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First time to New York City

I took a plane and left my house in August 3. Long way since I prepare my information. I am not

awake about I will not see my family for ten months at that time. It is weird, but now i miss my

family in Taiwan. Anyway, I must write a blog for my trip to New York.

I only spent one day in New York City. So I didn’t visit too many places.

Before i go to New York, I am really envy those people who had ever gone to. But after the one day

trip, i have an idea. New York is a city never stop.There are new people always come and out.

There are many people from different countries. You could know different culture especially you

meet some awesome people. That is one advantage, but i don’t like the environment. maybe when

I am older, I will have another idea.

I like the way those streets are. That is New York style. The ladders attach the house such as the

scenes in the movies! I took some photos and photoshopped them a little. Couldn’t love them


Subway is not like the MRT in Taipei City. Though they are both the transportation.

Subway in New York is very complex, I mix them all the time. And generally it is dark and not so

clean inside compare to the bright and clean in Taipei MRT.

I like the streets in this city. But when you have something good, you need to stand something


Statue of liberty

We took a ship to get to the place where the statue is. But I had a little bit headache on the ship.

i think everyone have heard about statue of liberty. If you want to take awesome pictures and

experience the atmosphere of this, you must go

911 Memorial

I don’t remember here too much. Cause I just stayed there for a little while. Here is a place that is


Time Square

One of the most memorable place in New York City! Full of people, full of energy, always just hear

it from friends or see the photos about it online.

For me, one time is enough. I don’t like the place that is crowd of people all the time.

But I still like some part of New York. You could go into many store, choose your new clothes, taste

a fancy drink or ice cream. That’s super cool.

BTW, I took a photo about Suicide Squad in Time Square!

Also bought a pair of shorts in Forever 21.

But you need to be careful in this place. There are some problem would happen if you aren’t.

The price here is also very high. I bought a sandwich for dinner but it cost me 11.98 dollars.

Central Park

I only laid on the grass in  Central Park. And I didn’t take picture with my Canon.

I must say, here is the most attractive place for me in New York!

Just very regretful I only stay here not too long.

I promise myself I will go back to Central Park.

Central Park is in my schedule now!

Anyway, enjoy a trip to this amazing city. I think after a few year, I have a job and earn some 

money. I will go back to New York City and visit more different places by myself.

The world is too huge and people are too small.

Hope I could take more awesome photos in the future.

Whenever, wherever  I am.

Everyone need to find a city that suits you most. I am still finding.

Now I think Taipei is the city I love the most.

Maybe my thought will change someday.

My exchange year just start. I will try my best to make this year amazing.

Can’t wait to start my school day and come back to Taiwan and meet my family and friends!



​Hello! Is me! Do you still remember what I texted yesterday?

All right, that me take about how excited I was this early morning!

As the same way. I have lots lots lots of junk mails. lol

At first I thought 'Oh...again!' But there were something different.

It is three mails from EF.

I got news from these mails. I will be with a Netherlands and a Korea girl.

And the host family is our welcome family.

I really want to see them now!!!

You can't imagine that kinds of feeling...

I have waited for it almost three months.

But my friends told me that it still needs about two weeks for them to achieve these information, and send them to me.

I could wait for it!

Hope the day would come ASAP.:)



Hey everyone,you may know me who I am. But I want to introduce myself formally.

I am going to be an exchange student in America from 2016 to 2017.

Actually I hadn't thought of this. So when I was noticed I could study in USA for a year. I couldn't be excited any more! I mean it.

Life is always surprising. If I just stay in Taiwan,I may live very comfortable. But I couldn't meet other people,see the world in another sight.

Why I want to attend this program?

I love travel! Being with nature. I think it is one of these reason. Also,I am interested in foreign culture. I listen to the popular songs in English. And I could learn some word cuz of this. My favorite subject must be English. Haha. I know there will be a challenge for me. I can't wait for the whole new world. Can't wait for my new family,school and friends!

Now,I am gonna talk about my country. Taiwan is an island. Somebody may think it is small. But you can experience what is traditional Chinese culture here! About the nature scenes,buildings,literature,food and nice people!

I love my country,I love my family,my friends in Taiwan.

If you are one of EF Class of 17,commenting below! LET ME KNOW YOU. Where will you go to? How do you feel now?!