During Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Danish brand fashion brand, Ganni opened a pop-up store in the center of Copenhagen. Here you can find limited edition t-shirts (they are pretty amazing). Also, you can find the finest ceramics, which are designed exclusively for Ganni.

Psssst... the store closes tomorrow Saturday the 19th of August, so if you haven't dropped by just yet: go, go, go! 

See you there?

Adress: Ny Østergade 15, 1101 København K

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Chania, Greece 2017

Roskilde Festival 2017

Prague, Czech Republic 2017

Paris, France 2017

Cottage, Denmark 2017

Cannes, France 2017

My summer was filled with adventures. It started with a romantic trip to Crete with my boyfriend. There we enjoyed the sun, the food, each other and much more. After that, my job (Ganni) threw an awesome summer party at Roskilde Festival, which by the way was my first time at a festival. I loved it! I will definitely be going next year for one day as well.

After Roskilde, I took off to sunny Prague for a weekend together with my favorite girls: mother, cousin, and aunt. Since the weather in Denmark has been awful throughout the summer, a few days in Prague was needed. A LOT!

Most of July I did spend in Denmark, which can be absolutely amazing when it is sunshine: I hung out with friends, worked quite a lot (I must say), and then I had a one day trip to Paris (apartment hunting), but more about that in another post…

Also, I did take a weekend off and went to my boyfriend's cottage for the whole weekend with him and his family. We had the most wonderful time there: board games, rosé, barbecue and grilled marshmallows over the bonfire. 

Last but not least I just got home from South of France. It was the best 10 days in Cannes accompanied with my family. I really feel in love with the French Riviera and their laid-back attitude and cannot wait to get more of it some other time. One thing for sure: I am not done with South of France.

I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the summer. Now I am ready for Paris.

How was your summer?



Bonsoir les filles. Bienvenue!

Well, I gotta practice my poor French, since I will be living there really soon.

I just wanted to check in with you girls and say hi. So welcome to my new universe. I am so excited to share my Parisian journey with you.

Leaving for Paris is both nerve-wracking and so exciting at the same time - It will be my first time living away from home, but not the last, that I know for sure. I cannot wait to live in my favorite metropolitan, and to discover all the hidden treasures. I will share them with you. Don't worry.

Gotta go - there is so much to do before take-off! But stay tuned!

À tout à l'heure!


Elina-Maria Olsen