It's raining, gray and damn cold. Some might say, it's depressing to have this kind of weather in july. I think it's ok.
I lay in bed at the summerhouse and wonder about life. How easy it is to follow the path and choices you have once made. Comfortably numb, you walk the same freaking walk and hope you don't fall down the stairs of boredom. Everyday. Yawn.

My path, my choices. Too often, I have questioned these. The sad part is that I have not acted upon them. Been to afraid. Of failure, of what people might say, I guess. Untill now. The fogg has cleared and I have my eyes open. Finally. And this is the moment I hug myself and say "You can do this. You are worthy."

Baby steps, as I said. Nothing happens overnight. Patience is not really my fortee, but I'm getting better at it. All in all, I'm still on maternity leave for some time to come and I do not want to rush this. I want to do this right. I want to succeed.

My journey to be an entrepreneur is beginning. I may be at the square one, but at least I'm already at the playingfield with the full gear on. It is time to play. Bring it on.

And this is not just talk and pretty words. I'm polishing my business idea and concept as we speak and the business plan is well in progress. I have my first customer meeting scheduled and soon, I'll be picking out paintcolours and floormaterials. Things are happening. I make them happen. And I'm excited. Well done.

One step closer to my dream.

And I applaud myself.

Suunnittele blogisi - valitse Nouwin monista malleista tai tee omasi, "osoita ja napsauta" - napsauta tästä!



I'm so glad to see you. Have been here before? If so, welcome back.

Take off your jacket and sit down for a while. At least, have a cup of coffee with me.

If it's ok with you, let us talk a little about the basics. About life. Foundations of life. About home. Defition of home. Your home.

Let us do a mental excersice if you will.
Sit comfortably. Relax yourself. Close your eyes. Breathe. In and out.

Now, picture your perfect home.

Where do you live? In the city? Or in the countryside perhaps? Do yo have a yard, a garden? Playhouse for the kids? Does it smell roses when you open the frontdoor? Do you live in a house? Or in an apartment? Is your diningroomtable full of fresh flowers every friday?

Now, picture every room of your dreamhome. How does it look, feel, smell like? Do you live alone or is your home filled with sounds of kids playing? What color are your kitchen cabinets, do you have a wooden floor or perhaps a fireplace next to a lounge chair made out of leather?

When you've finished drawing the picture of your perfect home in your head, compare it to the home you currently live in. Are they alike? What are the similarities, how about the differences?

Maybe we could make a list? Put the similarities on the left side of the paper and differences on the right side. Which ones do you have more? If everything is similar, then congrats! You've reached your destination and you can get off the bus. However, my guess is that there is something on the right side of the paper too. If the list of differences overpowers your paper, we should stop for a minute and think why is that? Is the idea of your perfect home a total utopia that no-one can afford? Or is it a realistic dream that you can strive for? If the answer is the latter, what is that we can we change in your current home so it would be closer to your dreamhome? If the idea of a perfect home is the utopia one, ask yourself would it really make you happy?

Let us make another list as I love lists. The purpose of this list is to get you just one step closer to your dream and make the place where you actually live a better place for you to live in. What elements could you take from your dreamhome into your current home if they do not exist there yet? And let's be realistic here. Let us only take the ones that are executable, affordable and within our reach. Here, I'm referring mostly to the material aspects of your home. If your dreamhome includes a hubby that you do not have yet, I'm not able to help you there. But if we are talking about a perfect sofa, soft cotton linen in a kingsize-bed or a double shower, I'm here for you. How many items do we have? With this list, we can make a plan. Our longterm plan is to implement as many points of this list as possible. Maybe, one item every week or perhaps once a month? You decide. Whatever the timeframe will be, with this plan we are able to make your home a better one just for you. Maybe it doesn't happen over night, but it is a comforting thought that it is possible. And I'm pretty sure that there are many things on that list of yours that do not even cost anything. And that is worth thinking about.

Now, I'm out of coffee. It has been a pleasure having you over. Hope to see you soon again beautiful.



Hello beautiful.

This is me. This is my blog. I haven' done this for a while and I'm excited.

Open the door and enter. You are mostly welcome.

This blog is about creating beauty around me and you. Inner beauty is, of course, what counts, but when you are in harmony and balance with your surroundings, also your inner flower will blossom. Home, interior design, interior styling, plantlife, hygge. These themes, and more, you will find here. This is what makes me smile. I would like to see your smile also.

Want to know more about me?
I have done many things in life. I'm a master of economics, have worked within IT for over a decade, have started my PhD, have been educated to be a certified interior designer and the journey continues. Now, I'm a mother of three and I have a dream. To start my own business. To make a profession of what makes me tick. I am an interior designer. Period. This is what I want to pursue.

In this blog, you can take my hand and follow me when I embark this taunting, but exciting journey. This is a journey that I have to take. No questions asked. What I have learned in this life, is not to be afraid of the new and the unknown and strive for the things that actually do give you pleasure and satisfaction. What makes you happy, outside and in. I have nothing to loose, but everything to gain. Sounds such a clichee, I know. But, what's wrong with clichees?

Follow me, let's go.
Hope you stay beside me.