For the canvas shoes to have a longer lifespan or look nice when worn, it is essential to clean them. With a clean shoes, it is much easier to have that ‘first impression’. And as you know, ‘first impressions’ usually open doors for opportunities, for instance, special jobs.

The mens canvas shoes can be cleaned regularly using damp cloth. The T-shirt cotton, may also be used. Saddle soap is also needed. The process entirely involves buffing the shoes thoroughly to give them a nice sheen. There are areas of the canvas shoes that are worn mostly, so polishing them after wiping will make the shoes cleaner.

If there are traces of spots, for example, ink on the canvas shoes, there are solutions that you will need to completely remove them. Alcohol is the best. Just dip the cotton swap into alcohol. Then, run thoroughly, with destroying the outer layer of the shoes, until the spots are eliminated. Alternatively, you can use the cuticle remover but you will still need cotton ball or swap.

The water spots available can also be easily be removed by damping the areas affected. Then, using absorbent towel, you can dry the areas. And after that you should allow them to dry. When drying them, you shouldn’t place them directly to the heat source or sunlight. There are some stains that will need aerosol hair spray to completely remove them. To completely get rid of the stain, you should spray the solution directly to the affected areas severally.

To remove the salt stains on the canvas shoes, you will need a solution of white vinegar and water. Just dip a soft cloth in the mixture to moisten it and then wipe the shoes using it. While rubbing, you need to be very cautious because salt can actually damage the shoes. There are other stains that will need a mixture of tartar and lemon juice. By rubbing the areas affected using this paste, they stains available will completely be removed. This cleaning procedure is primarily ideal for cleaning stubborn or bad stains.

Mens canvas shoes may appear very impressive when well taken of. If they are not cleaned regularly, they may be ruined by dirt as well as foul odor. Washing the outer parts of the shoes is a great of improving their appearance but it is also imperative to sanitize the inner sections. The sweat from the feet will clog the pores in the inner parts are not cleaned well. And when that happens, the regions will host fungi as well as bacteria that may result into athlete’s foot. There are various household products that can be used to remove such odors or foul smell.

Of course, it is important to sanitize the mens canvas shoes after cleaning them. You can do this by spraying rubbing alcohol into the inner part of the shoes. Then, you can dry them by placing them on sun but not directly to the sun. Then, you can add baking soda and leave it inside the shoes for some hours.

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