Here again. Trying to blog about life. Not the first time I've tried it but this time it's different cause this time it's for me and only for me. Sure, if people read this and get some inspiration or just wanna know how I have it, I'm not gonna complain. Unless you don't like me.. then why are you here?

My name is Elin, I am 21 years old and I suck at grammar. So sorry in advance for all the spelling issues but you just have to live with it.
What's my plan with this blog? Well, what I wanna do is to show my lifestyle, kinda like a diary. Fitness, beauty and my random opinions about society and other fun stuff. And no, I am not a fitness or a beauty guru. I'm just a girl who's trying to live a healthy lifestyle and be happy. That's all.

All my life I've tried to fit in some kind of label or box you could say. Be the skinny one, be the cute one, be the smart one or be the funny one. Comparing myself to others, trying so hard to be a part of some kind of group or gang and it never worked out. I either got hurt by someone I loved or I just hurt myself mentally.

But that, my friends, changed. So, here I am, showcasing the new and better version of myself because I'm not supposed to fit in. I'm supposed to be me, there's no box that fits for me cause I'm an original. I am not 100 % confident, not at all, not even CLOSE. But I am trying and you know what? Someday, I'll get there and hopefully you'll want to follow that journey.

Aw, so cheesy. My journey to confidence. Cute.

And remember, you do you boo. You do you.