1. Earth-friendly fires

Use the right-sized burner!! When placing a small pot on a large element then a lot of heat and energy is wasted. So take an extra second and look the for the element that matches the size of the pot... Its a very easy thing that can save tons of energy yearly. Also, for boling water, an electric kettle is much more quicker and efficient as a pot on the stove according to Kate Heyhoe, author of Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen.

2. Microwave it!

Microwaves are magic when it comes to eco cooking! Did you know that they use 80% less energy then usual ovens. This makes a green way of warming up leftovers or just any food that needs heating! An extra tip is to place the plate (or the food) on the outer edges of the microwave.

3. Buying refrigerators

The refrigerator is the most energy consuming household appliance, Therefore, just to try to lower it's energy use, skip the automatic ice-makers and water dispensers, which increase your unit’s energy use by about 10%. Water is easily available from the tap (if you live in Sweden, here it's perfectly fine drinking tap water) and ice you can make yourself in the freezer.

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Relaxing no faxing, speeding in a taxi heading to warmer cities while reading in a maxi.

Breathing in the smell of salt Water, closing my eyes while my planet dies.

Pollution is no solution, its a distribution of execution that stopes the evolution.

open the eyes and decide not to have pride in a lie that saids everything is going to be all good, all fine

but at the same time, let the sun shine.

What this poem is trying to say is that go have fun and enjoy nature and the world, but just open your eyes to the enviromental problems we have and don't be naiv and thing that everything is going to be ok, when it's not.



​The picture in the middle is taken by me. The rest is from Tumblr.com

​To get even more exited for summer, I have written and collected Haikus. Hope you enjoy them all! 

​Summer is here finally

It's felt in the air and sea

take a walk

Breath in exhale out

feeling the pollen

life is sweatsour

Ice cream and palm trees

waterfalls in my dreams

all gone in a month

Ice cold bevreges

Chilling in my throat

hot like a cali-day



Good morning! I wanted to kick off this day with great instagram tips on accounts worth checking out and following! Feel free to send me further tips of accounts related to environment worth checking out.

1. NASA Goddard ( @nasagoddard on instagram )

A major NASA research center, Goddard peppers its Instagram account with a combination of astronauts, historical shuttle launches, and Hubble space telescope shots—all with fact-packed descriptions.While the space shots certainly won't be captured with an iPhone, NASA continues to impressively educate through social media, such as instagram. Also, Goddard's Instagram has a good sense of humor too due to them launching pictures of a small frog flying! Im not going to spoil anything so go check it out!

2. U.S. Department of the Interior ( @usinterior on instagram)

The U.S. Department of the Interior,a government agency provides an eye-candy rich Instagram account with the task of conserving the nation's natural resources and showcasing stunning shots of U.S. national parks that speak for themselves. Whether you're interested in biodiversity or just happy to be pointed toward your next travel destination, the DOI account is well worth exploring!

3. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries ( @NOAAfisheries on instagram)

If you're into marine life or just cute pictures of seals, the new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) fisheries account will be right up your alley. The NOAA Fisheries account is both showing a behind-the-scenes pictures of the efforts to maintain existing marine ecosystems and a peek into thriving ecosystems.



An Apology Letter to Future Generations.

Nature doesn't need people. People need nature. Our mother. Therefore, be the change you want to see in the world. The sad part is that at this rate, there is only a chance if everybody does something. That's the real problem, nobody cares... Or everybody pretend to care, and you can see that during a party or a picnic at the beach, people leave their trash behind and are not eco-friendly. It's great to care, but you have to take serious actions, and not pretend.

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