​Halloween is coming up and for that you of course need some cool treats. Down below are some cool recipes you can try out this halloween!

Magnifying glass cookies

Find recipe here:


Chocolate moster cookies

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Caramel candy apples

Find the recipe here:


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Already October, time goes to fast. But i do love the fall and all the colours. This week has been a very calm week since i have finished most of my school assignments. The assignments i have now is to read two book and write about them, i also have a quiz next week so for that i need to read two other books since the lectures were cancelled.

For a long time, at least 5 years, i have had a lot of pain in my body because of gymnastics. I went to a physical therapist once but then did not go back. But since it is free for another year i decided to start going again. So i went once this Tuesday and i have my next appointed next Friday, I also have to book a time at the dentist because my tooth has been aching for a while.



Not a post in forever, are we surprised?

Anyways, yesterday was my 19th birthday. I'm getting so freaking old. I always get this age freakout every birthday that the years go by super fast. Since half my family worked yesterday we celebrated my birthday on the 27th. Also i had gymnastics practice and an appointment at the naprapath yesterday.

For my birthday i got an activity tracker bracelet. It's a polar loop 2. I also got a new pair of jeans since all my jeans seem to break at the same time. I was supposed to get some books to but the shipping has been delayed so i still have to wait for those.

Today i have been catching up on school since i haven't done much of that the past few days.



This was my first week of school. The first days i really did not do much studying, even though i should. I am studying 4 courses which is quite a lot of work. But at least today i was really productive. Yesterday i wrote down all my assignments so now i know what i have to do. That really helped me today when i wrote my to do list. I studied from 10.00 to 17.00 with only a few breaks, so that feels really good.

On one of my breaks i went to the store to buy some caesarsallad and some snacks for tomorrow since we have a gymnastics camp. I also picked up a package that was delivered and it was a book for one of my courses that finally got here, it took forever. For my law course i ordered books on Tuesday and payed extra so that the would be delivered in 1-3 days, but the store has not even shipped them yet and it have been 4 days now so i'm not happy about that.



I just started university and since i am doing online school it is really important for me to have self discipline and get my schoolwork done. These are some of my tips to be more organised and get your work done better and faster.

Turn of your phone
Your phone is probably your biggest distraction. Turn it on airplane mode or download the app "forest" which is an app that helps you stay off your phone. You'll be way more productive and won't see all the notifications of social media.

Have everything you need around your desk
Make your ideal study space. Have your desk in your room so you can close the door and have a peaceful environment. Make sure you have everything you need before you start studying. This can include papers, pens, a bottle of water and your laptop of you use that for studying.

Make a to do list and use a planner
Making to do lists and having a planner is a great way to keep track of what you need to be doing. Writing everything in your planner will help you remember so you don't have to do your homework in the last second. Making a to do list a great way to know what you want to accomplish that day, and personally i love crossing over things on my to do list and seeing the progress i'm making.

Set a timer and switch subjects
When you study the same subject for too long it will only make you tired. Instead, set a timer for 30-50 minutes and when the timer goes of you switch subject. This will help when you are stuck on your work and will help reset your mind so the next time you study that subject you have new ideas and are able to concentrate.

Take breaks and get outside for fresh air
Taking breaks is really important when studying. When sitting down for too long without a break it will only make you tired and not productive at all. You should take a 5 minute break at least every 50 minutes. During this break you should drink some water, eat a snack and get some fresh air.

Organise your notes so they are not messy
When writing notes it is easy to just write everything down as fast as you can. But organising them in maybe colour sections will help you know. Maybe you like your notes more creative and it will help you study easier. Or for some it is best to just transfer your notes to the computer because it might be easier to read.



Being healthy and life a happy lifestyle is a priority in a lot of peoples lives. At the same time it can feel hard and we start procrastinating. But actually it is not that hard to make a few changes in your daily routine that will make you happier and healthier both mentally and physically.

1. Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. A huge percentage of the population on earth today are chronicaly hydrated. Drinking more water each day will improve your mood, give you better skin, help you sleep better, make you loose weight and helps your organs. So if you know that you drink too little water, bring a bottle with you to school or work that reminds you to drink more.

2. Be outside everyday. Getting sunlight is vital for your body. If you don't get enough sunlight or vitamin B you can get depression. If you know that you life in a darker part of the world where the weather can be very grey and cloudy, make sure to buy vitamin B tablets at your drugstore.

3. Exercise daily. Working out is a great way to start your day. Even if it is just for 5 minutes every morning. It helps wake up your body and metabolism, and it helps your body focus throughout the day. If you have more time it is also great to go for a walk and get the recommended 10,000 steps a day. 30 minutes of exercise should be your minimal goal, and using a step tracker app on your phone is a great way to keep track.

