Most of us like to look trendy and stylish by wearing latest designs and fashions of clothing and accessories. The revolution of internet has brought drastic changes to the way of our life. Most of us now prefer shopping for clothes online through various online portals. At the same time, there are popular online services that provide embroidery and printing services on various clothing products to make them useful for advertisement and promotional activities.

Embroidery on clothing is carried out since centuries. In earlier days embroidery used to reflect specific folk culture and also used to provide elegant looks for clothing that was specially made for a unique class of people using threads made out of precious metals as well. Now, as the technology has advanced, we can find single needle or multi needle machines for embroidery on clothing. This increases the production rate in case if it is essential to make multiple pieces with the same embroidery design.

We can even find ready to use digital designs online for embroidery through single needle and multi needle machines. Thus we can create various themes of designs representing various fashion trends easily for clothing as well as many other objects for home décor such as pillow covers, curtains, table cloths, bed sheets and so on.

Embroider work shirts can create a unique fashion statement when specific smaller designs are used on shirts. Embroidery of an emblem of the brand of the clothing is also a growing trend. We must be aware that wearing clothing made by renowned brands is a status symbol. We can find embroidery of brand logos of clothing on the pockets and cuffs of shirt that would be attractively displayed when the shirt is worn.

Another growing trend is t-shirt embroidery. Apart from logos of the clothing brand we can include any custom made design on t-shirts for promotional activities as well. There are online service providers that keep in stock various colors and sizes of t-shirts that can be chosen according to our wish. These professional companies have usually their own set up for carrying out embroidery of designs on t-shirts. These t-shirts are best suited even as uniforms for sports teams and even at workplaces especially in the industries related to hotel management, catering technology, restaurant chains, tours and travel operators. Companies prefer to add their specific logos and punch lines to t-shirts to use them as uniforms for their staff.

Eventually, companies related to various other businesses such as paint manufacturers, pipes and fittings manufacturers, and pumps manufacturers and so on can distribute printed or embroidered t-shirts with their logos among their loyal customers and dealers as complementary gifts for their repeated purchases and for better sales performance. This would create a bond of affiliation between them and the company and common people that can see the printed or embroidered logos would consider the specific brand to be reliable while making their purchase decisions.

Printing of logos and designs is also possible for hoodie printing, printing on jackets, caps, flags and some other accessories made with other materials such as glass sets, jugs, table covers and curtains as well.

Thus printing and embroidery on clothing and accessories can be beneficial for increasing brand awareness, advertisement and promotion of specific businesses.



There are many companies that offer t-shirt printing online. These t-shirt prints are mainly targeted at advertisement and brand awareness. High tech machinery in the printing process can give a clear detail of any design that customers wish to print on their t-shirts for promotional activities. These printed t-shirts can be used as uniforms for teams in sports competitions. Even that could be a uniform at workplaces.

Importance of using water-borne inks for screen printing:

Using water-borne textile inks for printing on clothing is a new method being adopted by businesses. This is made possible by advanced technology involved in manufacturing printing inks. These water borne inks can deliver similar or perhaps better quality of prints than chemical inks. The most important advantage is, this process is eco-friendly. So printers as well as brands can get textile prints without compromising on the quality part and help in preserving environment as there are no pollutants produced during this process.

This is good news, as consumers, companies and many organizations are trying to find remedies for damage to the environment that is already done. There would be a difference of opinion regarding whether the brands are promoting eco-friendly process or the customers are demanding products that don’t harm the environment. However this could be a great initiative in the textile printing industry.

Screen printing inks are scrutinized because of the chemicals. A lot of efforts are made to make the screen printing process much eco-friendly. However the innovations made by some companies that make eco-friendly inks and the companies who use these inks for their production line must be made to spread across the industry, without hiding it as a trade secret, as this can benefit us on long run.

Another important type for accommodating company logo and other designs on clothing is embroidery.

Embroidery has a great history of traditions. In ancient times this method was used for golden and silver embroidery for clothing of high end customers. This can be found in several museums, where golden embroidered dresses of members of royal families are preserved. However, advanced technology made it possible to reach this art and science to common customers by using affordable material and create a good impact on aesthetics of clothing.

Earlier this process was mainly used to display the brand of clothing itself. Even today, leading brands embroider their emblem or logo on some typical parts of formal and casual shirts. However embroidered work shirts can be used for brand awareness and advertisements by any company. Especially we find such kind of shirts as uniforms in the hospitality sector. Embroidery of logo and emblem can be done on various other apparels such as jackets, caps and aprons.

A chef with an apron that carries an embroidered logo of the hotel where he is working surely adds the sense of professionalism. The customers sitting and enjoying their food would feel a bond with the brand and that creates a long lasting impact on the minds of customer. That generates repeated sales as well.

Thus the methods of printing and embroidery are being used for custom made clothing for promotional activities.