I created this idea a couple of years back and it’s something I’m going to continue doing till I grow old.

I'm going to share an idea I came up with that I've been doing for the past years and I know you will love. The idea is to write a letter to yourself every year. You can write whatever comes to mind. Things you find important at this exact time in your life – your current situation and your feelings towards this chapter of your life. Remember mentioning good and bad and most importantly - to give yourself credit. This is an incredibly healthy ability – especially because we do it so rarely. We tend to be ourselves worst enemy, when we should be the opposite. This letter should therefore be a tribute to your own persona.

Struggles are important to mention too. They build you as a person. Even if you feel like you're “failing” hundreds more time than you succeed, our biggest “failures” can generate success.

An example could be my past relationship. I’ll try not to end up prattling about this exact subject - my past relationship was a troubled one. A long road of mostly downs. I was psychologically harmed and felt extremely insecure and lost. The outside world might have thought that I was content – where in reality my head had never felt more confused and hurt. I got very scared at one point – feeling like I couldn’t climb up from the black hole I’d made for myself. I felt stuck. I felt like I was “failing” in life. But this is where the most important step is being done. I had enough. The relationship ended harsh. When I look back at all of my low points in this period of time, I think of this experience as a success. My lows managed to teach me one of the most important lessons of my life; not giving in and to continue fighting for my happiness.

Every year you treasure so many memories and so many life lessons that possibly could seem irrelevant in a couple of years. But trust me – these booked thoughts reflect you as a person and connect your heart to your brain. I know for a fact that you will cherish these letters forever. 

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Jeg føler mig tit på renden til at græde. Når jeg er alene, har jeg tendens til at diagnosticere mig selv. Men i virkeligheden tror jeg bare, at jeg lider af mine egne store krav og høje forventninger.

Jeg er en perfektionist – med stort P. I hvert fald når det kommer til de ting, jeg brænder for. For en perfektionist kan det tage flere måneder at færdiggøre et lille projekt, da det aldrig må gøres halvt. Det skal gøres til perfektion – ellers kan det være ligegyldigt. Det skal helst se let ud, selvom jeg har slidt. Ingen fortæller mig, at jeg skal gøre mig umage. Dette pres kommer indefra.

Det sætter spor på sindet. Det føles som at gå glip af livet. Som at misse de ting, der egentlig betyder noget for mit velvære, fordi jeg har for travlt med min egen præstation. Perfektionisme er verdens dårligste egenskab. Jeg ønsker ikke at være noget 12-tal, men min underbevidsthed stræber alligevel efter det.

Jeg drømmer om at finde indre ro – og ved at det nok skal lykkes en dag. En dag vil jeg kun koncentrere mig om at lytte til verdens ynde og ikke til mine egne frustrationer. På dette tidspunkt har jeg givet slip på stress og jag og fokuserer på vigtige ting. Smukke livsgivende ting, der normalt passerer umærkeligt forbi. Mennesker at sætte pris på og privilegier, som nogle mennesker ikke har adgang til. Alt dette er så dyrebart, men bliver overset af hverdagens selvopfundne støj. Jeg ønsker ikke at tage disse værdier for givet. Det ville være spil af lykke og liv.



Creating a perfect wardrobe can be a bit of a tricky task – even if you’re just giving your wardrobe a refresh. I’ve made some suggestions that you might need once you’ve begun the project.

It’s very important to find pieces that suit a wide range of things. Classic items value longevity over trends and are essentials in a perfect wardrobe. However, it’s very important to master your own definition of wardrobe-essentials – otherwise the whole idea about ‘not giving in to popular trends’ falls to pieces.

My definition of a classical piece is: pieces that never go out of style. They are basically the definition of perfection. It’s not about the color or brand – the main focus is the fit. When you find clothing items that fit your body like a dream, you invest - because such essentials will be the foundation of your perfect wardrobe.

- Lots of kisses

You can never go wrong with a trench coat – a classic piece in the elegant parisienne style

Suits - in my opinion - are created for females. They're statement pieces that celebrates the feminine power in such a strong way.

A white shirt has the simplicity and elegancy you need in an essential.

Of course we need to include that pair of denim jeans that you can't live without.

Jewelry has the effect of making a simple outfit very personal. Adding your favorite gold and silver gives your wardrobe an edge.
And YES – a handbag is certainly essential in a perfect wardrobe. An outfit isn’t complete before you grab your favorite little luggage-carrier in your hand. My dream is to be the woman carrying the hermes kelly so black 32cm, sigh...



Welcome to a world of creativity. I use this platform to explore the world of design and share my personal thoughts on different relevant topics.

A new world has been evolving for the past years - we continue seeing upcoming art directors, fashion editors and entrepreneurs with their own vision and their own ideas of how the fashion industry should progress. It's a world that continues to expand and open up different doors. A world full of skilled competitors and perfectionists. People fight to be relevant to others - it can seem overwhelming. Some succeed and some continue trying. It's a matter of hard work and time.

I call it a beautiful mess.

I've always been a little too obsessed with this world of design and on occasions it's been the only thing pulling me up from my bed. I've got ideas, that I haven't shared with anybody and dreams that I've never put on paper. This will be the time and I couldn't be more exited. EASE is now my tiny voice in this world.

For right now - I'll keep my role as an anonymous spectator and free my ideas and thoughts to this page.