4. Read a book. Getting away from technology is really important. Reading a book is a great way to relax, and it is very good for your brain. Using your laptop for too long can be hard for your eyes and your brain and can often give you a headache, so try to at least read 2 chapters of a book a day.

5. Keep a journal. Journaling is a very good way to keep track of your day, mood and thoughts. There are multiple ways to keep track. Some people like bullet journaling and have creative ways to use mood trackers and write down thoughts. Other people just like it simple and use a notebook to write daily. The most important thing is just to write down something daily, even if it's just a few lines. It can help you process your thought and emotions instead of keeping them in and have them build up and explode for a minor issue.

6. Be of your phone for at least 1 hour. People spend way to much time using technology and phone nowadays. Putting your phone away for an hour or so every day can help you relax and just focus on yourself. Take a bath, read a good book, studying, cleaning, meditating, do a workout, whatever makes you calm as long as it does not involve technology.

7. Have a to do list everyday. Keeping track of what tasks you have to do every day can help you clear your brain and not make you as stressed. Knowing which events are coming up, what assignment is due at school or anything else. Having it on paper helps you remember and helps you to know what you should prioritize. And for me personally, i lose crossing over tasks i have finished and seeing the progress which makes me even more motivated to finish the rest.

8. Eat less junk. It can be easy to just grab the nearest snack when you're hungry or in a rush. But just choosing grapes over candy or an apple over chips can make you feel so much better. Make a list of snacks to replace the junk with and have them ready in you fridge for when you get hungry or start craving. Having fruit instead of junk can also help us feel better and get more productive since the food that you're eating actually helps your body and gives it nutrients.

9. Smile more. Meeting people or just smile at a stranger can boost both your mood and other peoples moods. Smiling even when you actually feel like crap can trick your brain into feeling happy and boost your mood. So if you feel like your day is shitty, smile even if it makes you look like an idiot because it will help.

10. Clean a little every day. Decluttering your work area, study place or house can make you much happier. Instead of seeing a mess every time and getting stressed you will feel relieved, and it is very therapeutic for many people to clean. It also means that you don't have to clean for a really long time once a week, but just for 5-10 minutes every day.



Today i have been very productive which feel really good. I vacuumed the whole house and my room, dusted my room, ironed clothes and organised around my laptop. It feels nice when it is clean around because otherwise it stresses me out. And i actually really like vacuuming. I also planned for one of my gymnastics teams tomorrow so everyone knows the plan.

My dad and i went to some nature place that is really popular because of some birds, and he wanted to watch those. When we got there it started pouring down rain but we had to walk 1.2km to get to the place from the car. My jacket turned out not to be waterproof so i was soaked. Now hours later my hair is still wet as if i just got out of the shower.



So i saw this tag on a blog that i read so thought, why not do it too.

5 things i have in my fridge:

Yoghurt, salami, chicken meatballs, mountain dew and cheese.

4 things i can't be without:

My phone, my friends, water and family.

3 things i can't eat:

Onions, pickles and cooked carrots.

2 things that make you happy:

Hanging out with other people and horses.

1 thing you do multiple times a week:

Go to gymnastics practice.

So yeah i don't have the most interesting life but i thought it was a fun tag.



So as some of you guys might know i have summer break until september 4th which is 2 weeks longer than all of my friends. In these 2 weeks i have been utterly bored 99% of the time, but it has also been nice. I am a very social person so being alone can be very hard, but it's good practice because it is important o the able to be by yourself and enjoy it.

Yesterday i went shopping with my sister. It felt weird to shop on a Thursday but it was nice and calm, so those are really the perks of homeschooling. We went to IKEA and some clothing stores. At H&M i bought a pair of loose pants that are really comfortable that i can wear while studying. Soon i will get my money from school and then i can finally buy those pants i wrote about in my previous post. All my jeans had holes in them, but today i decided to fix those holes. When i got done with all 4 pairs of jeans i went to sit down at my laptop and one of the pants broke again, this time on the other side. So i just had to get up and fix them again. Luckily it's also my birthday this month so i am going to wish for some new jeans.

Also, isn't it insane that it is already September?! This year has gone by sooooo fast, just like most years. And in 27 days i am turning 19. Everything os going way to fast and i am not keeping up.



Lately all my jeans have ripped of got holes in them, which really sicks. And also since I'm going to be studying at home i really want some comfy pants that i also can wear outside of the house. When i get my pay check for last month and i get money over i'm gonna buy there and i hope they're really comfy. I have even more of these pants in my wish list but i can't afford them all at once.