Instagram has better editing tools than Facebook and Snapchat. Because of that, you can make better photos. And that makes the expression “feed” that means all photos has a theme, for example, blue, or nature pictures. So when other people log in at your profile, they think ‘oh, this person climbs mountains, because all photos are on mountains’, or ‘oh, this person rides horses. If you like to edit photos Instagram is a good app for you.

Snapchat is the opposite, when you know that the photo only going to be shown in 10 seconds, I don't think that you want to spend so much time on one photo. That maybe makes Snapchat seem a little more lazier than Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook you can post links. Then the information spreads, for example the news, faster than it does in Snap and Insta.

For a summary, no social media is better than any other social network, the difference are that different people prefer different social networks! They just like different things. And there is nothing that says that you only can have one social media account:)



Social media only grows bigger and bigger and the number of users grows bigger for every day. But do people use different social media depending of their age?


Facebook is the oldest of today's biggest social media. Facebook started 2006. The biggest percentage Facebook-users are around 16-25 year-old. 80% of them uses Facebook daily. On Facebook you have friends and other people can see how many friends you have. If you log in on other people's profiles you can see if you and the person have the same friends. For example, David is friend with Sarah and Emma on Facebook. Emma can log in on Sarah profile and see that they have a common friend, David.

You can post photos, status updates and links. You can like others photos, share and comment your friends photos. A third of Sweden's retirees have use Facebook like once or twice.


Instagram is another social media that was released in october 2010. Facebook owns instagram. On Instagram you can post photos and videos that your friends can like and comment. You can chat with your friends, in group or to one person. You can also have a live, record yourself and other people can log in and watch it live(like live tv). Another relatively new update are that you can post pictures on My story. Some people believe that Instagram copied Snapchat with this update.

Most young people use Instagram, and 40% of 36-45 year-olds uses insta from time to time. Instagram grows bigger for every day that passes. The most active users are around 12-15 years.


Snapchat was released the year 2011. In Snapchat you can send photos to your friends, but the friends can’t see it for more than 10 seconds(unless they screenshot it, but then they have to be very fast!). If you want all your friends to see a photo you can post it on My story, also in the maximum of 10 seconds, but your friends can see the pic over and over again for 24 hours. You can also chat, but unlike Facebook and Snapchat, all texts doesn't saves if you don’t want to. You got friends, not followers, but others can’t see how many friends you got. Other people can see your “snap-points”, a number that increases if you send more photos to your friends.

83 percent of 12-15 year-olds uses snapchat. Snapchat is the social network that have grown the most, from 21% to 25% of the asked in all ages.