So I have not blogged in forever and I don't have any excuses at all... I just haven't felt like doing it :)
But here is some pictures from Kauaii, Hawaii, a bonfire with my friends and the three proms I went to.

Soon I'll be back home feels both sad and exciting! I'm leaving June 23 and will be in Sweden June 24.



Hello again,

I thought I would write something because I haven't written anything since winter break(or Christmas break, whatever you want to call it). Not a whole lot has happened since then but I thought I would write a short little note so you would know that I'm still alive.

A few things that have happened, more things have probably happened but these are the ones I can think of:
I have been on my first professional ballet with Claire and Maddie. And I have tried roller skating for the first time, today actually, with my host family. Ingrid, from Sweden(exchange student that lives outside Olympia) came to Bainbridge and we had a lot of fun.The new semester has started too. I think I might have wrote this before but I have some new classes. I have CPS(cultural, power and society, I think it's called) it is a seminar class and we talk about sociology and that is really interesting. Second period I have photo 2, third period and fourth period I have American studies which is social studies, history and English all wrapped up in one/two classes. Fifth period I have painting and sixth I have world religions. I'm really happy with my all of my classes! I think it will be an awesome semester.

I'll try to put up the pictures from my camera to my computer but for some reason it won't work so I might have to take it to some computer genius.

From the ballet

Roller skating

Dad's birthday today, HAPPY B-DAY

We tried to get tan in the sun

Went to an art museum (SAM)

Me and my bro

Ingrid came

Met all the exchange students for an international dinner and we all made dishes from our country. I made meatballs with lingon(don't know how to spell that in English) berries that I bought at the Marina market in Poulsbo.

Skyped with Johanna my love <3




Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I have been really busy.

On Christmas Eve we made sushi and opened some presents and then we opened the rest on Christmas day. Then we went to Steve and Mary (Seans brother) for christmas dinner. I had made some "lussekatter", Swedish saffron rolls. 

We went to California the day after Christmas day. First we went to Yosemite and then to San Francisco. We skied, ice skated and took a lot of pictures in Yosemite. In San Francisco we did some shopping, went to Alcatraz(an old prison), saw the golden gate bridge, went to china town and a lot of other fun things! 

I also got a new cousin the day before christmas!!

I'll probably post more pictures that I took with my camera but that take so long so I'll wait with that for a while.