Hello babes! How are you all doing? I havent been typing here for awhile cause I had a hard moment in my life for some month, my dad died and some other stupid stuff I didnt think through in my head. But with bad things comes good things and with all that actually happend to me I saw that life is to short to not live it to the fullest. So now I am sitting in portugal in a really beautiful town called Caldas Da Rainha. I really enjoy my life here. Ive been here since the end of april basically and I am going to stay here till the 31th of may. I am 100% I will come back here cause god I love it here and no more allergy!

I have actually decided to make up a bucketlist on stuff I wanna do and places In the world I want to travel to and I will work my ass off at the same time!
I am going to start taking care of myself more aswell and I am getting better and better to stop with the sugar. I eat fruit ofc but thats a diffrent type of sugar. Oh well I am not going to sit here and explain myself and ofc I take a bag of chips once in a while but I am trying so badly hahaha!

So to everyone please leave a comment on places you want to see or that you would love to recommend to me! Id love to hear more from you guys! I am not going to type more today! Need to come up with stuff to my bucketlist!

Wooop! wooop!

xoxo Ellie 😘

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Hello everyone! Been sleeping pretty okey last night, woke up around 8 and then I chilled a lil bit in the couch before I made up my mind to start squatting again. I am actually going to go through with it this time and in about 2 month me and my lovely friend is going to try out the 1000 squatchallange.. So it is something ill be working my ass for litterally, hahaha!!

Then I took a shower and now I am just sitting here writing to you. And the fun part about this squatting is that its not all, I am officially quitting sweets for now on. Well I will most likely be allowing myself to eat dark chocolate and some fruit and berrys. Good vitamins in them. But thats going to be really hard considering I am so addicted to candy and other sweets. That actually reminds me, I have to go and refill my waterbottle so I wont get a headache.

I have officially started to like finnish food more then swedish! Everything tastes soooo much more.. specially the meat and thats kinda nice to be honest! I really want summer soon, atleast that the snow is going away. That would be so nice!

It is kinda weird of me that I dont like snow.. YET I move to Finland. I am weird thats for sure!

One of the most beautiful girls I know! She´s a big inspiration for me and is a really good friend of mine! Thank you so much for letting me borrow one of your pictures from your instagram!!

Please follow her babes! She´s so beautiful and I wish her all the best of luck in the world! :*

Her blog: http://www.scandalbeauties.com/candy

Her instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sb.candy/

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Many hugs and kisses for you all my lovely readers! :D



Hello cuties! Hows your week been! Mine has been pretty okey! Just not so productive as many may think! I know one person that will read this and laugh his ass off but thats fine! Little bookworm <3

Been better with the makeup tho.. Its getting there and I have been doing it all week so faar! I like it, I just have to get better at it! Practise I know! I have to watch some youtube I think! And most of my makeup is actually in sweden aswell so I have to work with what I have I guess!

Anyway I am just going to say goodnight and update you guys a bit! Cant really do much but yeah!

More love to you guys <3

p.s. Dont forget to drink water ;)



Sitting and just chilling and trying to get some more friends, maybe some new followers on instagram and of on the blog!

As you might have noticed that I type my post on english now days. I talk mostly english now days since I am in Finland. Most people understand english now days anyway and I might be able to get more international readers on my blog. Which would be so much fun dont you agree?!

The guys is playing rust, and I am just thinking of a good way to entertain myself, maybe find a good new idea of my future. Planning is a big thing for me so thats what I am doing and listening to the nerds playing and got some music in my headset aswell!

Did you guys eat some pizza yesterday on internationalpizzaday? I did atleast, and god it was tasty!!

Anyway I am going to play a game or two on Heartstone!

Much love to you all my readers!

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Heelloo sweet ones! <3

9th february.. Time flies by so fast and I am actually a bit happy about that.

The other day we went to Jani's aunt and I got to meet some more of the family of his. It was really fun even tho I didnt understand much of it, and I really need to practise my finnish thats for sure!

Something I didnt see myself doing is playing Heartstone... It is something different for me, but it works for now since I cant really play much right now!

Soon its valentines day! You got something planed for your loved one? If not I hope you will have a great day anyway! ;)

Guys dont forget to follow me on instagram!! Id love to follow you aswell :D #morelovetothepeople

Love you guys! :* <3



Hello guys. The past months have really been something different. I went to america, had so much fun, it felt like you were in a movie when you walked the streets or saw all the cars and ate all the fastfood.

Anyway, I got home after the two weeks. Tho I didnt stay at my dads place, I got the chance to move in at a really sweet guy's place, got myself a job in my hometown but I was faar from happy. It wasnt what I wanted. So I got the chance to do something I wanted, to actually move to finland and start streaming. I cant start yet but I will as soon as I get my pc over here.

