Every girl should own a white cotton button-up, or several if you're prone to stains like me. I found myself a white Ralph Lauren button-up at Dillards this past summer for $5 bucks on clearance and it has served me well when I've been in need of something classic and feminine. The one pictured here is BP. from Nordstrom - the ruffle detailing really caught my eye! I never really looked at BP. clothing before, but there's alot of basics with a feminine twist which I'm a huge fan of!

Pants/ Zara, Top/BP., Earings/Asos



1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

I recycle clothing quite frequently, but a couple items I have held onto for years are my Fly London wedge heel combat boots and my favorite oversized sweater from H&M.

2. What is the newest item in your wardrobe?

I'm super pumped about the Blank NYC faux leather jacket I found at a consignment shop for $40!

3. What is the most expensive item?

Anything that I own that's worth any value is only in my possession because I got it for dirt cheap somewhere.

4. What is the biggest bargain?

I feel like everything I thrifted or consigned is a bargain!

5. What was the biggest waste of money?

The biggest waste of money in my experience has been spending more money in the long-run on poor quality shoes. My grandma taught me to care about my feet and the shoes I put on them, because I'm only ever going to have one pair - one pair of feet that is. ;)

6. What is the cheapest item that you still use a lot?

All of my jewelry is super cheap from thrift stores, consignment shops or items I got for dirt cheap at retail stores. I wear all the same jewelry all the time.

7. What are your three favorite items right now?

1) Cole Haan black suede slouchy boots (consigned for $20)

2) Tan & black plaid long-line blazer coat from Boohoo ($20)

3) SORIAL Carli suede leather fringe satchel crossbody handbag (consigned for $40 w/ the tags attached original MSRP $375)

8. What are your favorite pieces that you've gotten as a gift?

I don't get a lot of gifts because I like to shop myself haha, but my husband recently gifted me a Gucci belt which I absolutely love.

9. What is the most comfortable item?

My favorite and most comfortable item that I will never ever get rid of because it's super oversized and I don't think I could ever get huge enough to where it would never fit me again is this grey sweater from H&M (I LOVE RUN ON SENTENCES). I probably wore it 100 times last year and I plan to double it this year.

10. What is the most outrageous/colorful item in your closet that you absolutely love?

I wouldn't say it's outrageous, but it's bright neon orange! It's a long sleeved oversized dress which looks awesome with black tights and over-the-knee black boots. I got it from H&M on clearance for $10 and I'm super pumped about it.

11. What is the most uncomfortable item but you take the pain because you love it?

Flats actually kill my feet more than heels do. I purchased a pair of mint green faux leather pointy-toe flats with an embellished rhinestone buckle and love how unique and vintage they look! I purchased them at Zara. They are so flat, I can literally feel the ground beneath me, but my goodness are THEY SO CUTE.

12. Where do you shop the most at?

From online stores definitely Asos being number one, followed by Boohoo. I get my items from Asos in 2 days and free shipping both ways, so it's perfect. Boohoo ships from China and takes a little less than 2 weeks, and the quality and sizing is surprisingly very good. I prefer the in-person experience of shopping, so my favorites to go in-store are Nordstrom, Zara and H&M. If I'm only shopping for shoes specifically, I shop online at Yoox (amazing European online retailer with huge discounts on designer/name brand shoes), and in-store at Nordstrom Rak. As for consignment shops which I shop at regularly are the Avalon Exchange (both Coventry and Lakewood locations), Revolve Fashion and Twila's Closet.

13. Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item.

Do black jeans count? 'Cause I am IN LOVE with the coated black jeans from DSTLD. Seriously best jeans I ever bought - fit like a dream and go with everything. I don't wear alot of white because I'm so worried about stains, but my favorite white item at the moment is pure white silk bottom-up blouse from Goodwill. I plan to share some pics of these items in the coming weeks!

14. Something you love but everyone else hates?

Probably my whole wardrobe, haha! I've always loved the oversized look, and by oversized I mean legit HUGE. Could be sweaters, coats, jackets, tshirts, dresses, etc. If I can swim in it, it's perfect. I know a lot of people hate this look, not everyone, but it doesn't seem to be the crowd favorite.

15. Something that you are excited to wear soon?

I'm excited to re-wear my favorite floral dress from Free People to my Friendsgiving party this year! I'm also excited to wear this silk blouse I recently found at Revolve Fashion. I'm excited to see all the different ways I can wear it.



I have to say, I look like I'm dressed in head-to-toe Jcrew, but it's all thrifted! These jeans are actually Route66 (say wutttt) that I literally am obsessed with! They are the highest rise that I now own, going clear past my belly bottom. They're super stretchy but don't lose their shape at all. I tried Googling where I can find more washes in this style jean and I found some on Ebay! This dark green and navy blazer is super light-weight and I've already paired it with so many other outfits since I found it this past summer. Brown boots are suede Franco Sarto that were pretty much in perfect condition when I found them, and now they have this beautiful distressed/worn look to them because I wear them more than any other boots I own. And necklace and belt are thrifted as well. I wear this belt all the time, the necklace not so much because it's super vintage looking (which is not necessarily my style, but I thought it worked with this outfit to add a little pop to my OOTD). This whole outfit made me look and feel like a smart girl! What a stereotype, right? All that's missing are some spectacles and my outfit would be complete! ;)



Do you ever have one of those days where you just can't escape that ever growing to-do list you have? I truly believe Sundays should be a day of rest, the Lords day, and spent with family, not stressing or even thinking about EVERYTHING you have yet to check off your list. Today I took the day off everything and went to church with my husband. We went to our favorite coffee shop in Hudson and he was nice enough to take a few pics of my OOTD. These pants are a favorite of mine, specifically because of the zipper at the bottom of the hem. You can zip them all the way down to create a skinny pant look or leave them unzipped to create a minimal flare - perfect to do when wearing tall chunky boots like I chose today. I love this denim jacket from Zara - it has a removable fur collar and ties under the arm for a more fitted look. Boots are also from Zara and go on like a sock - no fuss, my favorite!

Outfit: Zara denim jacket w/ removable fur collar, H&M navy pinstripe skinny high waisted pants, Zara pleather chunky boots