Do you ever feel the urge? The urge to move and live another life? I get it quite often.

I want to get out of here, to somewhere where everything is different!

Here is my list of three truly amazing cities that I in some point in my life would like to move to


Tokyo is officially the biggest city in the world(Beijing's population is estimated to be around 40 million, but this is since some people aren't recorded), and has a population of at least 35 millions(numbers from 2005). Japan overall, have an interesting history and their pop-culture fascinates people all around the world, with it's J-pop, manga and anime! Tokyo is a modern city with history and traditional culture everywhere, and that it is such a collide is plainly fascinating! To not talk about the people, the values, and food! And if you ever find yourself bored in Tokyo, it's your own fault, because in Tokyo, there is always something new to explore!


In Alberta, Canada, you can find the city of Calgary. The city on 1,3 millions are known for it's young and welcoming population, and the average age in Calgary is 36 years old! The architecture is also a something unique and with the low crime rate, you can feel pretty safe. Another great about Calgary is that it's such an international city where people respects each other's cultures.

New York!

Isn't this one on everyone's bucketlist? The city is iconic with Manhattan and it's enormous buildings, and who doesn't want to explore downtown or people watch in central park? And with all different area that has it own style, like Chinatown and Brooklyn, that are two different worlds in one city, and ain't that amazing? And in New York, the city of dreams, you can do anything at any time.

Ready to move?




I'm duck! or at least that's what my mom calls me...

welcome, dear humans, to my site! before, you continue reading, i'm going to warn you; i'm so boring that you will fall asleep. However, introduction! so i'm half asian and half European, born and raised in the capital of Sweden. with parents of mixed ethnicity, i got introduced to different cultures, from my very first breath. as a young child, i never thought much about it, that there were differences, it just was like that. i guess that i've always been proud of my asian side, and almost tries to be asian (maybe it's some kinda fear that i'll lose myself otherwise) . And i could seriously not live without my asian snacks, traditions, tv shows, music and anime, and i'm fascinated by many of the cultures and languages in east Asia, and yeah, when i say Asia, i usually mean the eastern part. I simply grew up eating Pocky and rice, but in my early teens, I started to explore the world-from my bedroom. I've always been reading, and fascinated by different worlds, but when it hit me that it were different worlds on the same planet...I thought it was amazing, and it is! So I got some apps, to connect to people all over the world, and studied several languages at once (Russian, Japanese, English, Swedish, Latin, Chinese, Korean(or well, I tried korean), Thai, Italian, Spanish, French, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish) I wouldn't call myself some culture pro, but I do know that the Canadians once burned down their White house, but they probably hade a nice reason for it, cause Canada(Sorry for the stereotypical joke, but all Canadians i know are actually quite amazing and kind people!)

Now, forgive me for the long post, but however, I will try to post some culture, Language and studying tips and writing, every once in a while.

Have a great time until I see you again!



Så, nu är den här, min blogg! Jag känner mig som rena rama Einstein!

Nej, jag skojade bara. Jag har ingen jäkla aning vad jag håller på med. 100% ärlig anka här. ja, så kommer ni lära känna mig, som ankan. mest sannolikt är att jag kommer ha en annan blogg, eller åtminstone blogginlägg på denna sida, på engelska, för engelska är ett språk som är som föll så naturligt in i mitt liv, ända sedan barnsben, och engelskan tillåter mig att nå ut till en mer internationell värld.

Så, vad kommer finnas här? jag tänker kultur och skrivandets konst. med kultur menar jag, kinesisk, japansk, thailändsk, svensk och kanadensisk mat, kultur, traditioner och språk, och dem här kulturerna då de ligger mig nära. Uppväxt som halvasiat i ett europeiskt land blir det väl automatiskt så, mycket kultur. men det är allt jag hinner skriva nu, och vi ses snart igen!