I left so much in sweden, but I am actually glad that I did, and to be honest it was for me one of the best things I could have done for myself. People can call me selfish and so on. But for once in my life I am actually thinking about myself not everyone else around me. Specially not the people I know doesnt give a crap what I do or how I feel. I know soooo many people that only talk shit and cant keep stuff for themselfs.

You can act as if you care but its a big difference if you actually show it and mean it.

I am so happy that I took this chance! And if it goes bad (I dont belive it) then it will.. Its not like the world ends because you make one or hundreds of bad choices in life, as long as you take a chance and you know it is something you might regret not doing then its fine.. Ofc I am talking about good stuff not like criminal shit. But I hope that you are smart enough to understand that!

The past years have been a big roller coaster for me, but I learn from it and I get the help that I need from my close ones.
I really didnt expect my life to end up like it has been. It has been full of suprises, both bad and good ones.

And I know I have been really really bad at bloging lately and just being on social medias in generall. But I got some plans and I got my dream and I know with my heart that one day I will make it. No matter how many people that doesnt belive and I know you are out there somewhere. Haters going to hate I know that, hahaha.

Anyway I decided to do a post on my blog for once.. I am going to try to blog but I dont promise anything.

So today is probably going to be a chill day, got my period so I didnt get much sleep cause of pain.. kiiinda sucks so much. So eat some chocolate and lay dying in bed or something..

I miss talking to my swedish friends on discord and listen to how retarded they are. Buut sooon I will! And soon I might be learned some finnish, it is really nice to listen to it all day even tho you dont understand much but you have to get used to it!

Biiig hugs for you all!



Hey everyone!

It has been a long time now since I last updated my blog. Time has passed by and im still not fully okey. Some more stuff came up and it made my recovery harder. I take one day at a time but yeah its not really easy when youre standing on top of a cliff and is so close to take that one step that I know many people around me doesnt want me to take. But like I said, im taking one day at a time and trying to figure everything out before its to late.

Anyway enough with the bad shit. I got some news to tell you guys. Im actually going to travel to USA on monday morning (my time atleast) and see my brother Jaymie for the first time in nine years.

Its still so unreal to me but god I cant wait untill I get to see him. Its going to be so much fun and I really belive its something I need, take a break, get some help and try to take a new chapter in my life.

I am so thankfull that you are letting me stay at your place Jay! I hope that we will have so much fun these weeks.

So today im going to see a good friend of mine, tomorrow im going to my mothers place cause she will be the one driving me to the airport. And I have to say goodbye to my family for two weeks.

I will try to update if I can so you guys can see some of my trip!

I have been packing so much yesterday but im so nervous that I have forgot something so tomorrow im going to check my bag one last time so I have everything with me.

Wish me luck guys! <3



Ja som titeln säger. Pokémon GO är äntligen släppt i Sverige MEN det har uppstått ett problem, allt är i stort sätt nere iaf. Så spela just nu är ganska svårt. Så sitter och fördriver tiden med Rust. Börjar tröttna lite på Rust för stunden så funderar på att dra ett cs game eller två.  Vet inte vad jag ska göra.  Massor som behövs göras på Rust med men eftersom det bara är i stort sätt jag som farmar och gör allt är de inte lika roligt. Men shit happends! :P

Hoppas Pokémon GO kommer igång snart så man kanske kan dra till närmaste gym imorgon förhoppningsvis och ta tillbaka de och kanske sätta ut en Lure och kanske en Incence samtidigt! Har en hel del 5km´s ägg att hatcha! :P

Hur går det för er som spelar Pokémon GO?! Hur många pokémon har ni fångat innan de släpptes i sverige eller vänta ni på att de skulle släppas officiellt?! :D

Kram på er! :D



Omg spelet man alltid drömt vore verkligt is finally here!! Nu lär man införskaffa sig en solcellspowerbank till mobilen för detta kommer bli så kul att komma ut och fånga pokémons!! Åh för att få pokéäggen att öppnas måste man gå/ ta sig 5km ungefär! As häftigt!!! Så nu kommer jag vara ute typ jämt åh ständigt! :P 

Vadå ett nytt sätt att få alla nördar utanför dörren!Här ska man bli fit iaf! Ser fram emot torsdag då jag och Jari faktiskt så åka till Sörping över dagen med farmor åh då jäklar blir de att gå massor!! Då åker laddaren med!! :D



​Hej på er! Har inte gjort så himla mycket dom senaste dagarna faktiskt! har plockat lite jordgubbar, flyttat på en jordhög åh tagit de lugnt för vädret har inte varit det bästa! :P

Men snart så kommer faktiskt lite fin besök hit i en vecka faktiskt! Ska bli as kul! :D Här får ni lite fina bilder jag tog igår! :D

Kram på er!