Hey guys!
So here I am again after almost a week... I have been quite busy with school and everything.
But here I am now and I'm going to tell you about my weekend! I'm super exited because I will get to spend my weekend with my two favorite people.
First on saturday we will be celebrating Emmas birthday and YES, you are going to see some pictures from that day. We will be staying at a hotel so I'm very exited about that too!
Then on sunday I will just be chilling with Martin and do some catching up after his trip. I will tell you some more about my trip when I come back to Finland.
So until next time! Hope you guys will have a good weekend too<3

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​Hey guys!
Today I went to visit my bestfriend at her new job and I'll tell you, this definitely my new favorite place!
They have everything on their meny. From burgers to salads to all other snacks and best of all........ they have good prices to so you can eat good food on a budget.

So the place is Deliber K7 and you can find it on Keskuskatu 7 in Helsinki.
So I'm hoping that you guys also find your way there!

Until next time <3



Hi guys!
So as promised, here is the video from our trip to Albufeira, Portugal. I will let the video speak for its self so go check it out.

Please keep in mind that this is my first video ever so don't be too quick to judge!

Hope you like it!<3



Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you about my favorite Diego Dalla Palma products.

As any girl, I love make up and Diego has the best quality products. When I put on my "face" in the morning I don't have to think about if it will stay on or not because it fits and it sits!

Here we have three of my favourite brushes and a powder contourkit

This concealer and foundation are my life savers because they can hide and pimple and darkcircle

My every day bronzing powder that gives a nice, slightly tanned look

After a long day I love washing my face with Diegos detox cleansing milk and smoothing tonic seerum. I really love how they make my skin feel soft and clean!

I will post a video of my deep cleansing routine some other day and then you will get some information about the scrubs and masks that I use!

You can buy these products from Stockmann, Helsinki or then order them online!

Thank you for reading!



Hey guys! How are you feeling?

I'm feeling great today because tomorrow morning I am leaving to Portugal. The thought of sun and warm weather makes me feel so good that I can't stop smiling. So today will be all about packing and google searching Portugal.

I will have my camera with me the whole trip, so I will be doing a video from my trip and I warn you that my boyfriend will be starring in that video. Hopefully the video will be up within two weeks!

The video will also be like a celebration. Because me and my boyfriend are celebrating our two year anniversary! So hopefully we will be going to a romantic dinner on our last night there.



Hey guys!

I have been doing some hard thinking about how I want my blog to look. I came to the decision that I will just try to show you the best and worst parts of myself.

So here are some facts about me:

1. I usually don't dress to impress.

2. French fries are my go to snack.

3. I am a dancer and I have been for 14 years.

4. I'm known for speaking my mind.

5. I don't read books.

6. I relax by watching makeup videos.

7. Sam Smith is my favorite artist, I mean his music touches souls.

8. I have been in a relationship for 2 years.

9. When I am not dancing or in school, I do makeup.

10. I'm a senior in high school.

My dream is to move abroad to continue my dancing career. Hopefully to one of the Nordic countries.

I also want to have a career as a makeup artist.