know... HAHA sorry can't care at all! Anyways, I have lived here for a month and 5 days now and I LOVE IT. I don't call Sweden my home anymore because it is not. My heart is simply here on this fantastic island <3

I have finished my work in the university so know I am an owner to my very own blue Hawai'an pacific university cap! YAY awesome, very happy about that :D I totally loved the University, my teachers Robert and Robbie is so far the best teachers I have ever had. They have this big Aloha spirit around them and you see it in their teaching as well. Super love to them. Maybe I go back to HAwai'ian Pacific University to study something else ;)

Even though I only lived here for a month I've already been on vacation. We hopped on a plane and landed on the weirdest airport I have ever seen. Velcome to Kona International Airport... It consisted of what looked like four cottages. It was very cute though and we picked our van up and continued to Kona! Kona is on Big island the biggest of the Hawai'ian islands and is the one with the active volcano (you could actually feel the heat). That was very cool and we went all over the island. Blacksand beach (beach from lava rocks), Volcano national park, hiked down into Waimea valley explored the Hilo rain. If you are traveling to Big island BRING A RAINCOAT. The rain in Hilo is amazing and also very vet and intense. When we walked from a restaurant my shoes was soaked and completley under water yay! Anyway Big island was fun and I really miss our van.

Know that I am back home in Honolulu/ Waikiki and we have started our Body, sports and personal drive course. We have been working out every day since monday and my body hurts like freaking hell. But hey it is all about keeping your mind set!

I haven't just been in school I have done alot of other fun stuff! I have celebrated Halloween here which I can't describe it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Have you seen the great gatsby movie? Well yes it was exactly like thoose parties at the state of art museum. One hell of partying. I also live the true Hawai'ian life. I will come to Sweden as an certified open water diver, as a surfer and with a ukulele in my hands. I brought an ukulele a few days ago and I love it. I have also done one of my life dreams, I have swim with dolphins! Not he trapped ones at aquariums but wild ones. With took a boat put on some snorkeling gear and fins and sent out to the dolphins spot. It was amazing. I stayed a bit away from the group and I was laying co pletley still and then they came to me and said Hello. TOTALLY AMAZING! I do not have any pictures of that though :/ I think camilla has so I am going to ask her and maybe I can post one here. 

I have met some amazing people. My diverinstructor Kat she actually was a rocket scientist for NASA but she quit her job and went to Hawai'i to work as an diver instructor. Another guy from the dive shop he has been diving 1000times during the time of 2015 ( how amazing is that). The surfer dudes we have at the surfshop is also amaszing. Their spend their workours out in the water teaching others how to surf. They also have the big Aloha spirit around them. As soon as you step into theese shops (including diveshop) you are a part of the family.

I can recommend everyone I know to go to the Hawai'ian islands. This is truly paradise and I am grateful that I can call this my home! <3



NYC är verkligen staden som aldrig sover... kom hit i tisdags och åker igen imorgon runt 9 am NYC time. Då är det touchdown i LA och sedan raka vägen till Honolulu! Längtar till sol och värme, vet att många av er därhemma har varit tvungna att skrapa rutorna till bilarna och att minusgraderna har börjat krypa fram... Så nöjd över att få åka dit värmen aldrig drar.

Vi har haft en så kallad local guide som är bosatt i Brooklyn. Super trevlig kille som kan allt, vet allt och alla årtal på alla byggnader på hela manhattan! Helt sjukt, han har lärt hos hur man ska bete sig i New york, hur man talar, hur man går, står ja allt. Han har fixat biljetter till allt som vi har velat göra hjälpt oss med tunnelbanan hjälpt oss med mat. Verkligen med allt! Hatten av för Tom! Vi har sett hela manhattan, brooklyn, staten island hur mycket som helst. Upp 06.00 börjar dagarna med morningwalks eller morningruns ganska skönt faktiskt med lite friskt luft från central park. Hem igen vid typ 21.00 duschen och sen sova. Hektiska dagar med mycket information och promenerande.

Ikväll är det madison square garden och The knicks som står på schemat så basketball guys here we come :D




Ligger just nu i min säng men egentligen har jag minst 1052506541 saker att fixa... Även om det finns mycket tid över eftersom jag inte åker förrän om 33 dagar så känns det som om jag skjuter upp allting. Hehe vilket jag gör också men jaja det ordnar sig! :D

Kommunikationen kommer att mesta dels ske på Skype med mina nära å kära! På Instagram kommer man kunna följa alla bilder som jag tar. Bäst att följa är nog på snapchat om man vill följa mig "live". Där kan jag posta det mesta som händer "just nu". Om någon känner sig lite gammalmodig och vill skicka post så sker det till den här adressen:

Ohia Waikiki Hotel

2280 Kuhio Avenue

Honolulu Hawaii 96815


Viktigt med posten är att den bör skickas från Sverige mellan dessa datum, 13/10- 25/11. Det är också viktigt att skriva ”Swedish Study Camp” – Att. : mitt för- och efternamn + ev. rumsnummer. Annars kan posten hamna hos någon annan :)

Instagram: linnejansn

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33 Dagar



Alltså att blogga är egentligen ingenting för mig... Men eftersom jag har en stor släkt och 12 timmars skillnad mellan Sverige och Hawaii är det svårt att uppdatera alla. Därför har jag startat denna blogg! Eftersom jag är kamerafreak när jag är på nya ställen så kommer jag väl mest att lägga upp bilder på alla fantastiska ställen. Ska även försöka att skriva något då och då så att ni vet att jag i alla fall lever (y)

Nu är det nästan 1 månad kvar tills planet lyfter från Arlanda! Det börjar kännas rejält nu när alla papper och allting har kommit hem. Allt sitter uppe på min garderob men det är så mycket information att jag nästan måste läsa om allt varje dag för att inte missa något. Skulle vara ganska så surt om man sitter där på andra sidan jorden och har missat något viktigt :(

Här nedanför kan ni se de bilder från förra året då 13 ungdomar bosatte sig i Kuala Lumpur! Hoppas på en lika rolig resa denna gång :D