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Sorry sorry sorry for being inactive here today. As you see I have been working all day long without any internet which made it really hard for me to pop in here and say hi. Let me explain my day a little closer :) The job was all the way down in Guildford today which means that I had to leave home at 7 am to take the train down to Guildford station.

While at Guildford station the team came to pick me up (how sweet?!) to drive me straight to location. I had such an enjoyable time on the ride where I got the chance to explore the country a little more, since I´m sadly enough not familiar with any of the british culture or history at all haha. We drove passed the whole british countryside which was actually quite similar to the swedish but in a british kind of way if you see what I mean haha. Anyhow, a really beautiful view!!

First look done!! Taken with my IPHONE 7 CAMERA!!! HOW AMAZEEEEE QUALITY

I began with sitting in make-up and hair to get ready for the first shot. Let´s be honest haha, actually there is not so much to say about it. It was a great team working with.

Lauren & Enzo getting me ready for the shot!

Me working...

One of the best parts with working as a model is to get to know so many different people with all of them having different backgrounds and cultures. I mean yesterday was a completely different team compared to today. But even though it´s an amazing opportunity and so much fun to have so many new influences walking in to your life, it can also be very… let me say mentally testing. Sometimes it´s hard to over and over, almost every day go out of your comfort zone and let new people in to your life when you are working with so many different teams. With all these new impressions you sure need that 20 minute nap afterwards before you are back on track again haha!

That´s a wrap!!

Thank you for your patience by the way. I have been struggling with the wifi here at home I don´t know for how many hours. For some reason it decided to not work tonight…sigh. But the post is up and everything is alright, finally :)

Hugs & goodnight


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Everyday life

Heeey! How are you?? Just wanted to do a quick post to tell you that I'm alive and I am about to do a full update :) Stay tuned...



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First night when I arrived in London, sleepy as never before haha. Well, it was midnight and My flight was 2 hours delayed ;)

À cute area I passed through while I was on my way getting my book

The obligatory pic at the agency haha!

Such à vintage subwaystation!

Freshly showered & dinner



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Yaaay!! Finally a normal workday regarding the hours haha. Usually it takes a lot of time doing a shoot. Mostly because of the light that has to be perfect, such as all the changings of clothing and touch ups of both make-up and hair :) Buuuut not today, we were so quick. The team was amazing, they had a clear plan and we were so productive we shot our 8 outfit before it was 2 o-clock :) Not to mention that we also had all the things based in a minibus!! Now I can also remove that thing from my bucket list if that was ever written down haha.

A hard working day for sure. Lunch was first served at 3.30 pm, so imagine me being starving like never before haha, so worth it though. I can't wait to expose the editorial and all the 12 pictures we captured today for you guys. That is my reward and my motivation when I was out there freezing and working really hard to get incredible pictures. Proud & happy!!

Anyhow, here are some sneak peaks ;)

I´m just about to jump in the shower to get out all the products in my hair before my book and some blogreading is waiting for me. Tomarrow I´m confirmed for a shooting in Guilford(?!). Which means another travel day, another location, another team and another story. Exciting!!

Goodnight lovies!





Everyday life

Goodmorning! No joke I had a really hard time getting out of bed when the alarm rang at 6 am this morning. But, on the other hand it will be so much fun to do this editorial today. Secret for now but I will show you when the time has come :)




Everyday life

The IPHONE 7!! Finally!! It´s mine and only mine!! Its perfection of the pink rosie outside together with such a good camera, better battery time and faster as never before. It's hard to put words on how extremely happy I am right now! As you saw yesterday I visited the Apple store, the reason for that was to find out more about the new IPhone 7. So today, I went back and bought one of my own. YAYYYYY!! I chose the pink one, and I'm in love, I´m seriously in love. I tried the camera as soon as it was working and every picture and contact was fixed. And I´m beyond surprised how beautiful pictures it actually takes. Finally a phone that is working. Happy customer for sure haha!! You know mine has been broken for a period of time so its nice to actually see what time it is without sqeezing your eyes or to actually take a proper selfie without a greyish (not self chosen) filter haha. Watch out, because I´m finally back in the selfie-game again ;)))

Hello and welcome back to the reality haha. Besides buying the phone, mostly of the time got to install everything and synchronize my things from the old phone to the new one. I had a few problems in the beginning trying to make it work. Thanks to my sweet norwegian friend in the apartment I could use her computer and now its all good. Thank you for that!!! During the day I also had this casting, which I don't think went very well :// You always get like a feeling when you are there if the casting goes well or not, but the thing is you don't really know until you know haha. Until you are actually there working ;) Otherwise it will come other opportunities so I´m not worried :)

Nope, now I will continue playing with my new toy and trying the banana cake my roomie just made, haha. Goodnight and sleep tight!

Tomarrow is the big editorial day, I keep you posted :)





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Goodmorning peeps! What a wonderful morning rushing back to a casting picking up my book after have forgot it there yesterday, haha... or nah. What a long sentence but I think you understand my situation! So, yesterday I had this casting which is almost an hour away. You have to take the tube for like 10 stops and that feels far far away. When I finished the casting I went to the Apple store (as you saw), I went home, went for a run and then it suddenöy hit me. I forgot the (stupid!!haha) book at the casting. So this morning I had to go back to pick it up, and I was suppose to be there at 9.30 which is a description of an early morning with that hour of travelling.. sigh.. However, it's back again and I'm ready to continue the day with my one casting for Alexander McQueen, wish me luck :)

Tonight I will meet Hedvig for dinner, since she is here for a couple of days. We are thinking about finding a nice place in Soho. Simply, we will see during the day where it will end and what we are craving to eat.

Have a great day & make sure to enjoy your time!

New fresh polaroid we took om the first day at the agency :)



Everyday life, Q/A

Hope you have had the best day my dear readers :) Before I say goodnight to you, I have prepared 5x6 quick facts about me. I will talk to you tomorrow again about the happenings of today and further plans. I´m sure you don't want to miss it haha..



5 things I can't live without





Lonka Fudge

coffee (put an extra haha)

5 things I want to do

Learn to surf (even though it feels scary to do)

Swim with dolphins

Get an apartment near the mediterranean

Challenge myself trying the "The kitchen sink" in San Francisco (a competition of eating a 8 liter big ice-cream bowl within a certain time)

Live a happy life

5 things I don't like


Dishonest people

To be late

Injustice in the world


5 food dishes I love

Spaghetti Bolognese


All sorts of toast (avocado, egg, cheese, banana, peanut butter…etc)

Yoghurt with granola and fresh berries

Ovenbaked salmon with coconut rice

….This list is too short haha :(((

5 places I haven't visited but want to visit



Los Angeles



5 favorites in the fashion world

Calvin Klein

Stella Mccartney

Donatella Versace

Olivier Rousteing

Karl Lagerfeldt



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My morning, honeycovered oatmeal with dried fruit, banana and apple

Goodmorning sunshines! I hope it's nice and sunny weather at home. Here in London it's pouring a bit today and the sky is grey. Haha typical London weather I would say ;)
Today I have one casting around lunchtime, otherwise I'm free for the day. I was thinking of visiting an applestore to check out the new IPhone 7. Since my phone broke a few weeks ago, I'm in such a need of a new one, so I was thinking of have a look at the different options and prices. Enough about me, what are you doing today? :)

I was also at the agency this morning, well I'm still here haha (busy drinking coffee and eating nuts). Anyhow, I found out I'm booked for such an exclusive and exciting editorial on Thursday. Two days until workday and I can't wait to be there and do my very best. This can change the whole career for me!!!! Any guesses of what it can be? ;)) please comment haha..